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Dreams (DRC) with 3 month old?

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Dreams (DRC) with 3 month old?

The wife and I are considering going to DRC for our 5 year anniversary and bringing along our 3 month old next month. Are we crazy for considering this?

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Westville, Indiana
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1. Re: Dreams (DRC) with 3 month old?

You asked, so I guess I will reply.. YES!! It's your 5 year anniversary and it appears you are brand new parents!! Congrats on that!! My child will be 17 in just a few days, so believe me I know full well how overwhelming and tiring being a new parent can be, I also know that every new parent is fearful of leaving their infant home with someone, but if your parents are around, I think Grandma/Grandpas would love the chance to watch your newborn for a few days while you get away and re-connect with each other and enjoy each other again as I am sure the past few months of new parenthood has been stressful for you.

As a parent now you know that you can never really truly let loose and enjoy yourself while you are in "parent mode" or "mom mode" as I called it as I was mostly a single parent from the time my daughter was 3yrs old until now. When you take a vacation with your child, you are really not on vacation so to speak, that is my opinion, and many others, some others would say No you can still enjoy yourself, I say No you cannot, you cannot fully relax and spend time with each other when you are taking care of an infant.

Use this time to have a special romantic getaway for just the two of you, celebrate the fact you are now parents and give yourself a much needed break and just relax..

I have been traveling with my daughter for the past 12 years and just finally finally had my first "child free" vacation this past June with my Fiance. I cannot tell you just how excited I was to finally be able to totally and completely relax and not worry what my daughter was doing, who she was talking to, if she was trying to sneak a drink at the bar, talk to too many cute Mexican boys, LOL..etc... believe me once you are a parent the concerns and worries never quite go away even when they are teens, you have a whole new set of things you worry about as they go through each life stage. I do know from first hand experience as many other parents do, that infancy is very trying and challenging on a marriage. I know first hand about that all to well. My daughter had colic the first 4 months of her life and she screamed 16 hours a day.

My honest thought is to have your parents, if they are able to watch your baby for a few days and you and your spouse go on down to Mexico, celebrate your anniversary, 5 years is a nice anniversary!!! And just totally and completely enjoy yourselves.. you will come home very refreshed and ready to deal with the next few months of your babies development until you need another break probably in another year or so.

Caveat,, my opinions and experience come from raising a very very difficult child from birth until her teen years, colic at birth until 4 months, then from about 18 months all hell broke loose, a child with very severe ADHD misdiagnosed at Bipolar, years of struggles, 10 years of very very hard times raising such a difficult and defiant child. Now I have a very smart and intelligent strong willed teenager that is nothing like she was when she was younger, but a Strong Leo she is, birthday on August 1st. opinonated, stubborn to the core, still struggles with ADD, but ready to graduate high school next year, signing up for the Navy Reserves right after her 17th birthday and hopefully will have a wonderful career in the fashion world the fashion queen diva that she is now.. I love my child to death, the only one I have, but let me tell you,, parenthood is a struggle everyday, you constantly worry about them but trust me you do need a break to recoup whether or not you realize it. so if you have the chance to take a vacation without the 3 month old, do it, I don't think you will regret it.

congrats on being parents!! We are a strong bunch :-)

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long island, ny
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2. Re: Dreams (DRC) with 3 month old?

My husband and I had a trip around the 16 week mark after both our children were born. My parents were fantastic babysitters! I do realize that not everyone has or wishes to have that experience.

Dreams is a great resort for traveling with a baby. It is smaller in size so only a few minutes away from something in the room. They have a la carte dinner restaurants but also the buffet in case you or baby doesn't want to sit for dinner. (there is room service too) The rooms are very nice and have room for a crib. I honestly see no issue with the resort itself. It is really up to the two of you, if you want to vacation with a baby.

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for Akumal, Riviera Maya
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3. Re: Dreams (DRC) with 3 month old?

If you can't or don't want to leave the baby at home, then at least consider bringing someone with you to help out with the baby - parents/in-laws maybe?

Some babies travel well; others get fractious if their routine is thrown off even a little bit. By having someone you trust with you to share in the parenting duties, you and your husband will be able to take a break (albeit possibly a brief one, maybe long enough to have a nice dinner alone).

FWIW, my kids were positively exhausting as infants, so I wouldn't dream of travelling with a baby that young. But hey, it may be that you're made of sterner stuff than me and if you're up for taking a litte one to Mexico, more power to you.

Calgary, Canada
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4. Re: Dreams (DRC) with 3 month old?

We went to Now Jade this past Christmas with our 1 year old and had a fantastic time! We have gone to Mexico with and without our little one and each vacation was great but different. I say go for it and bring your little one if you want. Everyone at Now Jade loved our daughter and we booked a suite so we could put her down for the evening and we could sit up and have a few drinks. We also brought a good stroller that leaned back and she slept in that stroller everywhere on the beach, in restaurants, and the lobby. I say life doesn't end just cause you have kids, keep travelling!

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5. Re: Dreams (DRC) with 3 month old?

We are travelling in November with our 11 month old and I feel like I have a million questions since this is our first time travelling with him....... great post tarajeff2010 - any other tips or advise on what to bring, what you wished you had brought, what wasnt needed? I may have to PM you lol!!

Calgary, Canada
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6. Re: Dreams (DRC) with 3 month old?

Yes any questions just let me know! We brought a playpen for her to sleep in but now jade had one all set up for us! We brought everything like children's Tylenol benedryll coughs syrup.... We did not use any of it! I also left a note in Spanish asking the mini bar attendant to leave extra water for the baby and she did everyday. I don't speak Spanish just googled it. I also brought a cheap mini kettle I bought for sterilizing her sippy cup lids and soothers, I just used bottle water and boiled. I left the kettle in Mexico. Everyday the maid would arrange our daughter's baby doll in the playpen with a blanket and pillow it was so cute! Oh and a mosquito net for the stroller, so when she fell asleep in her stroller a night we just covered her up! Up A baby stroller was the brand we bought, it lies back for her to sleep she loved it and slept everywhere in it! We did also being an iPad with cartoons loaded on it... Not something we do all the time but it was a lifesaver some nights at the restaurants!!! Why stress and try to make it as easy for yourselves as you can!

Calgary, Canada
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7. Re: Dreams (DRC) with 3 month old?

Beddabee09.... where are you going in November? Just curious... we just booked Secrets Mamora for January, our kid-free vacation but we would also like to go someone end of 2015 with our daughter again!

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8. Re: Dreams (DRC) with 3 month old?

That is amazing! Thank you for the advise!!!!

Not entirely sure yet......my brother in law is planning a destination wedding, they are looking at Dreams Riviera Cancun, but nothing set yet...... Trying to get my ducks in a row now to prepare!!!

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