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Airport Shuttle

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Airport Shuttle

Hi, has anyone used the airport shuttle? I have found this website www.airportshuttle.hu ....the return transfer for 2 people is £22.00. This seems like a good price to me but just want to check if they are reliable.


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nyc, usa
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1. Re: Airport Shuttle

Roughly comparable to the cost of a taxi roundtrip, using the official taxi company at the Airport -- Fo Taxi.

Each has its advantages, decision is a matter of personal taste and style.



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2. Re: Airport Shuttle

Reliable although they generally only head of when full and it is generally a lottery whether you get dropped first or last so be prepared for a potential tour of city hotels.

For round about the same time get the 200e bus from the terminal to Kispest metro station and a ttrain to Deak. Cost £1.60

nyc, usa
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3. Re: Airport Shuttle

With all due respect, it is utterly irresponsible to keep flogging public transit without having a clue where the traveler is headed. Moreover, different travelers have different tastes and styles.

In Budapest, public transit from the airport to locations along the Blue Metro line is viable and inexpensive, but it is a cumbersome and for many a counter-intuitive option. It is about as pleasant as public transit from JFK in NYC and similarly really only makes sense at all if all you care about is saving money, and you happen to be headed (as many are) to somewhere near a relevant metro stop.

Taxis and the shuttle are extremely cost effective in Budapest compared to other major european destinations, and are well implemented and reliable. One doesn't have to struggle with luggage, the fares are a flat rate, and the ride comfortable.

For those who prefer public transit from the airport whenever possible, I think of Budapest as about a 6 on a scale of 1 to 10 in terms of convenience and ease of use. Not bad, but not great.

Shelton, Washington
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4. Re: Airport Shuttle

My experience with the airport shuttle was in October and was very good. Contrary to the previous post, they did not wait for a full van but left with three of us. We made one stop and then to our hotel. Their return service arrived ten minutes early and got us to the airport with time to spare. A comfortable experience all around.

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5. Re: Airport Shuttle

I would say public transport is fine if you are reasonably fit and dont mind lugging suitcases around

for me personally i wouldnt want to save £10 by spending an hour dragging multiple cases on to buses,trams and tubes

I am sure for back packers or those who travel light and know where they are going its doable,but it requires tickets in advance and a fair knowledge of where you are going ,as obviously being in hungary ,all the signs are in magyar



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6. Re: Airport Shuttle

Maybe it`s our Scottish keeness not to waste money but having regularly had run in with taxi companies around the world my preference is to save money rather than waste it unnecessarily . Romania last week is a recent example where they wanted to charge us 3 to 4 times the going taxi rate

.Why pay 6 or 10 times as much as public transport when there is generally little in way of time benefit to travelling to the city centre

It strikes me that people do not always think of public transport as a viable option and default to taxi mode. I am simply tryiing to point out a far cheaper option exists which allows the visitor to beautiful Budapest to make a decision based on their own circumstances

I fully understand that there are occasions where people will prefer a taxi e.g convenience, luggage, health etc. and that is their choice. Or the company is paying and they are not ccncerned with cost.

As a property owner and regular visitor to Biudapest I think their transport system is way superior to many cities in the UK, and Edinburgh, in particular and it makes sense to me to utilise this excellent infrastructure and let others know that it exists

Having travelled extensively in Europe, Asia, Africa and America I strongly disagree with your assessment.of Budapest public transport rating. But hey that`s my opinion which I am entitled to . As you are entitled to yours. But I would not waste my time and others by posting critical comments of others contributions

My understanding is that he purpose of the site (trip advisor)is to offer advice to travellers and that the traveller makes a decision that suits them.

Let others decide what is relevant and approriate to their circumstances rather than criticing others contributions which i personally find tiresome, somewhat boring, akin to the pub bore, and unhelpful to users of this site

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7. Re: Airport Shuttle


as a well seasoned traveller you may find it easy when travelling abroad by public transport

the authorities in budapest knew of the taxi issues there so they cleaned it up and gave 1 contract to fo taxis

£30 return by uk standards is very cheap

99% of people on their first visit to budapest would not know that they need to buy a ticket before they get on the bus/tram/tube and would therefore start their break with a £45 fine and a load of grief, then of course they need to work out which stop to get off

so in essence it all depends on your travel style

ways to get from the airport to your hotel/hostel/tent

1 walk ===> by far the cheapest about 3 hours

2 public transport tickets and changes needed plus walking

about £1.80 about an hour depending on many factors

3 shuttle bus cheap if you are travelling solo, not sure of the cost about a fiver a head 30-50 minutes

4 fo taxi £30 return for up to 4 people, 6 seaters available for around £40 return 30-45 minutes

5 airport transfer £40 return met and greeted then whisked to your hotel etc in a plush car 30-45 minutes


nyc, usa
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for Budapest
posts: 5,528
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8. Re: Airport Shuttle

If Hunter is referring to my post in his/your last three paragraphs, I hasten to make clear, what I had hoped was clear in my post above: I am not attacking him or his opinion or his right to have an opinion. I was frustrated andam frustrated with those who post as though what they think is best for them will be universally best for everyone. His property is very near the city center where the Blue Metro conveniently drops one off. If it were in Budaors it would be a different calculus I suspect even for him. Maybe not a different outcome but am different calculus.

So, for those who don't want to take the time to give a comprehensive answer (or to point the traveler to the one available in the Articles section), perhaps it makes sense to ask where the person asking the question is headed before rendering a judgment about what is best.

As to my rating -- I was perhaps unclear: I think that Budapest's (or at least Pest's) public transit system is among the very best in the world, marred only by resource constraints over which it has no control. Inscrutably, or perhaps for pretty obvious political reasons, that has not extended to providing a world class airport-to-center link (which is a serious cash cow for cities like Paris and London, so the failure to do so is basically just protectionist). The link that exists, for the reasons Tony elaborates on, is just a 6 out of 10 in my view (which Hunter may well still disagree with). A real pity.

What Hunter knows or should know is that the official taxis at the airport are, and have been for at least the last four years, reliable, safe, fixed price; just like the shuttle. In over a decade of renting apartments to guests, not a single one of our guests has ever had a serious problem with an airport taxii driver, whether official or independent (at least none beyond the standard likelihood in every business that some transactions will gang agley..

Those arriving at Keleti station by train, on the other hand have untold numbers of nightmare stories.

Edited: 11:01 am, January 18, 2013
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9. Re: Airport Shuttle

Recently I used the airportshuttle.hu.

Everything was perfect!

It was remarkably accurate in my time of collect, while driving back to the airport.

Scottsdale, Arizona
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10. Re: Airport Shuttle

Another one hit wonder pops up out of nowhere, but most likely Budapest.

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