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Wild Dogs

Hong Kong, China
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Wild Dogs


I'm planning a safari for end Feb / early March this year and am primarily planning it with the view to the best chance to see Wild Dogs.

Where would you recomend? (For those sharp eyed people yes I have posted on SA forum as well for best chance to see them!)

Many Thanks


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1. Re: Wild Dogs

The Linyanti area is particularly good. I made some comments on this thread-


but you won't be there at denning time so there is no predicting which particular camp will be your best bet, but any of the following:

Lagoon (Kwando Safaris)

Duma Tau, King's Pool, Savuti (Wilderness)

Selinda, Zarafa (Great Plains Conservation, but marketed by Wilderness).

See my recent trip report for my experience at Duma Tau,

I hear Chitabe and Vumbura are also good, but I haven't been to those areas.

Other than that, I've seen dogs before in Chobe, Savute and Moremi but the Linyanti region seems to have the most consistent sightings.

Washington DC...
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2. Re: Wild Dogs

If a main objective of your visit to Africa is to see wild dogs, you'd do well to give some consideration to Selous, Tanzania. Last June I went to Selous specifically to see dogs (last saw one 5 yrs ago in Sabi Sand, 3 years prior to that 2 packs in Okavango Delta), one of my favorites, and the place did not disappoint. With about 1/3 of the world's population of wild dogs, that area is a great place to go to get that dog sighting, especially between June and August when denning occurs. In addition to the dogs, Selous can also give you a great boating safari experience, as well as the other wildlife (except cheetah, which you could see at Ruaha).

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3. Re: Wild Dogs

I have been to Selous twice and saw wild dogs on only one of those trips. They might have 1/3 of the population but it is also an absolutely massive park.

My experiences in Botswana, particularly in Duma Tau and at Lagoon, was that the guides were really familiar with the particular dog packs and their behaviour. For example, at Duma Tau my guide knew exactly what time of day the dogs were likely to get up and go hunting, and so we would go and find them at that time (usually another vehicle had already located them). Several times we got to follow them hunting.

Likewise at Lagoon, it was a real feature to go "hunting with the dogs". At the time of year I was there, the dogs were denning and hence easy to find. We followed them hunting out from the den.

I didn't experience that level of guiding in Selous, but perhaps that was just the camp I was at (Lake Manze).

Overall, my wild dog experiences in Botswana have been in a totally different league to Selous.

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4. Re: Wild Dogs

Also, if you are going THIS YEAR there are some excellent offersaround at the moment- have a read of my trip report. A couple of camps in the Linyanti are included in the "6 countries" deal that Wilderness have this year- Duma Tau being one of them (Selinda is the other).

Also, Lagoon is included in the Kwando 5 Rivers Special which is similarly priced to the Wilderness offer.

Stanley, Falkland...
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5. Re: Wild Dogs

I would say I've been luckier than Stokeygirl in Selous. I've had several very good sightings, but have felt it was mainly luck, not the expertise or knowledge of the guides.

Whereas, as she says, the guides in Linyanti (I was at both Lagoon and Duma Tau, and had excellent sighting at Lagoon) were superb. Knowing the dogs so well, they could often anticipate their behaviour.

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6. Re: Wild Dogs

We "hunted" with the dogs at Lebala During April. The guide we had normally worked out of Lagoon, but was at Lebala covering for another guide. He told us that outside of denning its hit and miss. He said the dogs have very large territories and as they move around them outside of denning they can be out of the concession for a week of two. He said he once spent 8 days with a regular client, who visited mainly for the dogs, in a private vehicle looking for the dogs to no avail - luckily as a regular he didn't hold it against him!

We were very lucky to see then and if I were setting my heart on seeing them I would try and go during denning, although the price was eye watering so we chose green and took the gamble.

We are off to Lake Manze later this year and although I'd hope to see dogs again. I'm not setting my heart on it as we'll be there in Sept.

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7. Re: Wild Dogs

That is interesting about Green Season Lagoon/Lebala. I've read a recent trip report on another forum that said the Lagoon pack has recently been seen at Selinda.

Perhaps the Duma Tau/Selinda area might be a better bet in green season, just because there are 3 packs in that area (not including the Lagoon pack).

Or you could hedge your bets and spend time at more than one camp.

Wayzata, Minnesota
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8. Re: Wild Dogs

In the past 24 months I have personally seen Wild Dog at:

The Linyanti Concessionm Botswana - owned by Wilderness Safaris (Savuti/Duma Tau) - April 2010

Madikwe, South Africa - July 2011

Mana Pools National Park, Zimbabwe - July/August 2011 (day 1 and day 2).

We don't gather stats on game sightings from clients but many have seen wild dog at Chitabe in the past year.

I have heard great things about Selous but it is about 115F/46C in Feburary.

Craig Beal - owner - Travel Beyond

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for Zambia
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9. Re: Wild Dogs

One of my trips to Selous was in late Jan, and whilst it was very hot it certainly wasn't 46C. My guestimate would be late 30s. I'd put it on a par with October in Botswana, heat wise.

Washington DC...
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10. Re: Wild Dogs

Craig, while it's hot and humid in Selous In February, I believe temps will range generally from 25, topping out perhaps as high as 35C. I wouldn't go in Feb myself. :-)

Edited: 10:05 am, January 11, 2012
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