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Hep A and Typhoid shots?

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Hep A and Typhoid shots?

are these necessary??

my husband is a worry-wart and thinks we (kids included) should get the recommended shots.

Please tell me I'll I need us bug repellent!

We are traveling from April 20-29

Collingwood, Canada
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1. Re: Hep A and Typhoid shots?

While I can't comment on the Typhoid shot, I can give everyone out there a warning about Hepatitis. My 20 year old daughter is a 3rd year University student here in Ontario Canada. 3 weeks before Christmas she was hospitalized and was extremely ill with what turned out to be hepatitis A. She has not travelled in years and eats mostly food she cooks at her apartment. The Health department says it is possible she may have contracted it through produce (raspberries or lettuce)We are travelling to Costa Rica in July, the whole family had to be vaccinated anyways,due to my daughter being home recovering and we were told the best vaccination is the full strength Hep A shots given 6 months apart-not twinrix which is aparantly only a pediatric dose. I am not a doctor, but I do know after seeing how unbelievable sick Hep A can make you (we thought she was not going to make it at one point)(and she is still not 100%) GET YOUR HEP VACCINES .

San Francisco...
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2. Re: Hep A and Typhoid shots?

You don't need typhoid, but as northkids stated, you can contract hep a in canada or the usa, so it's a good idea to get this vaccination anyway. I travelled without the hep a in CR for 10 years and never got sick, but better safe than sorry (I did recently get the vaccination).

My daughter got the typhoid vaccination and contracted it (in Mexico) anyway... at the time she took the vaccine (6 years ago), the doses were more than 50% effective... maybe they are better now.

You can buy repellent there, but in the US you can purchase combination sunscreen and insect repellent, which is good because the dengue mosquitos are the daytime mosquitos. It is usually not rainy enough to be very buggy in late April, but it sounds like the rains have begun early in some locations.

Collingwood, Canada
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3. Re: Hep A and Typhoid shots?

Sorry if my post seemed alarmist. I guess what I was getting at is that Hep (A especially) is on the rise and you can get it anywhere, not just tropical countries, and from what I have been told, the twinrix they are advertising is ok but, not as good as getting the full strength vaccine- I don't know if other people know that or not. Also, if you don't get the vaccine, then protect yourself and where possible use an alcohol based hand sanitizer (not the antibac stuff, just the alcohol based stuff)

North Carolina
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4. Re: Hep A and Typhoid shots?

Not sure why you are asking this alias - if you are traveling internationally, almost any doctor will tell you to get these - right? Malaria pills are one thing, since you have a pretty good chance of surviving and they have a lot of side effects, but Hep and Typhoid shots don't have a lot of downside.

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5. Re: Hep A and Typhoid shots?

Thank you all for your replies. I visited CR 10 years ago (in the rainy season) and didn't get any shots. I've scheduled the Hep A and typhoid shots and our dr has given us Malaria pills.

A nice place
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6. Re: Hep A and Typhoid shots?

You can buy bug repellent in the supermarket in Costa Rica, one brand is "Off" and includes deet.

Portsmouth, United...
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7. Re: Hep A and Typhoid shots?

My fiancé and I went to our doctors last week to ask what jabs we needed and had to have the Hep A, typhoid and topped up on tetanus. The Hep B was also necessary but i'd already had this for my job and my partner had been to Kenya a few years back so already had it.

The only one we were told wasn't necessary was malaria as Costa Rica is a very low risk area.

Portsmouth, United...
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8. Re: Hep A and Typhoid shots?

Just to add, the necessary jabs are dependant on where your travelling from.

San Mateo...
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9. Re: Hep A and Typhoid shots?

Please consult the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and your doctor for up-to-date recommendations. There ARE currently areas in Costa Rica for which malaria prevention IS recommended. I love TripAdvisor but please do not use it for medical advice.

Vancouver, BC
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10. Re: Hep A and Typhoid shots?

To Laura 988: You do not have to go to the American Centre for Disease Control. On the UK's Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) website, under Living and Traveling Abroad, with regard to Costa Rica, it states:

Malaria is also endemic close to banana growing areas. In October and November 2006, there was a significant increase in the number of cases reported in Limon Province.

If your doctors advice was what you posted, you might want to change doctors or go to a travel medical clinic for your travel medical advice.

I agree with the poster who stated that you should not get your medical advice from Trip Advisor. In some cases, you may even want to double check what your doctor tells you.