Girdwood/Portage/Whittier activities (information)

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I love the Girdwood/Portage/Whittier area.

Just an hour (or so) drive from Anchorage; it's all Alaska, yet without the city (& I love the city of Anchorage). The drive south (along Turnagain Arm) is one of the most scenic drives in North America. I've listed a bunch of things to do below (with links). I find Byron Glacier & the hand tram at Winner Creek especially good "value" for effort.


Google map link:

Turnagain Arm drive:

- scenery, hiking, Dall sheep, mountain goats, tidal bore, beluga whales, salmon fishing


- hiking, mining, dining, accommodations, glacier dog sledding


- hiking, glaciers, camping, salmon viewing


- hiking, day cruising, glaciers, kayaking


- AK Wildlife Conservation Center (wildlife)

- Crow Creek Mine (historic and pan for gold)

- Crow Pass (adventurous hike with great mountain scenery, glaciers, and wildlife)

- Winner Creek Trail (awesome hand tram & gorge) (start from the "mine" end)

- Byron Glacier hike/walk (play on the toe of a glacier - keep a plastic shopping bag available for a sled)


- Portage Glacier cruise/boat ride

- Begich Boggs Visitor Center…

- Trail of Blue Ice (Williwaw/Portage)… and…

- Williwaw Salmon viewing (in season)…

- Whittier Tunnel

- Portage Pass hike (Whittier side of the tunnel)… and