Warning: shady operator Tanzania Rafiki Tours Themba Dube

This is to warn people to stay away from Themba Dube who has operated in Tanzania as Forsters Safaris, Tanzania Rafiki Tours that we know of and is now in South Africa.

We actually had a terrific first experience to Tanzania with them and posted about this. This led to my recommending him to my cousin who booked a larger tour this year. As usual Themba was very responsive and attentive but this time turned out to be a nightmare. After getting all kinds of confirmatory messages and assurances via email, they were stranded in Arusha with no transport booked and Themba would not answer any calls/emails. They had to spend a lot of extra money and effort to proceed on their trip and with great help from the driver/guide Joshua who helped salvage their situ.

It is possible that this stemmed from some well-meant plan with poor execution and for some reason he could be out of reach. But I did read about others who had the same experience last year, right after we finished our trip. We may have just been lucky then.

This is just awful for folks who arrive for a once in a lifetime experience and I hope my warning will save someone's pain in future.