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Topless beach/pool

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Topless beach/pool

I've read through lots of advice in the forums about the appropriateness (or inappropriateness) of being topless at beaches or by the pool. It seems that there are two things to deal with...the local people that may take offense, and the tourists that take offence at the offending of locals.

OK, understood.

My question is not so much where or why being topless is NOT the right thing in most places...clearly the arguments are understandable and reasonable.

My question is where in Thailand (or other Asia for that matter) IS it okay to be topless at the beach or by the pool? Is anyone aware of locations that do welcome such activity?

Given that most topless women (and I say most) do not eat their children or commit similar unsociable activities, surely there must be a place where you can do the topless thing without offending either the locals or those tourists that are offended by the offending of locals...if you know what I mean.

Can anyone help steer topless women to a place with a beach and pool where no such offense would take place, in Thailand or other parts of Asia?

Be there such a place?

Brisbane, Australia
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1. Re: Topless beach/pool

Sorry to be critical, but do you really think you are going to find this magical naked land in a country where strippers can't even legally take off their clothes?

You will offend people, it is inevitable in Thailand as this kind of behaviour is absolutely not acceptable. Even in Pattaya, the sxe capital of Thailand, you wouldn't be able to do this!

Just keep your clothes on and realise that you are visiting their country, so you should try to understand their values, even if you don't accept them.


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2. Re: Topless beach/pool

here we go again!


Hell, Norway
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3. Re: Topless beach/pool

It is illegal in Thailand (despite someone else claiming its not).

However, the police are not likely to arrest a tourist, but may ask you to cover up.

Watch Thais swimming, you'll see both men and women quite often wear shorts and T-shirts. Nudity does offend public sensibility.

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4. Re: Topless beach/pool

Guys, I do appreciate the feedback.

But I guess I was trying to word the question around the fact that I don't want to offend, so I was wondering if people knew of somewhere that wasn't offensive, rather than re-hashing all the areas and reasons why it is offensive - which I do appreciate and have been documented well already. Do you know what I mean?

If the answer is "nowhere", then so be it, that's ok!

But I was just curious if anyone out there was aware of a place that it is actually okay. If you are unaware of such a place, then I appreciate that feedback.

Hell, Norway
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5. Re: Topless beach/pool

Nowhere in public. Maybe in someone's private pool area that can't be overlooked.

New Zealand
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6. Re: Topless beach/pool


Question understood,As far as I know there is no where in Thailand that you can go topless,although it does happen occasionally when someone forgets where they are or just dont care.I was in a Bali a few years ago and topless was common on Kuta beach.not sure if it still like that as havnt been there for a long time.So maybe try the Bali forum.


Noosa Queenslan
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7. Re: Topless beach/pool

For hecks sake.

Been to Thailand many times. My wife always goes topless. Try beaches in Krabi - Ao Nang for example.

Koh Phangan, Hua Hin.

Even on top of the Grand China Princess in Bangkok with the air hosties.

Are the local women shocked .. no they certainly dont seem so. They still come up and chat and tout quite happily. The local men .. better than leering caucasians really. They just come and chat and sell you a beer.

Some decorum of course in place with lots of children, but I cant believe some of these replies.

Hell, Norway
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8. Re: Topless beach/pool

"As far as I know there is no where in Thailand that you can go topless,although it does happen occasionally when someone forgets where they are or just dont care"

A most appropriate comment that applies to the above poster - Don't care what they do in someone else's country.

Pattaya, Thailand
Destination Expert
for Pattaya, Ho Chi Minh City
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9. Re: Topless beach/pool

Seen topless birds in Thailand both on the beach\hotel pools - unfortunately its not the well fit ones. Also the same with lads who shouldnt be wearing speedos. :(

Any rate its not good practice especially for the locals. I'd suggest one should stick to wearing a top because at the end of the day - this is smth thai(s) do not do.

Noosa Queenslan
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10. Re: Topless beach/pool

I am absolutely amazed and stunned by DragonC's response to my message.

I have been through asia many times - worked in Vietnam for several years and merely stated the truth about the matter Ooshna raised.

I am not discourteous, rude, arrogant .. nor stupid. I can sense when people are uncomfortable - I mean in reality, not in some crank, manipulative terms.

I can only be disappointed that an obvious religuos extremist and jealot is distorting the facts of the matter.

Please dont paint us a arrogant rude tourists, because we simply arent.

Ooshna asked if topless sunbathing was practised and I gave a very sincere reply.

How sad that fanatical extremists have even infiltrated this little forum with their warped demands and expectations of the world.