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Has anyone asked to be moved to another hotel

Keswick Ontario
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Has anyone asked to be moved to another hotel

I want to know if anyone has asked to be moved to another hotel, and if they where charged extra. What was your reason for asking to be moved? What is bothering me is I contacted the headoffice of Riu, and the Riu Playa is not even mentioned on their website. They did get back to me very quickly to tell me to contact the actual hotel for a room change. I have done that and I still have not heard back regarding the family economy rooms. Now I am pretty open minded but when a hotel cleaniness is a major issue. I have an problem. I can deal with crappy food as I have and I can be very creative in making my own stirfry or what ever. I never go hungry. It is not one review it is alot that have complained about the cleanliness of this hotel. Disgusting bathrooms with no toliet paper in beach area and lobby. I always give the benefit of the doubt and I will make my own judgement. I just want to know if anyone has ever asked to be moved to another hotel. I will be talking to my agent to find out if I can once I am there to ask to be moved.

Count down is still on 22 more sleeps.... Also a bit worried about Sunwing Airlines...Keep calm...just keep calm...lol



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Algonquin Park...
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1. Re: Has anyone asked to be moved to another hotel

Easy Tina don't stress out.

I am sure you would be able to change resorts if you have to.

Likely however there will probably be an extra charge maybe not though.

Sunwing is not fairing too good right now but remember we generally only hear about the horror stories here.

I am sure most flights have been on time or close to it anyway.

It will be what it will be just go with the flow.

No worries just close your eyes think of the beach.

Toes in the sand cervasa in your hand it's all good.

Keswick Ontario
posts: 174
reviews: 2
2. Re: Has anyone asked to be moved to another hotel

Awww Thank you for the email...I am a bit stresed as my mother in law just got over cancer, and we want this to be a wonderful vacation for her. I have been to Cuba at least 10 times and I love Cuba...Reviews have been very bad lately. Just don't want to go to a resort that I paid for 4.5 and the section that we are staying in is a 3..I was never informed about that, and how far away it was. Plus there are no pictures of this section. I know I shouldnt worry until I get there....Also Sunwing is not the best but I am not worried about them..Just get those planes fixed up so when it is time to fly all is good...Thanks again for the lovely email..I am now going to close my eyes and think of beach..

Sault Ste. Marie...
Destination Expert
for Cuba
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3. Re: Has anyone asked to be moved to another hotel

Were you asked to move resorts by Sunwing or the resort itself?

I have been moved by Sunwing in the past. They moved me from a 3 star to a 4 star. There was no additional cost. If the resort is a downgrade (Eg 4 star to a 3 star) you are entitled to a small refund (Don't hold your breath at how much it will be).

Keep a positive attitude - don't let the little things stress you out! Your vacation is not the 2 minutes you may spend in a stinky tp-less bathroom!

Fredericton, Canada
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4. Re: Has anyone asked to be moved to another hotel

Hang in there.

Always wear something on your feet, take TP and hold your breath in the bathrooms of the south.

Winnipeg, Canada
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5. Re: Has anyone asked to be moved to another hotel

If Sunwing made the move as one post suggested then they'd be responsible for any extra cost if the new hotel was higher priced but if I'm reading your question correctly then you'd be responsible for any additional cost. If you wind up at a resort that isn't up to the standard you wanted or wanted to move rooms based on your unhappiness then you'd be responsible for the extra costs associated. Of course sometimes management within the hotel will upgrade without cost but that is to their own discretion.

When I was in Cayo Santa Maria/Cayo Ensenachos we had several people move from other resorts and it did cost them the difference in price between the two resorts but each couple said they were just happy to move. I mean if the resort is so horrible that you can't see yourself getting past the flaws then bite the bullet and pay the difference to salvage the trip otherwise stay put!

You have to remember that some people just focus on all the negatives and really exaggerate what transpires at the resorts particularly if they are not given the service they believe they deserve. It is the majority of reviews that you should consider rather than just 1 and also pay attention to the history of that person reviewing. Although some reviews have valid points some are just here to post when things go wrong.

I am attending a wedding at the Riu in March and although it isn't a resort I would have booked otherwise I do intend to enjoy myself when I'm there. You also need to remember that Cuba's ratings for hotels are not the same as elsewhere. Even 5 stars are closer to 4 stars in the rest of the world. We're spending a 2nd week at Playa Pesquero and I'll review each when I get back. I hope you have as good of a time as I intend to while we're there :)

Saint John, Canada
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6. Re: Has anyone asked to be moved to another hotel

Tina - contact your travel agent and ask to be moved from the section you are in (which I believe was the old Club section) to a regular room. The resort is beautiful, the food was surprisingly good when we were there a few years ago and the rooms were spotless. Adjoining rooms are available if that is what your looking for.

Pack a positive attitude and I'm sure you will have a wonderful vacation!! :)

Fredericton, Canada
posts: 3,121
reviews: 9
7. Re: Has anyone asked to be moved to another hotel

For information, here is one example of how a Star Rating works. I'm sure there are others.


Woodstock, Canada
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8. Re: Has anyone asked to be moved to another hotel

I just got home from there today. I talked to 3 other families that were to be in the family section and they all were in closer to the main area in connecting rooms. I think the resort was not filled so they just put them in regular rooms. they family section was quite a ways away. I always carried a little package of Kleenex and hand sanitizer with me so no TP or soap wasn't the end of the world. No toilet seats in a couple areas but I found that all over off the resort. And the toilets flush with such a massive force and I think it splashes up on the seats and it makes it look dirty.

All the recent reviews that are negative I think are a bit unfair. I went in with very low expectations based on the reviews and I was pleasantly surprised as were the other 3 families I spent a lot of time with.

It is what you make of it.. If you relax and just roll with it things will be ok. I have no complaints. If I did complain about anything it would be very petty I think.

good luck and enjoy.

Sault Ste. Marie...
Destination Expert
for Cuba
posts: 2,560
reviews: 54
9. Re: Has anyone asked to be moved to another hotel

Tina, I think I read your OP wrong - I thought that you were being moved resorts against your will (by resort or tour operator).

If you change your resort, there certainly will be additional charges and possibly change fees / penalties. If you stay at the same resort but upgrade your room category, you will probably pay to upgrade but will probably avoid any penalties/change fees.

Orillia, Canada
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10. Re: Has anyone asked to be moved to another hotel

I have been there and according to how they come up with a star rating as to what Spunky posted I would say it was a 3 star . Not awful by any stretch but no way is it a 4 1/2 or 4 star

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