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Where to spend our 10 nights...itinerary advice please

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Where to spend our 10 nights...itinerary advice please

Planning our first no-kids getaway June 26-July 5. Over the moon excited!

Arriving and departing HNL. Here's what I am thinking but let me know.

Stay in Waikiki 2-3 nights, rent car, see North Shore, shrimp trucks.

Fly to Kauai for 2-3 nights, rent 4WD go to Polihua Beach and (what else? hotel recommendations please)

Fly to Maui for 3-4 nights (golf, relax, hiking, Hana)

Fly to HNL and then back to mainland

Is this too much in 10 nights? Would love to do a day trip to Lanai if possible (or instead) but can I go by ferry? Don't want to be stuck in airports but we want new experiences.

also, where can we go to discover a 'private' waterfall where it's just us (like the kind you see in magazines?)


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1. Re: Where to spend our 10 nights...itinerary advice please

First you are in the Lanai forum. Repost in Hawaii. Second -- it IS possible to do all of this but you won't have relaxation time, unless relaxing to you is going 90 to nothing (and to be fair, some people consider that relaxing!!)

I would either split my stay between Waikiki and the North Shore of Oahu or between Oahu and one other island...otherwise you are going to be in and out of airports multiple times ... Into Oahu, then out of Oahu into Kauai, then out of Kauai into Maui, then out of Maui back to Oahu. That's in and out of airports 7 times in 10 days!

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2. Re: Where to spend our 10 nights...itinerary advice please

Much, Much too Much! All you will remember is lines at airports and rental car sites! Konagirl nailed it...direct flights between islands are few and far between.

With 10 nights you "can" do 2 islands but really there many amazing things to do and see on any island. Just stick to Oahu and enjoy!

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3. Re: Where to spend our 10 nights...itinerary advice please

On our very first trip we did 3 islands in 9 days. It was a rush but what we were looking for was just a taste of what Hawaii offered. This was pre 9/11 so the airport times were considerably shorter. If you attempt your schedule here is what you face:

Check out from your hotel/resort/condo will be 10 - 11 AM. Depending on where you are staying figure an hour to get to the airport, drop off the rental then queue up for your flight. Add another hour for check in/ clear security..minimum. Half hour flight on average, gather bags, get rental car, drive to new hotel and try to check in. Most have a 3PM check in time so you may be stuck with your bags in the car and limited to just driving around. All in all figure a a good 4 hours spent just checking out then back in and it may be even longer.

As was suggested with 10 days 2 islands would be a better plan with a possible day trip to Lanai if you pick Maui as one of the islands.

Once you have been you will probably be like 99% of the rest of us and return so you can see different islands next trip.

As far as your own private waterfall well you can probably scratch that off your list as well. There are waterfalls, none that are private except on private land. Unlike the movies what you will find is this - cold water, Leptospirosis, falling rocks, flash floods and a few other dangers.

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4. Re: Where to spend our 10 nights...itinerary advice please

you're cramming wayyyyyy too much... stay on oahu a coupla days (probably the last few days of your trip so you're already near HNL), and pick ONE island and stay there the remaining days.... we were just on maui for 8 days and it wasn't enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you go to maui, a DAY (or ONE night, max) trip to lanai via the ferry out of lahina is worth it....

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5. Re: Where to spend our 10 nights...itinerary advice please

I totally agree. Too much for 10 days. Splitting between 2 islands is better. If you island hop for 2-3 nights each, much of your time will be packing/re-packing, transfers, flights, etc. How about maximizing your time at 1 (or 2) islands. Staying on Maui and taking a ferry over to Lana'i is an easy option to see 2 islands. You can drive the road to Hana on Maui and stop at some of the secluded spots to see a waterfall with your sweetie. Kauai is romantic and lovely for your first no-kids trip as well.

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6. Re: Where to spend our 10 nights...itinerary advice please

Here is how you can see all six major islands in 10 days. Fly into Oahu for five days. On one of those days, take an escorted tour to Kauai, and another day take an escorted tour to the Big Island. Escorted tours get you to the island early and show you the high points of an island, then get you out on the last plane of the day. Days 6 through 10 can be based on Maui. One day you can take the ferry to Lanai for an escorted tour and another day take the ferry to Molokai for an escorted tour. Escorted tours are also great for learning local history. I have done all of these tours and highly recommend for getting a taste of all the islands in one trip. Order of my favorite islands: Kauai (north shore), Maui (Kaanapali Beach or Hana), Big Island, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai.

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7. Re: Where to spend our 10 nights...itinerary advice please

You have no need for an escorted tour!

You are simply planning to much in a short time. You will run yourself ragged and frustrate yourself. Too much time in airports.

Choose two islands - five nights each ... settle in ... get to know the area ... relax ... have fun. I generally recommend Oahu and Maui for first timers, but Oahu and Kauai would be great as well.

Whatever you decide, hop on it! You are traveling during HIGH season. And the 4th of July is very popular for family vacations.

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8. Re: Where to spend our 10 nights...itinerary advice please

Your dates won't jibe with the NCL cruise that departs Honolulu every Saturday and goes to Kauai, Maui and Big Island of Hawaii. That's the only reasonably priced and sane way to see four islands in your timeframe.

If you have flights in and out of HNL, think about staying on Oahu, splitting time between Waikiki and Turtle Bay on the north shore.

Or...do Waikiki plus *either* Kauai or Maui.

Or...float through HNL and hop immediately to Maui, splitting a stay there between TWO of these four locatiions: South Maui, West Maui, Hana, Lanai. Hop back to HNL and float through the airport again, not leaving security until your flight departs for home.

You will want a rental car; reserve soon!

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9. Re: Where to spend our 10 nights...itinerary advice please

I am grateful for your advice. Thank you all. 2 islands it is. Oahu and Maui.

We booked an economy car in Oahu; I will try for a jeep for Maui. Should i book the car for the whole 6 nights?

We're booked at Hotel Renew in Waikiki and the Westin Maui Spa and Resort. Any thoughts on these two?

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10. Re: Where to spend our 10 nights...itinerary advice please

You don't need a Jeep on Maui - and there are down-sides to renting one. So if you would like to spend less on a car ... and use the funds elsewhere ... just get another economy car. Yes, you'll need the car for the full time on Maui for sure. On Oahu, some folks only rent for part of the time. But given that weekly rates are usually more economical, I would stick will full time on Oahu as well.

Sorry, but I would not stay at neither place. Hotel Renew does a great job at the hype, but they are small rooms, few views, old building ... not sure if there are any balconies.

On Ka'anapali, I would choose the Sheraton or the Hyatt. Oh, you are leaving the kids at home! So go for the Sheraton. The Westin caters to kids. Tends to be noisy, small rooms ... no "grounds" to roam and enjoy. You can do better. We have stayed there, and it on the bottom of our list.