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clothing for a Muslim country/what to wear in Morocco??

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clothing for a Muslim country/what to wear in Morocco??

I've heard women must cover armss, legs and no jeans for men or women. Can anyone tell me what you wore on the trip. Going to Atlas mtns. as well. Thanks very much.

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1. Re: clothing for a Muslim country/what to wear in Morocco??

I could use some more detailed advice on this as well. We are traveling in late June/early July when it will be VERY hot in Marrakech and Merzouga. We are also spending time in the High Atlas.

I have two young teen daughters and my husband with me. I know we need to be modest but do we really have to cover ALL skin?

I've found some tissue thin cotton tops with long sleeves but can we wear some short sleeves and/or capris pants? We will bring some longer skirts (they certainly won't be mini but do they have to be to the ankle?)

More specific advice would be great! Also, is it different in the mountains and on the camel trek in Merzouga than in the cities of Fes and Marrakech? Can we wear more comfortable clothing in the riads?


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2. Re: clothing for a Muslim country/what to wear in Morocco??

To be honest, in Marrakech, it didn't seem to matter what you wore. There were women in cropped tops and very short shorts (things that I wouldn't wear in a UK town - but that's probably because I'm a lardy-arse!)

I suspect it's more to do with how much staring you can take and how comfortable you feel. I felt comfortable in T-shirts and light cotton trousers below the knee.

Not sure if it's any more restrictive outside Marrakech, though


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3. Re: clothing for a Muslim country/what to wear in Morocco??

the key word for the dress ethic here is decency. You don't have to dress like a nun but don't dress like Madona either. Youy'll be surprised by the variety of attire in Morocco: young women dress like American teenagers; others their age wear the Islamic dress (head scarf and loose jellabah, gloves). It's true that Marrakech is a cosmpolitan city and as such fashion and an air of freedom are perceptible. In small villages where people tend to be more conservative, shirts or Jeans are more appropriate.

You shouldn't worry beyond reason because Moroccans would tolerate a little flippancy from others more easily than from their own women

should you need further advice, feel free to ask

kind regards

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4. Re: clothing for a Muslim country/what to wear in Morocco??

Hi all,

just returned from Marrekech/Agadir twin centre holiday ! I would recommend that you don't wear strappy t shirts or short skirts for your own comfort !!

You will find you do get looks from the locals more and feel very open in the souks !! But this is only in the old medina, in the modern parts of Marrakech as with Agadir anything goes really !!

I wore cropped trousers and short sleeved t shirts even then the next day went into cool long sleeved tops to stop the looks !

Hope that helps, but make sure you do vist the square at night and eat at stall 86 i think ! The best chips and kebab in the world!!!! With entertainment from the lads on the stall to boot !!

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5. Re: clothing for a Muslim country/what to wear in Morocco??

No offence anybody please!It just seems that it's high time to start using some common sense;ie:looking at the world beyond the blinding TV screens that sell the spectacular and the clichés. Countries where Muslims live are not just close up images of "Talibans","Mollahs",and "Irakis warring".If you lived in Morocco you'd know that people wear what they can afford to buy and what they've been brought up to think is "normal".Is this 'rationale'different anywhere? You can do it as the Italian, Spanish,Greek and French female visitors do:dress the way you do at home-elegant and sexy,I must admit.Take the looks and possible comments for compliments, and everybody is happy. Let's face it: How many men turn back on you at home.Welcome in Morocco. You'll love it!

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6. Re: clothing for a Muslim country/what to wear in Morocco??

so sorry if I offended you ! it was not meant out of criticism, I felt respect for the locals not against them ! I was just rtying to help the person who asked the question ! I don't think a minni skirt and crop top would be appropriate in the souks of the medina !! I absolutely adored the city and can't wait to return !!!

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7. Re: clothing for a Muslim country/what to wear in Morocco??

I just returned from Morocco. I travelled throughout the country and can say with all certainty that Moroccan clothing varies from women wearing full veils to those wearing short skirts and camisoles. The country's people are extremely accepting of the diversity amongst people and how they express it through their clothing. While there, I tended to wear pants, capris and skirts (no shorter than knee length) with short-sleeve shirts. I also brought a few shawls to wear in places wear I thought short-sleeves might be inappropriate, At no time did I feel unfortable for my choice in clothing. Hope this helps.

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8. Re: clothing for a Muslim country/what to wear in Morocco??

We have just returned from a week in Marrakech and Essaouira.

I was comfortable, most of the time, wearing a sleeveless top and long skirt. At no time was I, or my husband, aware of disapproving looks.

Fez, Morocco
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9. Re: clothing for a Muslim country/what to wear in Morocco??

While it's true that most people in Morocco are very tolerant, and that Moroccan women often wear very revealing clothes, I think it's better to dress conservatively, especially in the medinas or in villages. Western women will get attention no matter how they dress, but it will be much less if they dress modestly. Also from a security point of view, it's prudent to show respect for traditional Moroccan values...wear light cotton clothes but don't show too much flesh. At least that's what I'm telling my sister, who's coming to visit soon.