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What (or what not) to pack

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What (or what not) to pack

I don't want to overpack (this always seems to happen though) so I can have room to bring things home. Will my husband need a sport coat? Do any restaurants require one?

Is Haleakala chilly all the time or just in the morning? Still haven't decided if we will do this.


Spokane, WA
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1. Re: What (or what not) to pack

You do not need a sport coat or any dressy clothes for that matter. Casual attire everywhere on the island. You may want a sweatshirt if going to Haleakala as it can get a little chilly. Just remember that you can always wash clothes if needed most resorts have laundry facilities on site.

Mission Kansas
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2. Re: What (or what not) to pack

Mali, I way overpacked. I never wore any of the linen long pants I packed and only wore my capris on the plane. I should have replaced all those with shorts as that is all I ended up wearing besides a bathing suit and cover up and one pretty summer white teired skirt which was useful for Mamas Fish House. Otherwise, you never need to dress up and I found Maui plenty warm in the evenings too so sleeveless or shortsleeved was all that was needed. And of course, Flipflops!

The top of the crater is very cold in the early AM.

washington d.c.
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3. Re: What (or what not) to pack

What does "very cold" mean? Sweatshirt and jeans enough?

Mission Kansas
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4. Re: What (or what not) to pack

Yes! Sorry, I was meaning comparatively although some folks had on their resorts bedspreads and quilts!

Kihei, Hawaii
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5. Re: What (or what not) to pack

The average daytime temp at the summit is around 50 degrees. It is normally 30 degrees cooler up there than at sea level. Figure a 3 degree drop in temp for each thousand feet you climb.

Bellevue, WA
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6. Re: What (or what not) to pack

As has been said before in this forum before, pack what you THINK you need and then remove AT LEAST 1/2 and leave it home, you simply will not wear it.

Maui is a very casual place (thank god) and a nice pair of shorts, nice shirt or blouse and some sandals will get you anywhere and if you find anyplace that doesn't allow it, it is most likely not worth the trouble anyway.

Our first trip we had 2 checked bags each, and a carry-on each.

Now it is one regulation sized carry on each and that's it.

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7. Re: What (or what not) to pack

Did I ever tell you my theory on how much underwear to bring?

Romney WV
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8. Re: What (or what not) to pack

Make sure that you have clothes that have tropical print on them otherwise you'll be out of place! I agree with Pappy you will not wear half of whatever you take. They have great outfits at Hilo Hattie's online store if you need casual outfits to wear to out to resturants.

Santa Barbara, CA
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9. Re: What (or what not) to pack

What I learned last time re: packing:

I don't need jeans

I don't need shoes other than flip flops, one pair of sneakers (for hiking), and one pair of cute sandals for dressy restaurants.

I don't need makeup, other than sunscreen and chapstick

I don't need anything too dressy

I think I wore a bathing suit, tank top, light skirt, and flip flops every day.

Spidermonkey Island
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10. Re: What (or what not) to pack

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