Libya today

I notice there are a lot of people writing in the Tripoli forum that have either visited Libya, have family members in the country, and or are married to Libyans.

I am a frequent visitor to Libya and has been for a number of years.

I don't know whether the forum members agree with me, but I find Libya a beautiful, place where one could relax, even if he is working there.

I often go out walking late at night (till 2.00 a.m) in Tripoli, sometimes alone. This is one thing I would never do in London or the US. I never encounter any problems and in fact find the people very helpful.

My most recent visit was about a fortnight ago. I was amazed with the atmosphere late at night. The Green Square was all floodlit and it was a hive of activity.

I watched hundreds, if not thousands of families sitting down on the turf close to the Square, talking or enjoying a picnic while their kids palyed around in games and facilities provided by the state.

Then further on, forming part of the Green Square, along the beach thousands more people were walking leisurely around or sitting down in kisosks and small restaurants sipping tea, water, and even non-alcoholic beer.

I am a beer drinker, but funnily enough I dod not miss it that much. The beer, a famous brand (German) satisfied my whim. Nobody bothered me and in fact I was offered drinks by Libyans whom I had never met before.

It would be interesting to read what the forum membes with connections in Libya have to say. I look forwad to their expereince.

I just watched these people