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Which brand water bottle is safe to drink?

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Which brand water bottle is safe to drink?

Please help me to say about the brand and price for the 1 litre water bottle. How can i understand that the bottle is not reuse or fake? Which shop sale original water bottle in Thamel.Thnks

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1. Re: Which brand water bottle is safe to drink?

Hello donaldgomes,

Welcome to TripAdvisor forum for Nepal!

In my office Aqua Hundred is used but it's very hard to find small bottle of Aqua Hundred. As I know that is the best brand in Nepal. I can't not comment a lot about the brands because I do not know many. It will cost about NRS 20 - 25 for a liter of bottled water in the supermarkets. In the restaurants it costs slightly more.

If you see on the top of the bottle you will see plastic wrap on the top from that you can tell that it's not used previously. As water is very cheap I think you won't find any duplicate ones. Look at the label of the water, mostly you will see "Do not accept if seal is broken"

Good Luck!

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2. Re: Which brand water bottle is safe to drink?

Dear Rhythm D,

Thank you very much for the kindness that you show towards me. I am really very much worry about this urgent matter. Thank you whole heart for your help.God bless you.



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3. Re: Which brand water bottle is safe to drink?

you should do your best to purchase iodine tablets or a steripen and treat your own water. Waste disposal and recycling in Nepal is still a very challenging issues, and buy constantly buying bottled water you are only contributing to a serious problem, especially if you are in the mountains.

When we did buy water we paid about 15 rupees for a bottle in KTM and in the one place we bought it on the trek it was 100 rupees. Plastic wrapping around the lid should assure you it has been sealed properly.

have a great time!

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4. Re: Which brand water bottle is safe to drink?

Dear Tristan,

Thanks for the useful and right advice.God Bless you.


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5. Re: Which brand water bottle is safe to drink?

I agree that the best course, both for yourself and for the environment, is to treat water with iodine (though that may affect the taste) or some form of proprietary water purifier ('Aqua Pura', or similar, which can be purchased in Kathmandu).

Many Kathmandu hotels have drinking water points, and in the hills you can get boiled water at lodges (and in the Annapurna area the Annapurna Area Conservation Project has several outlets that will sell you treated water). To be doubly safe I tend to take advantage of the supplies in the hotel, or boiled water in the hills, AND add a purifying tablet !

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6. Re: Which brand water bottle is safe to drink?

My own views are that same as Alan’s and the only thing I can add is in Kathmandu places like “Sandwich Point” and other small restaurants have the large bottled water coolers and you can refill from these, both cheaper than buying the smaller bottles of mineral water as well as being echo-friendly

Good Luck and Happy Safe Travels


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7. Re: Which brand water bottle is safe to drink?

i have never heard of or come across "fake" bottled water dude!!!!

cost would outweigh the benefit of making this "fake bottled water” -

let's go through the process here for the sake of argument

first collect the bottle that are not crumbled already

then thoroughly clean the bottle (nobody is going to buy a dirty bottle to start with)

now put this "fake water" in

and finally make sure there are two "fake" seals

which is not easy to do unless you buy some fake gizmo or machine to make it happen

do all of this and yet make a killing on a Rs 20 bottle of water

uh huh.....this is starting to make lot of sense

hope you don't mind my humor

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8. Re: Which brand water bottle is safe to drink?

No dear i dint mind, thank you for the compliments

Dhaka City...
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9. Re: Which brand water bottle is safe to drink?

Thank you Alanyeti & into-thin-air.

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10. Re: Which brand water bottle is safe to drink?

Alas, re-filling water bottles from the tap happens and you do need to look out for it. It's not as elaborate as described above; a waiter takes a recently used bottle (it's not crumpled), refills it from the tap, puts the top back, approaches the table, appear to remove the plastic seal, opens the bottle and pours the water into the glass. It all happens so quickly. The waiter pockets the cost of the water which is more than the shop price of course. What to do? Ask to open the bottle yourself, reject it if there is no seal.

I don;t think there is any significant roblem with bottles bought from shops though, as said, there is unlikely to be any money it and it's easy to check the seals and state of the bottle.

That said, not all bottled water is as safe as claimed anyway; in a test by the Nepali authorities I read about (sorry no reference) more than half the brands failed the bacterial safety tests. If it's a concern, use chemical purifiers too. In KTM, I choose to use bottled water partly because of the non-organic contamination in the tap water despite the environmental problem of the empty bottles. The ground water in trekking areas has far less non-organic comtamination but still needs treating for organic contamination - boiling, chemicals, filtration (or a combination of these).