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Madagascar tour guide - Jobi (aka Baobab Tours Mada)

Tel Aviv, Israel
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Madagascar tour guide - Jobi (aka Baobab Tours Mada)

Me and my girlfriend arrived at Madagascar with no real plan, so we were happy to find two girls at the airport that had one, and showed us to their agent.

We asked the agent if we could join their itinerary, and he said that we can. There was another couple that meant to join us, so we asked twice: "can all 6 of us fit in the car?", so Jobi said it was a 9 seat car, and we believed him.

We were supposed to get to Morondava, but there was no room on the plane, so Jobi offered to drive us there, 15 hours, for a mere €400 (the flight was €200 a seat). We settled on 250. That was well spent: we inhaled the smoke for the first 11 hours before the car broke down completely (after a few stops to patch it). He then offered to put us on a taxi bruss (50 people in 10 seats, for the non-paying-€250-locals).

When we met the others we were lucky: the 4WD wasn't smoking, but it had only 4 proper sits (2 child sits with no leg room). Remember, in Madagascar the roads are terrible, and you can drive for 8 hours in one day. Also remember, this was a €850 per person trip (without the flights). At one point we needed to load a local guide, so my girlfriend just sat on me for 4 hours.

Jobi didn't fix this, he didn't even answer the phone, so we had to cut the trip short. He demanded a payment of €250 euros for booking hotels for the rest of the trip, even though none of the hotels we were staying at even knew how many rooms we need, or what meals we already paid for.

The funny thing is, all the people who were on this trip met Jobi by email through a mysterious person who canceled their trip, so no one knew how they got to Jobi.

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San Francisco
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1. Re: Madagascar tour guide - Jobi (aka Baobab Tours Mada)

Thanks for your post. We'd like to tour the island. Did you hear of any reliable tour operators?

Tel Aviv, Israel
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2. Re: Madagascar tour guide - Jobi (aka Baobab Tours Mada)

Unfortunately no... Sorry

Hong Kong
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3. Re: Madagascar tour guide - Jobi (aka Baobab Tours Mada)

I was in contact with Baobab Tours/ Jobi after reading some posts here. The quoted price for my trip was lower than others, though not too low. At the end, I didn't use their service because of the lack of referrals and reputation not certain. His response to my e-mail also lacked in details.

Tel Aviv, Israel
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4. Re: Madagascar tour guide - Jobi (aka Baobab Tours Mada)

His quote is lower because he has a lot of maneuvering space: I loved the driver, but his car was old and breaking apart. We wasted a lot of time over this. You see other groups pass you with 2013 land cruisers, while you're with something from the 90s with no seat belts (although you get to see some cool Mcgiver stuff).

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