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WILLIAM IS THE BEST! Belize Shuttle- Belize City Placencia

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Chicago, Illinois
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WILLIAM IS THE BEST! Belize Shuttle- Belize City Placencia

If you're looking for a way to get to Belize City to Placenecia, William from Belize Shuttle is the way to go!! He is professional, fun and reliable. he will make your trip to Placencia enjoyable with stops along the way. We took the shuttle down and flew back and I do feel like that was the best way to get to Placencia. We got the best of both worlds.

we stopped for oranges, to swim in the inland blue hole, we stopped for a lovely local lunch and also we stopped for some cinnamon buns! Along with several other sites that were pointed out and the history of belize laced in along the way!

HE ALSO GOES TO OTHER TOWNS!! Not just Placencia. Send him an email for details. He will respond with a lengthy email that really lays out what you can expect not just from his trip but belize as a whole. He really has taken a lot of time to put together this email and to ensure that you leave the country wanting to come back.

Email William at belizeshuttle@yahoo.com.

You wont be disappointed!

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Westerville, Ohio
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1. Re: WILLIAM IS THE BEST! Belize Shuttle- Belize City Placencia

We're using his services in April - can't wait!

Chester, New York
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2. Re: WILLIAM IS THE BEST! Belize Shuttle- Belize City Placencia

We hired a licensed tour driver as we wanted to go back to some of the places my husband served in the Peace Corp 50 years ago. Rent Young did a great job of taking us to all the places we requested. He was very well versed in the history,culture etc of Belize. His e-mail address is siryoungtaxi@yahoo.com Phone number (501)662-4597

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3. Re: WILLIAM IS THE BEST! Belize Shuttle- Belize City Placencia

How much does this hired driver cost? Thanks

san ignacio
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4. Re: WILLIAM IS THE BEST! Belize Shuttle- Belize City Placencia


Belize shuttle a.k.a. Williams belize shuttle has another copy cat in name out there.

Belize shuttles (note with a "s" ) formerly known as Belize shuttle and transfer" has changed their name to loose the bad reputation ( suspected credit card fraud) , but in copying the well known and highly recommended (said by so many of your fellow travelers ) BELIZE SHUTTLE a.k,a WILLIAMS BELIZE SHUTTLE ..... It has proven that it has changed their name but it didnt change their tricks, couldnt come up with a new name , chose to use a known name, lack of imagination...

Please be advised that the company with the "s" added is not the same and is trying to hide behind a respected name , like the Cuckoo/cowbird lays its eggs in another birds nest , this company is trying to get the bookings up by looking like the since 2008 operating BELIZE SHUTTLE , operated by William.

As a traveler its up to you who you choose to go with , but be adviced that the company with the "s" is not the same as us and if something similar Bad happens as

what happened with the "belize shuttle & transfer " its not us ...



Belizeshuttle@yahoo.com / +501 620-3055

The original "belize shuttle"/ "Williams belize shuttle "

( Fair competition is good, imitation flattering, but protecting its own good name is formost more important and in this case warranted

san ignacio
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5. Re: WILLIAM IS THE BEST! Belize Shuttle- Belize City Placencia

Thank you very much for such a nice review .....keeps me and the team going knowing that what we do is appreciated .....makes our job fun and easy ...

Please do i need some help , it seems now that a company that had some bad reputation , belize shuttle and transfer has changed its name to BELIZE SHUTTLES with a "s " added to hide behind a good one ....

The reviews about them are still out there and they tried to fool you by lack of imagination to take the name of a good one....

Please let it be known out there so that we can still prove our name and service to the ones that follow your reviews.....

Sending a big huge thanks out to all the travelers out there that used us and maybe will use us in the future ....


The real belize shuttle , William

Destination Expert
for Belize, Placencia, Ambergris Caye, Cayo, San Ignacio
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6. Re: WILLIAM IS THE BEST! Belize Shuttle- Belize City Placencia

William, I do not understand why you or your colleagues are not more proactive taking away this guys license to operate. I assume you are referring to Malcolm Sobers? He is now applying for his tour op license at BTB. Its all our responsibility to make sure people in our industry are honest and provide grt services

Los Gatos...
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7. Re: WILLIAM IS THE BEST! Belize Shuttle- Belize City Placencia


We really enjoyed the ride with your driver. I can't remember his name, but everything else. He is a Creole and a volunteer policeman in San Ignacio. He drove us to and from SI and we learned a lot thru him about Belize.

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8. Re: WILLIAM IS THE BEST! Belize Shuttle- Belize City Placencia

Hello All,

My name is Malcolm Sobers, Owner of Belize Shuttles which operates the www.belizeshuttlesandtransfers.com site.

I have generally stayed quiet for years because of many reasons including intimidation, threats on my life and livelihood by persons who seek to destroy what I work hard for. In my study of Shakespeare years ago, and reading on of my favorites...A Man for All Seasons...I remember "Qui tacet consentit" or Silence Gives Consent.

Today I break my silence, I am no longer afraid, ashamed or can be intimidated by anyone.

I want to address the barrage of libel, slander and inaccurate information that has been circulating over the internet for years and most recently in the last month, especially those being initiated, orchestrated or fueled by a fierce competitor William Hoffman of William's Belize Shuttles and his merry band of thrill seekers.

I must admit, that my company and my name endured major hits on our credibility in 2009-2010 when we had some issues of grave proportions that affected consumers using our service or the business. This was not the workings of myself or ownership but of course we had to take the responsibility to resolve fully, which we did. In doing so it practically cost me my business for years and wiped out almost everything I had. I was swift and vigilant in addressing the issues, communicating with the parties that were affected and restoring their situation as best as I could. As William said, they were scary reviews, I must admit and it broke me, business and family.

My faith and trust in people, business partners and friends backfired and I painfully and slowly learnt how to get better at that.

Now 2015, I begin to get indications that I somehow reentered the business (I never left by the way, I operated at a small level for 4 years while I recovered) and I would be about suggestions of doing the same things to my customers and innocent travelers. Suggesting that I am impersonating a business and benefiting from the name and reviews of another to help with my business. This was further highlighted in a Feb 25th post by Mr. Hoffman.

Let it be known that since early 2009 I operated as BELIZE SHUTTLES and BELIZE SHUTTLES AND TRANSFERS, my websites and domains can prove such origination, so the suggestion that I changed the name or did that for a benefit of some sort is ludicrous. In addition, I have BELIZE SHUTTLES registered locally from 2010, long before Mr. Hoffman legitimized his business. His references to AKA Williams Belize Shuttle should resonated and confirm that it is the name that he used initially to operate. What is more interesting is that he registered my website name, Belize Shuttles and Transfers as his company in 2013, so if anyone has any tricks the record can prove.

Only after my temporary exodus from the business did he begin to use the brand Belize Shuttle to link him.

Customers don't come to me because of his name, they come because we appear at the top of google searches, offer the best prices and the most transport options within Belize and Mexico and respond in a timely and professional manner. In the past 4 months alone we have transported over 1000 travelers that were extremely impressed by our services, vehicle fleet and drivers who helped their stays be even more enjoyable. They would be more than happy to post about their experiences.

I no longer take credit cards, 4 years now, I do not work with hotels and resorts. All my customers come through email and are given a true Belizean introduction.

The attack is on the basis of competition and greed, as many persons have approached me - customers, friends, resorts/hotels, tour guides and drivers with information to suggest that my business is stealing his customers. It has gotten so bad over the last two weeks that persons have said be careful of alleged plans to hurt or kill me, my linkedin page is being trolled daily by my competitor (not sure he knew we can see who visits the pages), resort owners and others are being told scandalous and libelous things about me to deter their customers from working/booking with me. I have an email from a customer of mine that shows this man making horrible statements of me with the intent of creating a bad impression.

If anyone has an issue with me or my business I would be more than happy to meet, discuss and resolve so that we do not become unproductive and unprofessional.

I will continue to operate, I will continue to give customers the true cost of transportation and not overprice and underdeliver, Expect more new vehicles, new websites, better booking experience, 24/7 support, amazing drivers and guides and countless memories of pleasure with us. Nothing will intimidate, scare or move us, the business will survive me so I am no longer afraid, I have insurance and my family will be ok.

So travelers there is always two sides to the story, we indeed had some terrible times a few years back but we have seen the worse of it and we are moving to provide unmatched transportation throughout Belize and Mexico. All that was posted online are either issues that I was not directly involved with but I fixed as well as false allegations without getting accurate information.

Safe Travels


Malcolm Sobers

Owner, Belize Shuttles and Belize Shuttles and transfers

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