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Aura Restaurant

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Aura Restaurant

Aura Restaurant on Burnside -- anyone been here? The people at the Fish Grotto recommended it as "their other" property around the corner. We took a peek in and it looks like fun, and their menu looked interesting. It looked like it had a young crowd the day we took a look see. I know there's dancing there too. But the menu looked good. Anyone been who can advise on whether it's worth it??

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41. Re: Aura Restaurant

Hi ScarlettO1, yes, that was me who wrote that post on Citysearch ;) I had just moved here and had checked out the reviews on Citysearch before going. I saw that it was known for it's 'great techno' but that totally wasn't the case when we got there. I guess it's okay for Portland. For people who are used to great clubs on the East Coast, though, it leaves a lot to be desired.

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Being from the East Coast (NYC) I am not sure what you meant by "ok for Portland"...We looked in on Aura before Christmas and found it full of people, laughing and drinking with some interesting music .. A band was expected to show up any moment, we were not in the mood to stay.

Best advice, go and see for yourself.

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I haven't been to Aura in ages but I have eaten there -- twice. Once when it first opened (friend and I had the mini burgers, they weren't bad but nothing to write home about and we'd had a few drinks so I'm probably being generous) and then again for a birthday party (not mine - I wouldn't have chosen it). I don't remember the food which means it couldn't have been that stellar. We had a table reserved upstairs. The staff was friendly.

I'm guessing they've changed the music because I don't remember the Sir Mix A Lot thing. It was more house when I used to go. For a while it was hot but they had some issues (some girl that had been on Survivor got into an altercation w/a bouncer) and the crowd started to look like they were in their early 20s (boys in baseball caps). Those are the kinds of thing was enough to turn me off entirely.

It doesn't help that parking isn't convenient and the idea of waiting in line standing on Burnside to enter a virtually empty club in Portland seems more than ludicrous. If I remember correctly, the cover tends to be high for Portland, too. I never paid it so I'm not quite sure on that one.

If you plan on wearing a skirt and might go upstairs (it used to be nicer up there but now???), keep in mind that the floor has grates in it or something. The bartenders and whoever is positioned well, can see right up your skirt. Not a big deal to some but if you're modest...

The bathrooms are worth a look but be careful when you turn on the faucet/no leaning against the sink because it's fairly easy to get water all over the front of you. It never happened to me but I saw it happen more than once.

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44. Re: Aura Restaurant

One of my roommates is the pantry chef there. Before that, he worked at the pornography shop on SE Stark and MLK. So there's that.