That´s its great location, sad about this closing

I spent some time, in this small hotel on 2004, the location must still be beautiful, and the transfer to destination it's unbelievable, you can see the coral reef from the aeroplane and pick up it´s on a boat to the hotel. At this point every thing was perfect. I picked the all inclusive package, I was disappointed with the short offer for $120 each, the rates in this times was under $85 in many resorts all inclusive on La Ceiba Honduras. The place was perfect for someone looking for quiet place and avid to live a very extreme wild nature experience with no air conditioning, no cable tv, and far away from any civilization, damned to wait the next every two day's boat to escape. I must have see signs of closure, in fact besides my wife and me, was only a blind couple very nice. Someone must recover this place and made a better job.