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Meat Pie

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Meat Pie

I keep hearing about meat pies and seeing them on menus here in Melbourne. Can someone please describe whats actually in a meat pie...obviously meat, but I'd like to have an idea. And perhaps some recomends of a really good place to have my first one. Thanks!!! There is a pub nearby in Southbank called PJ Obriens. Would anyone know if that place is good?

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1. Re: Meat Pie

The average meat pie has ground beef cooked with gravy inside it. Really good ones have more like chunks of beef in gravy, not unlike a very meaty stew. Specialty pies have other fillings and types of meat, but essentially it's some kind of stewed meat with or without vegetables, and gravy. Think pot pie with a bottom crust as well as a top crust and you'll be close.

Personally I won't eat the big commercially produced pies, but a good artisan produced pie is a delicious treat indeed. Sorry, I have no expertise regarding Melbourne pies to recommend, but I would point out that judges have just announced Australia's best meat pie is made by a baker here in Western Australia- who is a Vietnamese immigrant :-)

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2. Re: Meat Pie

You can get 'Gourmet' Meat Pies at many bakeries, with fillings such as Chunky Beef, Beef & Bacon, Beef & Burgundy, Lamb & Rosemary, Shepherds Pie, Chicken & Curry. I've enjoyed pies from the Melbourne Bakehouse in Bay St, Port Melbourne, but they should be good at most good bakeries.

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3. Re: Meat Pie

An easy option is PieFace which has several shops around the city, one in Flinders Lane near Elizabeth St. Lots of choices & open 24 hrs

Mount Isa, Australia
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4. Re: Meat Pie

Bakeries have the best pies because the are more often than not home made and much nicer than mass produced ones.

Pie face is ok and better than getting one from somewhere like 7/11 but if your travelling outside of Melbourne, look for a bakery/hot bread shop.

Mount Isa, Australia
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5. Re: Meat Pie

PJ O'Breins is a good place to eat. However it's an Irish themed pub and I don't think you'll get a "traditional meat pie" in the sense that it will be round about 12cm x 12cm and able to be held in your hand. Still don't let that deter you from going there for a good night out.

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6. Re: Meat Pie

PJ's are a rip off for the price you pay. Go to the conventional meat pie ship and pay between $3,50 and $4.00 for a good Aussie meat pie.

There are a whole range of fillings. depend on what you like.

You can buy family pies for $8.00 .

Some fillings include

Leek and potato


cheese and onion




the list goes on.

Must be eaten when served hot and some people like tomato sauce on top of them. others like brown sauce or mustard as the English do.

The traditional English Pork pie is worth trying as is the Cornish pasties which contain potato, carrots and some meat.

I enjoy the traditional Pork pie with mustard and a salad with cheese (cheddar) with Branston pickle. called a Ploughman's lunch! Washed down with a nice pint of bitter.

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7. Re: Meat Pie

For a great pie shop in the CBD try Dinkum Pies in Block Place:


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Melbourne, Australia
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8. Re: Meat Pie

Yes I endorse that!

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9. Re: Meat Pie

To eat a meat ie you firstly must be in the correct setting. In Melbourne that should be at a football game.

The pie should be warm on the outside (to fool you into a false sense of security. Onto the top of the pie you eject a stream of red pasty liquid affectionately called tomato sauce. It's connection to tomatoes is dubious.

You the hold the pie at an angle, tilted up at the front but trying to avoid the sauce dribbling down your sleeve.

One you take your fist bite, you will find that a great pie is scalding hot inside. An experienced pie eater is able to consume all of the above without dropping any of the contents and crust.

While all the suggestions above will provide an excellent pie, a 'real' 4 and 20 pie is made mostly of fat and gristle.

Sydney and Adelaide have their own versions called a pie floater which is the same aforementioned mess served up in a soup of mushy peas. This concoction made Harry Cafe de Wheels famous in Sydney in the 50s and most people lived on to tell the tale. It has about the same nutritional value as a Philly Cheese Steak sandwich.

I would stick to the Guinness or a scrumpy at PJs. Their food is nothing to write home about and a bit on the pricey side.

Melbourne, Australia
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10. Re: Meat Pie

I think that Dinkum Pies is worth a visit since it's so kitch and daggy.. I find the pie pastry to be a bit dry though but each to their own. Happy eating.

@eva: Love your commentary on when/how to eat a meat pie - "like". Spilling your tomato sauce on your top is mandatory.

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