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I see that the shade temperature in Marrakech topped out at 49c today. That's 120f in old money and I think close to a record for the city.

I'm due to fly out this weekend with two of the younger children. Just wondering from anyone out there at the moment how they're coping with such extreme conditions?

(Can't begin to imagine what it must be like to observe Ramadan in that heat!)

Any tips other than the normal ones on lots of fluids and avoiding the afternoon sun?



Marrakech, Morocco
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1. Re: Hot

avoid going out between mid day and 4pm; that's when it is really hot; drink as much water as possible and walk in the shade whenever you can

Hope we get a respite in the following days

Melbourne Australia
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2. Re: Hot

We will be there in middle of September...............is that a cooler time of year ? Gee all the best with the 49 phew ;)

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3. Re: Hot

we had temps in the high 40's too. yes it was hot. but i really didn't feel it as much as i do the mid 30's in the far east. i think dry heat seems much easier to handle. also, i had less trouble in the medina than outside in the new town. i think the pavements there reflect the heat and light.

we tried to make the most of the mornings, starting out early. with no time difference, it was easy enough to get up at our usual time. most days, we headed back to the riad in the afternoons and either relaxed in the plunge pool or had a sleep. the evenings were pleasantly warm.

with children, if you want to keep them up late, then a sleep in the hottest part of the day becomes even more important.

and their sun hats should be fixed to their head with superglue!

a quick word about hats. i wore my panama every minute of the day, except for about half-an-hour one day while i was in the roof-top jacuzzi. i had put my hair up in a pony tail. now i have a dark stripe across my hair, where the pony band was. the sun had bleached my hair by a good five shades in that short time! so keep your hats on!


Timbuktu, Mali
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4. Re: Hot

if you think its safe to go out at 6 pm think again......the heat comes from below...ie...the streets and pavements...the air is quite still unless you are in an open area.....in any case its hot air blowing at you gathering dust. Shade and Water......The restaurants are a joke....they dont switch the aircond on untill you ask them.....then they send you upstairs where the air cond is switched on ....takes ages to cool....BUT....better than nothing.....what spoils it is the cigarette smoke that travels upwards and gathers...guess where...hehehe...exactly where you are trying to cool off. Its one crazy place and there is no where to hide. But wait....believe it or not ...heaven is....McDonalds in Mohamed 5 street....heading to la place....air cond is superb...get a milkshake and chill...If you are in the medina stay in the shade....taxis are a furnace.....During ramadan.....things are not going to get better.....be understandingly discreet of taking a drink in public.....Enjoy?

Marrakech, Morocco
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5. Re: Hot

Despite the rather curious post above there is a point being made, and one that people often miss. That is that air temperature actually increases in Marrakech during the summer months after the frequently quoted advice of "midday to 4 pm". The reason for this is that the buildings, streets etc, having absorbed solar radiation throughout the day begin to re-radiate the thermal energy into the air as the sun begins to set. I found this to be true when I was in Fes too in late July before, but not to the same extent. The hottest hour in Marrakech over the last week or so has been at 7 pm. Sally forth after 8 pm to visit Djemma al Fna or keep your restaurant bookings.

chocolatefrie... yes, September is cooler; you are coming from a spring in Australia to early autumn in Morocco. See "Weather Information" (top right of screen) for averages (not predictions!)

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6. Re: Hot

is this abnormally warm for Marrakech? Or is it the norm at this time of year. I feel for the locals going through Ramadan and enduring this heat

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7. Re: Hot


July and August are normally the hot months so this is not unusual. All the more reason to try not to upset local people by drinking, eating and smoking in the street during Ramadan.

Marrakech, Morocco
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8. Re: Hot

"Morocco hits 121°F (49.6°C): a national all-time heat record" reported on Wunderground International:

The first new all-time national temperature record of 2012 belongs to Morocco, thanks to the 121.3°F (49.6°C) temperature measured at Marrakech on July 17, 2012. According to the Wunderground International Records database, the previous record was 120.4°F (49.1°C) at Agadir on July 30, 2009. A hotter temperature of 51.7°C (125.1°F) was reported from Aghadir (Agadir) Souss Massa Dra region on 17 August 1940 during a chergui wind event. However, this reading is considered unreliable by weather records researcher Maximiliano Herrera, since the temperature was 6°C higher than that measured at nearby stations.

So biscuit0790 this is unusual, certainly not the norm, and temperatures are certain to drop soon (we hope!) Hot, yes, but still not humid. (Which helps.)

Edited: 1:09 pm, July 18, 2012
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9. Re: Hot

We have just got back and not surprised it's a record....Tuesday certainly felt very hot! I grew up in Australia so quite used to 40+ in the summer. Marrakech is not too bad though as it's dry heat....we were walking about in it for most of the day, just need a hat and suncream - most of the souks are quite sheltered and surprisingly cool. I thought the hottest time was later on around 5-7....we just made sure we were back at the riad in the pool at this time. I love it though.....it beats cold rainy London anyday!

Plus.... the heat is a great excuse to indulge in some ice cream.....the shop leading off the Jemaa El Fna to the left of the Argana towards Bad Ftouh I thought was the best!

Marrakech, Morocco
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10. Re: Hot

The Middle East and North Africa is currently experiencing higher than normal temperatures (as are some of the American states). But for the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan (tomorrow here in Morocco despite today's confusing time change - back one hour) this will prove to be a testing time.

Having said that cjf_78 has hit the nail on the head by describing Marrakech as having a dry heat and also to mention that the hottest period is between 5 and 7 o'clock.

There are other outlets for splendid ice creams (look for "gelateries") and one other is on Avenue Fatima Zohra (just before the square). Pistachio, chocolate and vanilla triple cone. Bliss!

Edited: 10:20 am, July 20, 2012