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Safari tour guides

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Safari tour guides

I recently used a tour guide named Forster Safari and they were amazing! It was for my honeymoon and they organised our whole safari and Stone Town stay. The safari was great from beginning to end, our guide was very knowledgeable and we went right through Africa and the main national parks. They organised the accommodation- we stayed in lodges which were all at a high standard. Communication with Forster Safari was brilliant; they responds to email straight away and even helped us when our fights were delayed in the UK. I would use them again in a heart beat.

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Arusha, Tanzania
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1. Re: Safari tour guides

<<we went right through Africa and the main national parks >>

sounds like a long trip. please share the details of your itinerary. those of us sitting at home love to hear details of others' adventures.

Saint Julian's...
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2. Re: Safari tour guides

We used Forster safari for a Family Holiday In Tanzainia Last August and we where all very pleased with the turn out of our trip. Themba was the person we dealth with and he was vey helpful and pleasing when it came to the preplanning of our trip. Most of the lodges/hotels they selected for us were lovely and we had a fantastic, very informative guide named Joshua. Forster Safaris are very rocommenable.

Stanley, Falkland...
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3. Re: Safari tour guides

Thanks, Sue. Do you have any details - where you stayed, prices, etc, so that others can see if those places are suitable for them?

"Most lodges were lovely" is a bit vague.

And can you say what helped you choose Forster, above all the other, reputable and well-known safari operators?

Without that sort of information, I'm sorry to say that your post just comes over as an advert, and could be written by an unscrupulous company.

Saint Julian's...
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4. Re: Safari tour guides

Hi Peter, yes sure i can supply you with such information, not a problem at all ;)...I can assure you this is not an advert, I just simply wanted to post some helpful information for people planning a safari in Tanzania just like your self. And as a means of appreciation for their great service. We were there with my family last month.

Together with the rest of the family we all compiled our own research mainly based on the itinary we wanted and our budget. then we chose our a favorite 5 and contacted them. The feed back and prices we got from Forster was the closest to our expectations, so we chose them. My brother had already visited Tanzania, and also done an other 3 african safaris, so he knew exactly what he wanted and they were very helpful and pleasing.

We particularly liked Sopa Lodge in Tarangire, ikomo camp and Rhino lodge in serengeti & Villa Kiva in zanzibar, villa kiva was my favourite it was fantastic, situated right on on the beach besides the Mnemba island. The only lodge we did not really like was nsyalodge.

More over we had a very bright, kind and informative guide Joshua who took good care of us and always did his at most to please us during the whole of our safari.

I highly recommend them, and would use them again any time!

I hope you found this helpful, if you need anymore information please let me know. Hope you will enjoy your trip as much as the 5 of us did ;)

Stanley, Falkland...
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5. Re: Safari tour guides

Many thanks. Very helpful. Sorry for comparing your post to an advert!

Saint Julian's...
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6. Re: Safari tour guides

No worries ;)

San Jose
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7. Re: Safari tour guides

Just back from an 8night safari thru N Tanzania from ArushaNP, Tarangire, Manyara, Ngorongoro, Serenegeti Lobo/Mara.While the wildebeest migration & crossings were a highlight, we were thrilled with the overall experience and sights that Tanzania's parks, wildlife and people offer.

The bulk of the cost appears driven by the choice of location and lodging.

You can see several of my reviews on indiv places on TripAdvisor.

We chose Forster Safaris due to Themba's responsiveness, specific advice/ adaptability and middle of the pack quotes. Being an avid wildlifer and birder I tried to assure us a good guide- by connecting and learning more- ahead of the trip. Joshua's enthusiasm, knowledge and care went beyond expectations. Also appreciated the attention by Themba before and after our safari.

There are always things they can further improve and was gratified that they care. I can certainly vouch for Forster. Feel free to reach me on email for details.

San Jose
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8. Re: Safari tour guides

an update...Sadly my trust in Themba Dube (formerly of Forster Safaris) was seriously let down. altho we had a great trip, I did read about a few other customers possibly cheated by Forster's right after our trip Oct 12. Despite that I referred my cousin to arrange his trip to Tanzania thru Themba now posing as Tanzania Rafiki Tours and unfortunately was badly gypped. They ended up stranded in Arusha, learning that much of their bookings were not done and had to pay anew. It was only thru the good graces of our original driver/guide Joshua that they were able to proceed on the trip.

Expensive lesson!

Please beware of Themba Dube (now operating out of Durban) Tanzania Rafiki Tours. He has been unreachable since getting paid.

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9. Re: Safari tour guides

Valuable feedback Vijay to help the unsuspecting traveller make an informed decision.

To further support your feedback;

I see the original poster, calsea back in 2012, whoever they are, has also posted the same introduction at another forum just recently (May 2013) with the exception they have changed the name of the tour company to Tanzanian Rafiki Tours (now identified above as a dodgy operator). Seems the spammers just cannot help themselves.

San Francisco
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10. Re: Safari tour guides

We just returned from a 10-day tour with AA Africa and we recommend it without reservation. I will describe the three major features of the trip: Augustine and his staff, the tour route, and our accommodations.

Augustine, the tour operator, is sensational – both as an extraordinarily knowledgeable naturalist and as a guide/safari organizer. Spending this amount of time with a person provides a good deal of insight to character and competence. Augustine is a delightful and honorable man who is utterly dedicated to the comfort, safety and enjoyment of his clients. We were a group of 17 and our leader described the planning experience as one that inspired complete confidence in every respect. In the first days, Augustine made a point of getting to know each of us and our aspirations for the trip. These were fulfilled and then some! His many years first as a guide and then as owner of his own safari company was evident in the way he anticipated our needs and questions. High on the list of his many qualities is a vast reservoir of knowledge about the flora and fauna. He not only could instantly identify species and varieties – for example among the thousands of types of birds – but also their special characteristics (whenever I looked up a bird in my book, I found that Augustine was spot on). He is a happy man who is passionate about nature and loves his country and culture. In all these areas, he is a superb communicator and has clearly honed his ability to impart the right amount of information given at the right time. And he has a delightful sense of humor! Along with all this comes a high degree of organizational skills. Keeping a packed schedule on track with this size group is no easy task – but he made it look easy because he is detail-oriented, calm and flexible (his mantra: be patient, flexible and optimistic!).

Augustine’s conscientiousness was evident from the moment we stepped off the plane and were greeted by his staff and driven approximately 45 minutes to our hotel in Arusha. While driving in the area is rather chaotic, our driver was took his time and exercised caution and judgment. This was important for me as I always find being driven by strangers the scariest part of any trip. Indeed, the three drivers on our tour were each fine drivers under the most difficult conditions (crazy intersections, fog on winding hilly roads, and navigation of the endless ruts), excellent and knowledgeable guides in their own right, and wonderful to be around.

After our first night in Arusha, we spent two nights in each of four locations. Our tour route was perfect beginning in Arusha Nat’l Park where we saw our first giraffes, elephants, and baboons. Each location added new dimensions, building to the point where, to our amazement, each day was better than the previous. By the end we were darn near euphoric. Game drives were interspersed with stops to visit a family from Augustine’s tribe and a school, and a visit to Olduvai Gorge– excellent and well-times choices. The accommodations were selected with similar care. All were comfortable, spacious, and immaculately clean with attentive staff, good food, and superb locations. We were treated to a variety, starting with a tented lodge (Maramboi), two full lodges (Endoro and Bougainvillea), and a semi-mobile tented camp (Nasikia). To ensure our comfort at the end, Augustine arranged for day rooms in Arusha and night rooms near the airport depending on each of our respective departure schedules.

I cannot recall ever having a trip where we had no complaints whatsoever. In short, you could not do better than Augustine’s Adventure Africa!