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MYKI pass or MYKI money

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MYKI pass or MYKI money

My husband and I will be in Melbourne for 6 days and plan to use public transport. Would I be better off with a Myki Pass or Myki money?

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1. Re: MYKI pass or MYKI money

myki pass is for regular travellers, ie commuters, so you want to top your card up with myki money.

- I'm editing this to say, if you think you will use $35 of travel each within zone 1, or $60 if you are travelling into zone 2, then get the myki pass, but I woudn't have thought it likely if you make use of the free city circle tram or shuttle bus. So really, it depends on where you are staying and what you are planning on doing during your 6 days.

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2. Re: MYKI pass or MYKI money

Whether you even need a MyKi would depend on where you plan on going.

Travel to and from the airport is not covered by MiKi so that has to be paid for separately.

Most of the usual tourist sights in Melbourne are within walking distance of each other (Melbourne is a flat, walkable city) or on the route of either the free City Cirlce Tram ( onlymelbourne.com.au/melbourne_details.php… ) or the free Tourist Shuttle Bus


Other than the city, most tourists want to visit The Great Ocean Road, Philip Island and possibly the Healesville Sanctuary and these are out of Melbourne and better seen either with your own rental car or on tours.

St Kilda beach is also popular and is probably the only commonly visited place to which you may need public transport. If that's your situation, I would just take a cab to St Kilda and use the free options the rest of the time (actually, on a nice day, the walk to St Kilda through South Melbourne and Albert Park is most enjoyable and takes about an hour)

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3. Re: MYKI pass or MYKI money

This MyKi this is so confusing!

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4. Re: MYKI pass or MYKI money

Myki money is the better option for irregular travellers, work on $7 per weekday within zone 1 (0-15 kms from Melbourne) and $12 per day if you go into zone 2, and $3.50 on Weekends (zones 1&2), these will cover you for all day travel trains,trams & buses.

here's a link to a map of Melbourne's trains, on the map zone 1 is blue, zone 2 yellow.


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5. Re: MYKI pass or MYKI money

evamelb's suggestion that 'travel to or from the airport is not covered by myki' is correct for SkyBus, but there is the alternative of using publicly subsidised SmartBus route 901 and a connecting Metro train from Broadmeadows - see my post 12 in this thread below and Gat16's correction in post 13:


If you want to save money and are travelling in the inner Zone 1 every day, when you get to bay 7 of the airport's bus lanes (near Qantas T1), buy a myki (A$6 from the bus driver) and top it up with A$12 in fares. That will cover you for all of day one (in both Zones 1 and 2).

On day 2, go to a staffed railway station, or a 7-11, other agent or a myki card vending machine and select or ask for a seven day myki adult Zone 1 pass (A$35). On the last day, merely top up your pay-as-you-go myki money with A$3 to cover the Zone 2 only 'extension' myki two-hour adult fare.

This information will alter if day one or your final day is on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday because there is then a both zones much lower maximum capped fare for both adults and children of A$3.50.

I know all this sounds complicated but carry it with you and do it step by step.

One thing to note is that if you have any touch ons with your myki smartcard on a particular day and it has myki money (only) loaded on it to pay fares, it is a mistake to load on a myki pass if you are not travelling for a whole day as the myki will then recognise the myki pass (and charge you more) rather than saying to itself 'myki money gives a cheaper fare so we will only charge that).

the myki card cost is not refundable. Any excess in fares is, but there is no easy way to do this if your trip finishes at Melbourne Airport.

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Melbourne, Australia
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6. Re: MYKI pass or MYKI money

As EvaMelb points out there will be some days where you mightn't need to use paid public transport because you can walk or use the free tram or bus. There may be some days where you do tours outside Melbourne and don't use public transport. Myki passes are more for the regular commuters. In your situation, I'd just use Myki money.

Sydney, Australia
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7. Re: MYKI pass or MYKI money

I like Philnicau-melb's advise that you can work out whether you need Myki money or Myki pass simply by planning your itinerary first and then work out how much public transport you may need to use.

If you are going to be tramming / training / bus-ing etc on a daily basis then Myki Pass for a total cost of $35 will give you a week's peace of mind. If you are not using it regularly, then Myki Money is the way to go.

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8. Re: MYKI pass or MYKI money

Agree with the advice already given. If you are certain you will be using public transport every day of your trip here, get a myki pass. I would suggest just to use Myki money as your itinerary might change and once you're here, you might discover some places on your itinerary are walkable or accessible by free transport. It also allows for more flexibility if you discover you'd just like a stress-free day in your hotel room.

Also, given you're on holiday, you don't really want to stress about paying for public transportation. Has anyone worked out how saving you'll get and it is an amount to warrant time stressing over?

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Singapore, Singapore
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9. Re: MYKI pass or MYKI money

Hi all,

to summarise, if i want more flexibility in travelling, it's better to get Myki money but it would be more expensive coz it charges by per trip. If i get Myki pass, that would be neccessary if i am travelling to different destination almost everyday.

Correct me if i am wrong.

First timer and still trying hard to figure out the transport system.

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10. Re: MYKI pass or MYKI money

Not really, Shanice. With Myki money, you pay no more than $7 per day on weekdays and $3.50 per day on weekends for your trips in Zone 1, for instance, so your maximum would be $48 (which includes the cost of the Myki card). If you only make one trip in a day, it would only cost you $3.50. If you missed two week days altogether, you wouldn't pay anything, so the total cost using Myki money would be $34, just under the cost of a 7-day Zone 1 Myki Pass. So unless you are guaranteed to make two or more trips a day for at least five weekdays, or four weekdays plus both weekend days, you won't save anything with a Myki Pass and you could end up paying more.

You can put a minimum on your Myki card and top it up as you go in increments of as little as $1 if you want to avoid having left over Myki money on the card. You can also theoretically get a refund of unused Myki money but I suspect it would be more trouble than it's worth as they only refund by cheque (probably drawn on an Australian bank you can't pay into your home account) and it takes up to three weeks.