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Help with my honeymoon

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Help with my honeymoon

I will be surprising my future wife with a 10 day trip to Europe for our honeymoon in mid-August. However, I've never even been out of the country (USA). After talking with some co-workers I've decided that I'd like to go to Budapest (2 nights), Vienna (2 nights), Prague (2 nights), Salzburg (1 nights), and Munich (3 nights). We both enjoy history, traveling, local cultures, old architecture, and good food.

Is that too many cities for 10 nights? Should I remove any of those cities? Add or subtract nights from any place?

I have been researching routes/pricing on europeandestinations.com but need to find our more about which hotels in which areas I should be looking at staying. Does this site charge an extravagant convenience fee? Should I be booking the airfare, hotels, trains, and tours separately?

Also, when booking the trip without the trains between cities it's $1,000 cheaper. Does that sound reasonable? How far in advance can I or should I buy train tickets? From other forums, it sounds like taking a bus between Vienna and Prague is faster. Is that information out-dated? Any other expert tips?

Any must-see attractions in these cities? I plan on taking her to Neuschwanstein Castle. I've heard the Big Hat tour of the castle grounds, though pricey, is well-worth the money. A co-worker recommended putting a lock on the fence in Salzburg. Would a day-trip to Bratislava be too busy?

I apologize for the long question. I'm very nervous to book this as it's such a huge responsibility to plan solo with no foreign experience. A response to any of my questions would be massively helpful.



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1. Re: Help with my honeymoon

Just some thoughts...

A friend and I were looking to fly into Prague and spend a few days, then take the train to Budapest and spend a few days and fly home. We found that it was much more expensive to fly into one airport and out of a second, so whatever you do you might want to do a "circle" of cities if possible, so that you fly into and out of the same one.

After that I can only add that it seems like too many cities and all I can think of is how much time you will spend checking into and out of hotels and unpacking and packing. We just got back from our third trip to Budapest, 10 days each time, and we could go back tomorrow and not be bored. Anyway, just from reading these boards, it seems like Prague - Budapest or Budapest - Vienna are popular trips, so if you added one more city it shouldn't be a problem. But your itinerary sounds more like one of those Viking rivier cruises on the Danube where they take care of everything except airfare, and you spend a day in several cities living on the boat.



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2. Re: Help with my honeymoon

I hadn't thought about the constant packing/unpacking and checking into hotels. That's a good point. Perhaps I should cut out a couple cities... I don't want to be too stressed, however, I don't want to feel like I'm missing out on something great.

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3. Re: Help with my honeymoon

Just remember that Europe will always be waiting for you on future anniversaries and plan on making

your trip more relaxing so that even a train from Budapest to Vienna becomes an enjoyable experience.My choice would Budapest 3, Vienna 2, and the rest for Berlin.

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4. Re: Help with my honeymoon

I have picked this up as planning my own trip to Budapest however I have been to Prague, Salzburg and Munich.

Salzburg is a very compact city and you can see all the sites on foot unless of course you want to include the Sound of Music tour which shows all the sites that are out of the centre and last half a day so not sure if you are spending 1 night but two days here. The Salzburg card is excellent value in particular if purchased in advance on line as it's cheaper.

Prague is beautiful and plenty to see there again so a few nights there sounds about right.

I'm not sure what your interests are but three nights in Munich would sound too long to me (a lot of the centre was bombed in the war so perhaps not as much to look at architecturally as the other places (i just went there overnight for football & beer !).

I guess if you intention was to sample as many countries as possible then you may have chosen Munich for its proximity??

I will be taking a day trip to Bratislava whilst in Budapest (to sample Slovakia and "tick" another country off) but I’m reliably informed half a day would be ample to sample (I’m a poet! lol) this compact city


Maybe an expert on Germany could help you with a destination there?

Sorry i can't help train wise as our trips are generally short city breaks to each destination by plane being relatively close. Have a great trip

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5. Re: Help with my honeymoon

Hello Ryne_S88

Do you mean 10 full days on the ground or 8 days with a day each for travel there and back this will effect a lot of what you can do as far as timing.

As a fellow traveler I certainly understand the want and desire to go and see as many city's and countries as one can if for nothing else than to check it off your list and say you have been. But at the pace you will need to be going and the amount of time it will take between each stop I am afraid you and your new bride will neither be able to enjoy the sights you see nor each other and after all, a honeymoon should not be the Amazing race. (Sorry call me a hopeless romantic but it is your honeymoon)

Additionally disregard the comment as to flying into one city and out of another as being much more expensive an open jaw ticket will not cost you much more and sometimes will even be cheaper than flying in and out of the same city. ( I recently flew into Budapest and out of Vienna for less than if I had flown in and out of Budapest just do your homework)



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6. Re: Help with my honeymoon

I appreciate all of the responses. I tend to agree with you all in that there may be too much travelling between cities. Now, I need to decide which cities to remove.

I would be spending 10 nights. So that includes the travel between cities. Most of the trips are only a few hours but Prague would be the exception.

As far as my time in each city goes, I was thinking of breaking it out as such:

Day 1 - Arrive in Budapest around 1PM local time

Day 2 - Budapest

Day 3 - Take a morning train to Vienna

Day 4 - Vienna and/or Bratislava

Day 5 - Morning bus to Prague

Day 6 - Prague then midnight train to Salzburg

Day 7 - Salzburg

Day 8 - Salzburg with afternoon/evening train to Munich

Day 9 - Neuschwanstein castle

Day 10 - Munich

Day 11 - Return to USA

It sounds busy just writing that. However, there are 7 days with little or no travel involved. Though, I do agree that I won't be staying in one place long enough to see the whole city.

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7. Re: Help with my honeymoon

Hey Ryne_S88

Sounds great enjoy it!!


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8. Re: Help with my honeymoon

In my opinion, Budapest,Vienna then Prague would be enough given the time you have. If you attempt to cram more in you may spend more time traveling and praparing to travel than you do enjoying yourself. You could leave the other cities for another trip and possibly include Krakow.

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9. Re: Help with my honeymoon

Hi Ryne....IMHO if it were my honeymoon I would want to absorb the atmosphere of the places I were staying and take time to do so.Maybe consider limiting the trip to just two cities so as to avoid the hassle of packing and cathching the next train/plane.Like others have said Europe will be still be there for you on other trips......then again it is NOT my honeymoon! Whatever you decide have a great trip.


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10. Re: Help with my honeymoon

I'll skip Prague on this trip. I think you are all right that 5 cities is too much. However, I'd still like to see more than less, even if it is supposed to be a relaxed vacation. If I were to leave Vienna around 7:00 and arrive in Salzburg around 9:30, and leave there for Munich in the evening, could I hit most of the best things in Salzburg in one day? Also, are there lockers at the train station in Salzburg where I could put my luggage? I realize I am now in the wrong forum for this question, sorry.