Thrifty Car Rental - AVL

I pre-purchased a full sized Thrifty car through Hotwire for an extended trip originating at Asheville Regional Airport. I arrived at the off-airport location to find that my full sized car was tiny and had no cruise control. I was offered an upgrade for a price which I had no alternative but to accept. Furthermore there was no parking at the location and I was told to park my own vehicle in a nearby WalMart parking lot during my time away. Once again I had no choice but to comply.

One morning while at my destination I got in to start the vehicle but the ignition and steering column was locked. Normally this is an easy fix but such was not the case. I tried for about 45 minutes to start the car but the ignition simply would not turn. My first call was to the Thrifty location from which I had rented the vehicle. I was told that since I was in another state there was nothing they could do. They referred me to Thrifty roadside assistance.

By this time I had been delayed for over an hour. I was informed by Thrifty that since I had not purchased any of their insurance there was nothing they could do. I explained that I had not been in an accident; the car they rented me was not working. The agent informed me that the vehicle had left the rental location in working order and that it was my responsibility. I asked if it was necessary to purchase insurance to insure that the vehicles they provide will be fixed if they break down. They agent then sneered at me and mockingly laughed at me.

I had no choice but to call AAA. was in the phone with AAA when the ignition finally released. I was delayed nearly two hours. Needless to say I was afraid to turn the ignition off from then on but I had to since I had three days left on my trip.

Upon my return the agent at the rental location offered no apology and never thanked me for my business. I have written to Thrifty customer service twice since then and have received no reply whatsoever.