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Future for Tourism in Gambia,

Bakau, Gambia
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Future for Tourism in Gambia,

With all this doom+gloom going on at the moment,I received a letter this morning from a Mr Benjamin A Roberts The Director General of the Gambian Tourism Board,Thanking me for my efforts in promoting Destination Gambia,My efforts fall into two categories firstly my love of Gambia and my love of the people there especialy the ones who treat me as an equal and accepted me for what i am.

Secondly My wanting to help in some way however small it may be.

So as an avid reader of all things that relate to Gambia on +off the internett,i read about all the very very good thing being offered by the goverment vie the GTB,to any new investers into tourism in The Gambia including Travel Companies,So rather just sticking to my old routine of takeing/sending pens/pencils etc out for the kids ,i thought id try and improve and aim a little higher,I'M a firm believer that Gambia can draw more tourists in the so called out of season ,

So i wrote to a few travel companies and told them what was briefly being offered by the GTB and would they be interested in finding out more ,and the possibility of setting up a meeting with some of the people from the GTB and the responce has been quite positive ,one of the companies operates its own fleet of aircraft i think they own 44 and lease 2 others,there opps maneger i spoke to said that when they have aircraft doing nothing they have even flown them to canada to do charter work rather than have them sat at airports doing nothing and being charged for it,so he said he will look at anything,

Nothing may come of any of this,what i'm certainly not going to do is give up on gambia due to the present troubles,Thats down to the politicians to sort out,and i think it would be awfull for us to turn our backs on a country that we ALL keep going on that we love so much I'm not,thats for sure.

North Pole, Alaska
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1. Re: Future for Tourism in Gambia,

Brilliant Jeff and well done, I really sincerely mean that!!

This is not a wind up is it???!!!!!

Best wishes


Edited: 10:33 am, August 30, 2012
Bakau, Gambia
posts: 3,327
2. Re: Future for Tourism in Gambia,

No wind up brezy everything true ,i wasn't going to post about it as when the subject of extending the season has been brought up before there was a lott of people condeming it saying it would never work,that was said when they built the first iron ship ????No That Wont work!!!

But with the resent Sad Day postings of which i'm party too,I think we are getting carried away as to why we are members of this forum ,whatever happens the people that i know and love are not going anywere they will have to live/exist through all the crap that may fall on their heads ,and if i can help in my own little way il carry on,

Incidently one of the outfitts i went to see is based not far from you ! Leeds+bradford A/Port.

North Pole, Alaska
posts: 4,515
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3. Re: Future for Tourism in Gambia,

Well Jeff I know it will hard work on your part but I hope that it all pays off as it will benefit a lot of people both at home and in The Gambia and I am all for that.

It would be great to fly from Leeds/Bradford airport just a tad nearer home and a nice little airport too!!

Good luck with it all and well done again!


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4. Re: Future for Tourism in Gambia,

Well done ma man ,:-)

Sheffield, United...
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5. Re: Future for Tourism in Gambia,

Hi Jeff,

Everything positive has to help....... 'Dont give up' I dont think anyone needs a lecture on negative thoughts, but as we think....so we are. If there is anyway I can help I will. Rgds

York, United Kingdom
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6. Re: Future for Tourism in Gambia,

Well done Jeff. Oh and the dog agrees :)

Bakau, Gambia
posts: 3,327
7. Re: Future for Tourism in Gambia,

Love that dog. !

Chichester, United...
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8. Re: Future for Tourism in Gambia,

Well done Jeff, I think tho' its good people express all their feelings and fair play to you on others who have injected some positivity and realism, by demonstrating how other countries with the DP continue to attract tourists.

We all want TG to prosper, I don't care who is in power as long as there is peace and prosperity.

South Yorkshire...
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9. Re: Future for Tourism in Gambia,

Nice one Jeff. Hope something comes of it.

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10. Re: Future for Tourism in Gambia,

fingers and toes crossed Jeff!

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