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Avis and Econo Rent a car

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Toronto, Canada
posts: 82
Avis and Econo Rent a car

Just wanted to post a quick rant about these two cars companies. Just returned from Roatan and had a great time but will post later about that but wanted to get this off my chest.

Had pre-booked with AVIS and got confirmation for a economy car for two weeks probably a month in advance of our trip and got email confirmation.

Well got down in Roatan and when I got at the AVIS desk they claimed the car I requested was broken and the only thing they could offer was an SUV? Now knowing credit cards dont cover the insurance on SUVs or trucks I declined and they said there is nothing they could do?? How could such a large company even on a small island not have one more car?

However the rep was able to convince the guy at the next desk from econo rent a car to offer the same price for a similar car..........I was very leery but what choice did I have?? Rented the car and had no problems with the car the whole two weeks except didn't appreciate the 2500 deductible I had to put uprront on my credit card..........just had a suspicious any tiny scratch and I would have been charged up the wazoo............Well, knowing the cost of the car, I ended up taking money in Limperas out in advance so as not to have to put the cost on my credit card which charges a bad exchange rate and extra fees..........well when I go to pay the rep from econo say I cannot pay in cash and it has to be paid by credit or debit which the debit card didn't work..........So I had to pay on my credit card afterall and had $500 USD in limparas stuck before I leave at the airport...........as well, I had to argue with the rep incessantly to get the VISA slip back for which the deposit was made to make sure it was VOID.........it took alot of convincing but I called there manager who said there was nothing they could do..........I told the rep next time he has to inform customers they can only pay by credit or debit..........anyways, probably a really minor issue but really peeved me off and left a sour taste in my mouth after a great two weeks in Roatan........just wanted to post to let all know for future reference..........will post about our trip at a later time................the diving was incredible by the way and my wife and I have a new appreciation and love of diving after Roatan.........cheers all.

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Laguna Beach...
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1. Re: Avis and Econo Rent a car

so who should we rent from in July?

Roatan, Honduras
posts: 397
2. Re: Avis and Econo Rent a car

I would double check your CC insurance coverage and or personal vehicle coverage. While it is true many will not cover pick ups, mine fortunately does, I have not had one that does not covr SUV, A huge portion of US and Canada based rental cars are now small SUV's.

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3. Re: Avis and Econo Rent a car

Really difficult situation you had, I have rented in the US and sometimes I avoid the big brand names because they decline insurance offered by my credit card. In any case this situation may have been abnormal for AVIS and it could have that it was high season or something.

As you may have noticed deposits are quite high, but mainly because insurance in Honduras is pretty high for rental companies. Maybe we should apply to rent cars in Roatan and offer a better service. We may start working on it, so what do you feel the right deposit might be? I think $2500 is quite a large sum

Roatan, Honduras
posts: 397
4. Re: Avis and Econo Rent a car


No car rental company in the US can decline credit card Insurance because they have nothing to decline or accept, they have nothing to do with it. It is simply up to you to decline their coverage and then you deal with the credit card company if needed

Toronto, Canada
posts: 10
reviews: 23
5. Re: Avis and Econo Rent a car


I am travelling to Roatan in two days and spent more time researching for a car than for the entire trip together! Basically, ONLY AVIS offers 3rd party liability insurance. I happen to have access to some insurance brokers, it was confirmed and triple checked. What a nightmare! Every single company has between $1500-$2500 deductible and yet except for Avis, none of them offer 3rd party liability insurance. What if there is an accident????? Ok, so I thought I'll go with Avis, quoted $72/day including FULL insurance but they do not deliver it to the hotel, you have to pick it up at the airport and drop it off there. So another $100 min for taxi. Back and forth, I decided not to rent a car but to go with a very good local tour company. You get a car + guide + peace of mind for $80/day for 2 people.

Edited: 9:59 am, April 09, 2013
Toronto, Canada
posts: 10
reviews: 23
6. Re: Avis and Econo Rent a car

One thing I forgot to mention: I called my car insurance in Canada, they only cover US and Canada. If you rent your car using VISA or AMEX (even on Roatan, I called and checked) they do offer basic insurance if you use your credit card for renting a vehicle but they do not cover SUVs, very important. Also, you need to "decline" local insurance offered if you chose to do it this way or else your credit card company is not responsible.

Brick Bay
posts: 1
7. Re: Avis and Econo Rent a car

I rented from Econo for 3 days. I had no reservation, I just went there. The place was ok, the car was quite new and the price resonable. It was a just a tiny Kia Picanto, but the car was ok and it was 30$ a day.

What got me mad is that after I came back with a punctured tire they tried to charge me 80$ (yes, eighty US dollars) for it.

That is simply fraud! Getting some money out of a gringo. Come on, 80$ for a used tiny tire of a tiny car! It took me a long time to discuss it down to 50$, but that is still a rip off!

I don't know about Avis, but Econo I would defenitly avoid!

Los Angeles...
posts: 58
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8. Re: Avis and Econo Rent a car

I just got back from 10 days and I booked a car before we left with Avis, it was for a small compact car for $215 for a week, they delivered the car out to me in West Bay and picked it up for $20 total which was worth it to me. I did not take any insurance coverage, the car was a small Kia brand new in red so I was a little concerned as we all know what the roads are like there, but I had no problems with the return I had no more nicks or scratches on the car so they just charged me the $215, they had taken an impression of my credit card and put a $1200 hold but that was no issues. It was a good deal with Avis and the rental office employee's were good to deal with. Rob

New York
posts: 3
reviews: 4
9. Re: Avis and Econo Rent a car

We just got back from Roatan and rented a car from Econo for 5 days.

Do NOT rent from this company, they may quote the cheapest rate but they will find some way to make up that rate difference later on with other charges.

We were originally told we could get a rate of $30 but when they delivered the car the next day they said $40 for the Kia Piccanto. They then put a $1,300 pre-authorization on our credit card without telling us.

This was pretty frustrating but the worst was yet to come. When we returned the car they told us we put a scratch on the bottom of the car and charged us an additional $29 for this. $29 is obviously not a lot of money, but this is wear and tear that car rental companies don't usually charge for. It is particularly unreasonable for a place like Roatan where the roads aren't great - lots of potholes, dirt/rock roads. It is just unfair and shady business practice.

In the future, I would stick to recognized brands like Avis and Thrifty instead.

Malaga, Spain
posts: 32
reviews: 214
10. Re: Avis and Econo Rent a car

Econo Roatan car rental mystery solved.

For many years I have rented cars at the airport in Roatan from Econo and it was only last November that I noticed on-line that they had blocked my Visa debit card for $1,400. They did unblock it a few days after the rental, but I had not been advised of the blocking, or the amount, and it caused me a great deal of inconvenience. Econo have no extra accident insurance to offer. You break it , you fix it - and the other car as well. Econo offer only basic insurance (whatever that is) and the deductable (excess to Brits) is $2,500. The $1,400 charge is a security deposit.

There is no such thing as no fault insurance (comprehensive to Brits) in Honduras, and perhaps all of the other Central and South American countries as well. It is a completely new ball game with “ buyer beware” written all over it. Hondurans see nothing wrong with their system as that is the way you rent a car in their country, and that is probably why they do not go into detail when you hire a car, so it is best to ask about what is covered with their insurance, extra insurance, the amount being blocked, and write it down before you find out later what you have let yourself in for.

I booked a car with Avis in March 2014, but they said that the insurance would have to be arranged when I arrived in Roatan. On arrival I was advised that for another $30 a day insurance it would cover the damage to their car with a $200 dollar deductable. There were other options such as $10 a day which would give me a deductable of $2,000, or $20 a day would give me a deductable of $1,000. For another $5 a day the insurance cover would extend to the damage I could cause to anotherther car, otherwise I would be liable for the repairs to it. My card would be blocked for $1,000 in case I was drunk, or whatever, and the insurance refused to pay out. Totaling up the insurance came to $35 a day, which was almost the same cost as the car rental !

I gave up with Avis and went next door to Thrifty (The rental companies have four little booths next to each other as you arrive in the airport ) Their charge for the car was $52 a day, including $10 for insurance to cover damage to their car and the other car, with a $500 deductable in the case of an accident. They charged $1,400 to my credit card (They do not accept debit cards only credit cards, Amex is fine), and the saving over the three day car hire with Thrifty against Avis was $65, so I hired the car from Thrifty. On returning the car they ran my Amex card through the machine and gave me a receipt for the rufund of the $1,400.

Dollar have an office as well, but there was no one there to talk to.

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