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I want to be in Maui now

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Sparwood, B.C.
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I want to be in Maui now

I want to be in Maui right now....boo hoo! I woke up this morning to about 4 inches of SNOW on the ground and more coming down. Couldn't believe my eyes!! All of our trees are laying right on the ground from the weight of the heavy snow. All my perennials and bedding plants are likely gone. I just finished putting out bedding plants on Sunday and looked around and thought how nice our yard looked. Please, someone take me away to Maui!!!!

washington state
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31. Re: I want to be in Maui now

I am with Fitz, straight from the bottle ASAP.

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32. Re: I want to be in Maui now

I'm with you both on the right from the bottle thing.

Nashville, Tennessee
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33. Re: I want to be in Maui now

Ulcers and drinking...Is there a connection. Not if you are drinking in Hawaii, or in anticipation of Hawaii.

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34. Re: I want to be in Maui now

I'm trying sooooooo hard to not break my not drinking until Maui thing but I'm starting to rethink it as my son will be turning 21 in July. Although.. he did drink last year in Palm Springs and it wasn't pretty. He claimed it was from traveling all day and not eating. All I know was he was wearing a name tag that said "Beverly" at the rehearsal dinner.

washington state
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35. Re: I want to be in Maui now

That is so funny, sorry! Are you trying not to drink because you are training? I try to only drink on weekends but some days I would like to from morning to night especially when dealing with inlaws.

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36. Re: I want to be in Maui now

Yes, the drinkfree zone is because of the training and weight loss. It's easier to run when I drop a few pounds. I would like to lose about 10 lbs without losing any muscle or in the chest. The hubby isn't liking the shrinking b**bs at all. I have lost about 15 pounds since I started the training in Jan. I have to go in for bodyfat measurement about every 12 weeks just to make sure I'm gaining muscle and losing fat.

tampa, fl
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37. Re: I want to be in Maui now

islandgirl71 - I am not sure about Lahaina but I have been to Key West. It appears that they both have some similarities. Key West is a place with great little mom and pop eating places that serve some of the best and most unique foods. It also has some of the more creative fashions you will ever see (my wife wanted to get back there so bad just to shop). I noticed a lot of artisy shops there as well and it has a VERY active night life. Key West is probably the most opened minded of any place in the U.S. as the homosexual community is looked upon the same as the hetrosexual community. There are several party places there as well as drag shows which (if you are not easily shaken or offended) are pretty entertaining. May not be the best place for kids but it has a little bit of everything. I noticed some beautiful historical sites while I was there.

As far as the beaches there, I wouldn't say they were the best as the ones I saw seemed to have some rough, rocky sand. In all fairness, that could have been from the storm that had passed through earlier. The part of Florida that I live in, Tampa, has some of the most beautiful beaches in Clearwater and St. Petersburg with white sand and blue water.

Just wondering. If I like Lahaina, will I like Key West? I've never been to Florida. Live in Northen Nevada, but I love Jimmy Buffett, and hear him sing about Key West all the time. How do the beaches compare to Hawaii?