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Chatuchak puppies

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Chatuchak puppies

How much do they cost? Do they come with papers or is it an extra fee? How can you be sure they are healthy? Are they generally healthy? If I don't buy a puppy from Chatuchak Market, but pet one while I am there, can I spread parvo or another disease to my dog in America if the puppy in Chatuchak had it?

A lot of questions. Whew.

Pawtucket, RI
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1. Re: Chatuchak puppies

Chatuchak is the last place in Bangkok I would ever consider buying a dog from! There is no way you can tell if they are healthy until it is too late. How would you verify any paperwork you get - hire a translator? You can bring the dog to a vet for a check up but some medical problems may not show up right away. Most of the animals at Chatuchak look distressed anyway.

Are you planning on buying a dog in Bangkok to bring back home or will you be in Thailand for a long time? Seems like a waste of money and no recourse when the dog gets sick if you buy and fly! Have you priced how much it costs to ship a dog on a plane? I know there are some toy dogs that can be taken in the plane as carry on luggage but you must first see if your airline allows it. Many dogs die during flight. You will probably have to get a veterinarian approval. (Check with your airline!)


If you want to save a dog get one from a pound back home and save a whole bunch of money too!

Pawtucket, RI
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2. Re: Chatuchak puppies

"can I spread parvo or another disease to my dog in America if the puppy in Chatuchak had it?"


I think the only way you would personally infect your dog at home is if you do not bathe or wash your hands until you return home!

I think one way dogs get parvo is by eating poop of infected dogs. Don't bring any dog poop home!

Introducing your "home" dogs to a new dog from Thailand could spread disease!

Destination Expert
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3. Re: Chatuchak puppies

The cost is the deal you cut with the seller - but I'm sure it would be much less than in the US. Just like when you buy a puppy back home, you can't really be 100% sure it's healthy - but you can look for obvious signs of illness - eyes, tongue, coat, lethargy. Thais love their pets as much as anyone else and purebred dogs are valued and babied (in contrast to the indifference with which soi dogs are generally treated). And the sellers at Chatuchak have their reputations to worry about. They return every week. If they sell a sick animal to a local, they can expect to have to make good on it and to lose a lot of face, and most of their customers ARE local. As for papers, I'm sure they're provided if the dog is purebred, but in Thailand you can never be 100% sure any such papers are authentic.

I certainly would head straight for a vet if I ever bought an animal at Chatuchak (or anywhere else, not just in Thailand). In any case you'd need to make sure it gets all the shots it needs to travel home with you.

As for carrying a disease back to America after petting one of the dogs, I'm certainly no expert but I'm pretty sure that's not possible as long as you wash your hands and clothes sometime before you return home. In fact, if you intend to pet any of the animals at Chatuchak, you should carry some hand sanitizer in any case. If the puppy sales area at Chatuchak were contaminated with parvo, surely all the puppies would be getting sick and some would be dying within a few days? And surely your dog at home is vaccinated?

Brisbane, Australia
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4. Re: Chatuchak puppies

They wont let you pet the dogs anyway... I witnessed a sign at the end of a stick with the word 'NO' written on it come out and nearly hit some tourists on their heads when they tried to touch some animals... :P

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5. Re: Chatuchak puppies

I have found a lot of the sellers won't let you just enter to pat the dogs, look yes, touch no.

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6. Re: Chatuchak puppies

typical first time post yank "i want" question

San Diego...
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7. Re: Chatuchak puppies

Thanks for your reply. I was considering bringing one home with me, but wanted to make sure it was a responsible decision for the puppy and my dogs in America. I was talking with a girl who brought one to her home country from there and her dog is a healthy two year old now, but she warned me a about a bad experience that her friend had, so it made me nervous.

Brisbane, Australia
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8. Re: Chatuchak puppies

Why dont you adopt a dog from one of the many shelters in the states???? Beats me why you would want to adopt a puppy from Chatuchuk markets when there are so many dogs who need a home in your own country....

Bangkok, Thailand
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9. Re: Chatuchak puppies

I'd agree with that.

Melbourne, Australia
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10. Re: Chatuchak puppies

Why on earth would you want to buy a puppy in Bangkok and take it to America? The natural flora of bacteria/virus might be different so I would not risk bringing a foreign animal home to my dogs here.

I have to ask though, why not adopt a dog from an american shelter?! Surely you would have to keep the animal in quarantine, pay all that money to bring it back etc, why go to that hassle when you can rescue an American dog?