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Shark attacks in Maui

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Shark attacks in Maui

I was surprised to see how many shark attacks (mostly bites) occur in Maui; one occurred three days ago. What really worries is me is several involve people snorkelling or swimming who are really close to shore. Has anyone seen a shark when you've been there? I don't think I should have checked on this as now I'm worried. (I do know odds are low ... but still, yikes!)

S.F. Bay Area
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21. Re: Shark attacks in Maui

As fellow predatory creatures, I think it's a rather sad fact that we, as humans, dine on sharks on about a 12.6 million to one ratio of the inverse, in all fairness ... Mr. Sharkie is entitled to a meal or two (ok, perhaps just the occasional bite..;)

And Caddy, not only are the poor creatures burdened by inability to sit about the commode seat, they sadly have yet again been outdone by the popular, and inordinately "cute," but evil dolphin, which evolution has mysteriously recently elected to provide opposable thumbs to -- hey, at least dolphins can flush! :o


Alo)(a, NKO

Hana, Hawaii
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22. Re: Shark attacks in Maui

Oh no! Read the quote from the article below.

""I believe I speak for the entire human race when I say, 'Holy Toledo (not in context),'" said Oceanographic Institute director Dr. James Aoki, noting that the dolphin has a cranial capacity 40 percent greater than that of humans. "That's it for us monkeys."I

Yea, I tell you! Those cute, really smart dolphins with those thumbs, are planning to take over the world. Right after they evolve and grow feet. :)

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23. Re: Shark attacks in Maui

Those dolphins are already ahead of us.

They don't have to risk using toilets.

Vancouver, BC
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24. Re: Shark attacks in Maui

In '06 I knew someone who suffered a serious bite in Kihei at Kam II, in '10, just as we were about to head into the water at Kam II, the lifeguards closed the beach as a freshly bitten in half turtle came ashore. I saw a small group of 4 black tipped reef sharks at molokini once.

With that being said, I have no problems what so ever getting in the water in Maui. Snorkeling is my #1 activity on the island and I feel perfectly safe doing so. The ocean needs special attention and safety awareness all the time. Be smart any time you get in the ocean.

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25. Re: Shark attacks in Maui

I've seen reef sharks both inside Molokini (swimming slowly along the ocean floor) and on the backside of the crater, just cruising along. There were tons of people in the water on both occasions and the sharks showed no interest in anything the humans were up to. I never felt unsafe.

A good friend of mine is a surfer / surf instructor living in Kihei. The other day he posted on his Facebook page tht he had a very close encounter with a tiger shark hunting turtles in Paia Bay. He saw the turtles surfacing before he saw the shark. Bumped his board, with its fin out of the water. It scared the heck out of him and he and he and the other surfers paddled back in. No one was hurt and they saw the shark just the one time.

Now putting this in perspective, he surfs 2-3 times a day everyday. This is the first time he's ever had an experience like that and he's lived on Maui for over a decade and in Samoa before that. He also told me when I asked that the water was murky and it was nearing sunset - daybreak and dusk are prime shark feeding hours as they have the ability to hunt prey with good night vision, and tend to be more aggressive hunters at those times.

He was back in the water the next day. I'll be in it with him in two months (although not at dusk). Maui waters are safe as any other. I don't have any concerns about my safety as far as sharks are concerned, but do be aware of ocean conditions before you swim. If you're really concerned about ocean dangers, Spend time educating yourself before you head in. I hope your concerns don't keep you out of the water. Maui has some incredible reefs and wonderful beaches that should not be missed.

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Dublin, California
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26. Re: Shark attacks in Maui

I've gone scuba diving in Maui multiple times and looked for sharks and didn't see any. You're going to be just fine. And if you do see one, consider yourself lucky to have been able to see one in the wild.

Maui, Hawaii
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for Maui, Waikiki
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27. Re: Shark attacks in Maui

One theory is that with the increase in the turtle population we could be experiencing the sharks coming to feed on the turtles.

My brother jumped into the weirdest situation when he dove in the ocean from the beach and kind of bumped into a turtle. He jumped out of the water and saw that the ocean was alive with turtles. Don't know if there was a predator in the ocean or what was happening. But he doesn't just dive into the water any more.

Fallon, Nevada
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28. Re: Shark attacks in Maui

I was actually staying at Kaanapali Beach Resort (which is right next door to where it happened) when the latest attack happened. It is scary to think about these attacks, but when you do that you miss out on a lot of amazing things. Most sharks attack surfers who are sitting on there boards, because they look like seals. You really are more likely to get killed in a car accident, than to be involved in a shark attack. They happen so rarely. We went snorkeling 2 days after this happened (on a different beach) and had a fantastic time. You just have to be mindful and remember that you are in there habitat, so it is possible that they are around.

Regina, Canada
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29. Re: Shark attacks in Maui

I was there in Feb this year and did not see any sharks. I was boogey boarding and skim boarding quite a bit too. There have been a higher number of attack in the last year though.

Gilbert, Arizona
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30. Re: Shark attacks in Maui

Looks like Feb 21 at 6:00 was a bad time to be in the water in Maui!! 2 at the same time and day? Odd.

My dd's and dh are kinda' scared about possible shark bites in HI. My dd(12) was stung by a stingray in Mex. and is definitely more fearful around water now.

I debate educating her on the low chance of shark bites in HI. Not sure showing her that 2 have occurred recently near where we'll be staying will make her more, or less scared. I'll probably just distract her and try to get her in the water to boogie board and snorkel. I'm really looking forward to snorkeling and know she'll enjoy riding the waves on a boogie board too.