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Tanzania: Do NOT use 2Afrika

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Tanzania: Do NOT use 2Afrika

I have been traveling for more than two decades and have had the pleasure of visiting several dozen countries. I've arranged some of these trips myself and others through travel agents or tour companies. I've never received such bad service and performance as I did with 2Afrika.

My group went to Tanzania in 2010. I will stress that the people of Tanzania are amazing and perhaps you can book directly with Ranger Safaris, who were wonderful, to experience that great country.

Back to 2Afrika . . .We booked our trip six months out in order to get the best price and make sure all the arrangements were done well in advance. We paid for our trip within a couple of weeks of booking the trip. After we paid, we got the runaround. The trip went on sale right after we paid and our group was told that the "sale" price for the safari would be honored and our price would be adjusted accordingly. When we tried to follow up on this issue, the response was always the same from Kenneth Hieber- I just need a few weeks because we are so busy. I didn't mind this answer four months out, but it was really distressing three weeks before the trip. Shortly before the trip Kenneth told the group he had never promised a refund or sale price! After many more phone calls, we finally received a small refund, between 4-5% of the cost of the trip. We'll never know if we got the price we were supposed to.

More distressing was the fact that our flights were not booked until the last minute. As I mentioned earlier, our group booked the trip six months out. Yet, those of us needing U.S.domestic flights still did not have flight information or tickets three weeks before the trip. When we finally received the domestic flight information we were distraught to find out that (1) the flight was not booked as a connection to the international flights (thus, we'd have little recourse if the international flights ran late), and (2) Kenneth had booked us on domestic flights that were within two hours of our international flights, making the flights nearly impossible to catch. Only after multiple daily phone calls did we finally get the flights changed to time tables that were workable. Of course, because they were booked so late, we had long layovers.

When we encountered severe weather the day before our trip was scheduled, we simply got an e-mail saying that we should check to see if our flights were cancelled. Our group had to spend hours the day before the trip rebooking domestic flights with no help from 2Afrika.

We also had a problem with the flights within Tanzania. The travel guides there told us 2Afrika long had been told (at least a month earlier) that the flight schedules had changed, but 2Afrika did not rebook our flights on another carrier. We basically lost almost a day of our trip due to this failure to act.

It took multiple calls to ever get an answer from Kenneth or anyone else at 2Afrika. A conversation about two-three weeks out from our trip, sums up the problem with the company: When I inquired as to why our group had not yet received our tickets for our trip, Kenneth chuckled, and said "I've got someone leaving in two days that doesn't have her flight information." Enough said.

Be all means, enjoy Tanzania and other countries in Africa, but please use a travel company other than 2Afrika.

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111. Re: Tanzania: Do NOT use 2Afrika

Don't believe 2Afrika EVER EVER appeared on the list of reputable tour operators/specialist for an African safari.... they'd never qualify. Sadly, those that are listed on Conde Nast, (most 'known' names in the industry) are so 'uppity' they don't respond to requests or offer the highest cost holidays.

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112. Re: Tanzania: Do NOT use 2Afrika

Well Princess I bow to your statement. Never read Conde naste or any other glossy. but I do recall that Heiber was linked to them in some way in one thread. Maybe just as an Advertiser?

long island
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113. Re: Tanzania: Do NOT use 2Afrika

Think you are misjudging them. The Ombudsman at Conde Nast tried several times to reach Ken Hieber for his version of the story, but he has always been non-responsive. Very good at claiming illness or that of his mother, who has probably been dead for years. They did reach out to Travel Guard on our behalf and had success. I suppose that they cannot run a story every month about 2Afrika and Ken Hieber, though there are probably enough sad stories to fill an entire edition.

Cannot for the life of me understand why anyone would defend this slug or entrust their money to him.

washington dc
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114. Re: Tanzania: Do NOT use 2Afrika

I agree 6j, I experienced the same type of rudeness in responses from some folks on this forum unlike any other on tripadvisor. Its like they have nothing better to do and I guess not when I see they have THOUSANDS of posts like this is their job.. It would be so easy to leave out the sarcasim - its a choice to be rude not a requirement.

Appleton, Wisconsin
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115. Re: Tanzania: Do NOT use 2Afrika

It is also rude to hijack someone's thread with your unrelated complaints about others rather than the discussion at hand. I have not seen any rude comments to you on this thread. Perhaps you should address your complaints with this person on the thread where this happened.

long island
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116. Re: Tanzania: Do NOT use 2Afrika

I am so happy to see all of these responses and that no one believed that bogus trip where everything was perfect. I was on that trip from hell and even though my husband and I received a decent amount of money back I will not stop pursuing Kenneth Heiber to make sure no one has to go through what we did. It has been an ordeal trying to close him down but we have gotten all but travelguard off his website. I did tell them it was a bad reflection on them and does make me wonder what is in it for them. obviously something worthwhile. It is sad that one person alone can't make a difference but all of us together should. He was also thrown out of ASTA so anyone doing their research beyond trip advisor should see many red flags along with his F rating on the BBB site.

We were told by "his friends" that he is doing very poorly and we should stop harassing him. Now he is back on the radio and promoting himself and his trips. Please never use this company or any association where you see his name. He is a crook who can knowingly take your money and have no intention of giving you a trip of a lifetime, maybe the scariest trip of a lifetime. Someone also commented on what he said on his website how he will take care of you and make sure you are safe. On our trip he was fast asleep while we were frantic and not sure of our safety until the US Embassy helped get us to a safe place, not Kenneth Heiber. He is as low a person as you can get. While on our trip he told us he would pay all of us back by the time we got home. He was terribly sorry for everything that happened to us. We never heard from this man again. He took all our money and gave us NOTHING!

Can't stress this enough please don't ever use 2Afrika or any company that has Kenneth Heiber associated with it. If I can save one person from a nightmare I will feel that I did good. If you ever need more information feel free to contact me.

long island
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117. Re: Tanzania: Do NOT use 2Afrika

I wish more people did what you did even though you weren't successful you did try. We can't turn our backs and give up otherwise Kenneth Heiber will do this again and again. He should be behind bars by now with all the stories we have heard. Where is our justice system and why aren't they listening. This happened to you three years ago and who knows how many people have been taken since then. Thanks for your efforts and sorry no one listened hopefully they will now if everyone contacts the attorney general to tell their story.

Arusha, Tanzania
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118. Re: Tanzania: Do NOT use 2Afrika

Predators Safari Club we are reputable safari company in Tanzania and Kenya but unfortunaly we got bad publicity because of 2Afrika, and we have been come victim of cyber bully!!!

Being almost 30 years in the travel business there is no one single complain against us since 1964, till 30/November/2012 we had problem on running tour for 2Afrika because we were not paid and we had decide to stop and not continue with the. Till today 2Afrika has not paid us.

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119. Re: Tanzania: Do NOT use 2Afrika

It is my understanding that Mr. Hieber recently has been arrested, jailed and bonded out due to more than 70 complaints against him that New Jersey has finally decided to investigate. Maybe justice will finally be served. Predators Safari Club might want to notify the New Jersey Attorney General of the fraud committed against it to give a better idea of his corrupt activity. Unfortunately his website is still up and he is apparently still open for fraud.

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120. Re: Tanzania: Do NOT use 2Afrika

Could you please provide the source of this information on Ken Hieber? I am sure a lot of people would like to read it. Thanks.