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Thrifty Cairns bad experience

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Thrifty Cairns bad experience

Bad experience with Thrifhy Cairns,

I have hired a car for 15 days to travel from Brisbane to Cairns. Everything was well arranged by Cardelmar Germany. Unfortunately one of the last days a stone hit the front

window of the car. The result is a small crack in the windshield. I reported this nicely to Thrifty Cairns when returning the car. We had to pay 55 Aus Dollar and Jason, one of the employees of Thrifty Cairns, told us that everything was paid. We received a payment bill and also a damage report. Suddenly after 1 week 126 aus dollar was billed at our credit card

When I called Thrifty Cairns the manager told us that Jason made a mistake because the front window had to be replaced completely. But as said before, when we brought the car back Jason told us that after payment from 55 aus dollar everything was ok. The company responded that Jason was not qualified and could not estimate the damage to the front window professionally. If so, Jason should work at the car return department.

At the moment I am in contact with my insurance company. I hope they will arrange everything, but in the meantime I am quite upset about the way of doing business and the lack of communication by Thrifthy Cairns.

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Takapuna, New...
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1. Re: Thrifty Cairns bad experience

I don't think your experience is that bad at all. You took the standard cover which does not include damage to windscreen, so you would be responsible for the cost of repairing or replacement of the windscreen as required. It would be in the contract you signed. You could have elected to take the Ultimate Protection which does include windscreen cover. Maybe they have a standard charge for a chip that can be repaired, but the person checking a car back in would never be able to accurately assess the cost of any damage. You have spoken with the manager who has given a valid reason for the additional cost, which I have to say is very reasonable for a replacement screen, so there has been communication.

My experience with Thrifty in Cairns has always been good.

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2. Re: Thrifty Cairns bad experience

I agree with Frank, that lack of communication is a problem. Frank should have been notified before they charged the additional on his credit card. Not a good business practice to charge the card without explaining why beforehand.

I must disagree with wigwam---the person checking the car back in DID assess the damage amount and as an agent of the business has bound the business to that amount, in my opinion. If Jason wasn't qualified to estimate the cost , then he shouldn't have done so. Nor should he have been in a position to do so.The company has allowed him to do so and it should be to their detriment if Jason needed more or better training.

Frank, you my want to dispute this amount in writing with your credit card company and give them the details you have given to us. They may disallow this charge.

You should have never been told by the representative of Thrifty that 55$Au would cover the cost if that wasn't the case. If the amount to fix it would have turned out to have been less than 55$, would they have given you a credit? Maybe, but I doubt it.

Cairns, Australia
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3. Re: Thrifty Cairns bad experience

May have made an error, I am sure we all have at work....seems cheap for windscreen replacement .

I used Thrifty with no issue at all also, always good service.

Balgal Beach Nth...
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4. Re: Thrifty Cairns bad experience

Having gone through this issue twice before, read your contract - you have to pay the full damages, regardless of what the guy behind the counter says unless he signed a waiver for you which I doubt very much as there is no such form.

People who hire cars to go on Australian "country roads" should take windscreen insurance as this is the most likely thing to break.

$181 for a new windscreen is a steal BTW. So they have only invoiced trade costs which is better than the treatment I got.

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Subiaco, Australia
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5. Re: Thrifty Cairns bad experience

That sucks. If the company or an employee of the company made a mistake, the customer should not be responsible for correcting that mistake. Whether its in the contract or not, it still sounds like bad business practice to me. How can the excuse "Jason made a mistake" justify the extra cost being passed onto a customer?

I say...Take the $126 out of Jason's pay packet! He wont make that mistake again.

Sydney, Australia
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for Sydney, Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Airlie Beach, Whitsunday Islands
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6. Re: Thrifty Cairns bad experience

Personally i'm noty a fan of Thrifty after tangling with them in NZ....

they upgraded our car....all very well but the car was actually smaller than the class we had booked, and our bags didn't fit, it had a broken windscreen which was held together by tape and oil spilled all through the footwell whic then ended up on our shoes and into our first hotel room...and then there were the previous occupants haf eaten packet of corn chips that were left in the glove box......

if you have been told you paid the excess then that is what you should have paid...I'd be disputing

Cairns, Australia
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7. Re: Thrifty Cairns bad experience

Can't see what NZ has to do with it.

Sydney, Australia
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for Sydney, Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Airlie Beach, Whitsunday Islands
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8. Re: Thrifty Cairns bad experience

Global company = global image......

ever heard of brand loyalty..ie no matter where you are if you know that trademark etc you will be more inclined to go with them...

if you work in the global world then you soon become aware how important the global image is....tink starbucks, Mcds, etc

so therefore bad experience in one place means beware in others ergo...I can see that company has issues in more place than one....

would you like to borrow some glasses?

Perth, Australia
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9. Re: Thrifty Cairns bad experience


taped up windscreen (which id imagine is against the law to drive) and couldnt fit your bags in it.

Why did you take it ?

I think you should have said someting at the time instead of complaining now, its hardly the same situation.

Sydney, Australia
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for Train Travel
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10. Re: Thrifty Cairns bad experience

>>Global company = global image......<<

But Thrifty New Zealand has no connection with Thrifty Australia apart from the name. Totally different ownership and management.