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Hey Webkatz

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Indianapolis, IN
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Hey Webkatz

From what others have alluded to regarding your political views and approach to Mexico I think we might be pretty in tune. Can you shoot me your website that people keep alluding to? I do a lot of photography down there too, especially dealing with culture, las ruinas achaeologicas and underwater.



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1. Re: Hey Webkatz


Tulum, Mexico
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2. Re: Hey Webkatz

Ya beat me to it! :-) Hope you like it.


Indianapolis, IN
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3. Re: Hey Webkatz


I looked at your site and like your honest take on Puerto Morelos.

One thing, a recommendation I suppose, a place we stayed just a few weeks ago down near Mahajual is somewhere that I think you might really fit in and enjoy. It about 4 hours from Cancun and is pretty close to Belize.The roads are all good getting there so its not a bad drive or anything. You get to see a lot of real Mexican culture along the way, and there are some great sites to explore near there.

The food at this place is out of this world. They make everything fresh for every single meal because they don't have electricity and it is authentic Mexican food. I swear to god this some of the best food I ever ate.

Furthermore, the place is small but pretty elegant. Only 10 other cabanas, its peaceful, no road noise, no airplanes, complete solitude, but the town of Mahajual is only 3 or 4 miles from there, so you can go in and shop and such, meet the locals, etc. The cabanas are maybe 20 feet from the water and built on the beach. At night, the place is only lit by oil torches, candles, and moonlight. Snorkelling there is pretty good right off shore, and if you want they have a small boat they can take you right out the reef for more snorkelling or diving.

They have a site:


but its about what you would expect.

I don't know if you guys dive, but this is also where we stayed because we went to Banco Chinchorro for diving (now there is an adventure) and is a good jump off point for the southern Yucatan ruins, culture, and diving.

Lemme know if you want to see some pics. I don't have any available on line yet, but can upload some if you like.

Tulum, Mexico
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4. Re: Hey Webkatz

Great recommendation and info. Thanks. We've been looking at Mahajual as well as Belize and Costa Rica. Not divers, but pretty avid snorkelers. Would love to see some pics from the area.

We���ve stayed in Punta Bete, next to KaiLuum II. It looked like an interesting place. I assume KaiLuumito is similar?

We���re headed to France in September, then probably PdC over Christmas to visit some friends, and then the Mahajual/Belize/Costa Rica trip in February next year. Asny other info you have on the area would be appreciated.

Glad you liked our site.

Take care,


Kansas City
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5. Re: Hey Webkatz

Wow Matt,

Kailuumcito looks and sounds like a wonderful trip. Thanks for pointing it out, we'll have to consider it for a future trip.

We are going to SERC for our honeymoon for various reasons, but trips like the one you describe are awesome too. That's why I guess I find all this "arguing" on the boards interesting.

If SERC is truly destroying the reef that is a horrible thing. And when I arrive there if the water they are using is truly not processed before being used for watering I will definitely voice my opinion about this. Neither of these topics were being raised back when we booked our honeymoon.

Frankly, right now all I can go on is the words of other people because I don't have the time to research everything on my own. I am definitely looking forward to my honeymoon and can't wait for many reasons, but I would feel just as at home at another trip/time traveling the way you and Webkatz enjoy.

I enjoy all of the opinions on this board and understand that each poster is allowed to express his or her own thoughts and feelings. I appreciate all the words on SERC, because it allows a much larger pictures to be developed for what to expect for my honeymoon.

Thanks again for the info.


Indianapolis, IN
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6. Re: Hey Webkatz


I am not sure about water practices and whatnot at the big resorts, but I would suggest that rules for environmental friendliness are more lax in general in Mexico. I am not sure what to do about it, I think on one hand the big resorts are ruining the fabric of what is quaint Mexico, but on the other hand it is raising the living standard of the indiginous peoples. It is a trade off.

So I prefer the places like KailuumCito. The still hidden out of the way gems that are a throwback to the simpler time and are about not just your pleasure but your understanding of a different way of life. You can get to know the people at places like this (if you choose to), both other guests and the small group of staff members that work there.

By the time we came back up near PDC, one guy who worked there that we had become friends with needed a ride and we volunteered to drive him up. The whole way he talked about life in Mexico, how things have changed, talked about the small towns, the towns in which he had lived, and the most beautiful places to visit in Mexico. What we learned in that few hours was invaluable and irreplaceable.

To me, this is travel. Adding the true beauty and serenity and purity of a place like KailuumCito into your trip, even if not for your whole trip, is something no person with an ounce of adventurous spirit would regret. There isn't even a review of the place anywhere on here -- kind of gives you an impression of what you are getting into -- the kind of trip you will discuss your entire life.