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3 days in Lindau

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Mumbai (Bombay...
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3 days in Lindau

I am planning a visit to Lindau in October 3-4 week for 3 days.

Needed advise on what should be my priorities:

1. Cruise on the Bodensee

2. Visit Konstanz / Rhine Falls

3. Ravensburg

4. Bregenz and the Pfanderbahn

5. Meersburg

6. St. Gallen - Feldkirch - Liechtenstein.

Also, is it much of an advantage staying on the Lindau Insel as opposed to the mainland. Request your suggestions.

Mannheim, Germany
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1. Re: 3 days in Lindau

Lindau island is much nicer (it is the old town of Lindau), and also the train station is actually on the island. Mainland parts of the town are just boring modern residential areas.

Bodensee cruise would be nice but you got to play it according to the weather, which is unpredictable in October. So you will have to play it by ear. In grey weather stick to the cities/towns - St. Gallen, Konstanz, Meersburg. If it rains heavily, just go to the Zeppelin museum in Friedrichshafen.

There is IMO no specific reason to visit Liechtenstein except if you want to set up an untaxed foundation. The country is scenic and nice but does not differ in any regard from the Swiss areas west of it or Austrian areas east. There are some spectacular hikes along the Liechtenstein/Austrian border but October is probably too late for them.

Mumbai (Bombay...
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2. Re: 3 days in Lindau

Thanks a ton Altamiro.

I guess Ill have to play it in accordance with the weather. And I take your point on staying in Lindau insel.

Any advise on Bregenz / Pfanderbahn? Is this worth doing?

Cold Bay, Alaska
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3. Re: 3 days in Lindau

I spent 3 nights in Lindau in May. If you don't have a car, stay on the Insel. I spent a day at Meersburg (quite nice) with a ferry to Mainau (overrated). Another day we spent in Lindau (very nice) and Friedrichshafen (Zeppelin Museum is nicely decorated, but short on material). The riverfront is a nice stroll though. We drove to Bregenz (meh) for dinner. Keep in mind we had a car, and the weather was perfect....hope this helps.

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4. Re: 3 days in Lindau

Pfänderbahn - if the weather is nice: surely


DB timetable


Start: Lindau Hbf

Destination: Bregenz Hafen

From this station it's only a 5 minutes walk to the cable car.

Bregenz itself is OK but surely not the one of the more interesting cities at the lake.



2 interesting route options.

Lindau - Friedrichshafen Hafen - catamaran ferry - Konstanz

Lindau - Friedrichshafen Stadt - bus - Meersburg - bus (using the ferry Meersburg - Konstanz-Staad) - Konstanz


The Friedrichshafen Hafen train station hosts the already mentioned Zeppelin Museum. Which I found really interesting. The rebuilt (small) section is still of impressive size. And most surprisingly the "modern" feel of the interior which was used 80 years ago. And it does not harm that you won't need 4 hours for this museum.



Rhine Falls

Not that ideal in combination with Konstanz. Only for crows and fishes.


From Lindau to Schaffhausen you can use a Baden-Württemberg Ticket. A day ticket covering all regional trains in Baden-Württemberg and a bit beyond (neither Lindau nor Schaffhausen are actually in B-W). EUR 21 for 1 person, EUR 29 for 2-5 persons. From Schaffhausen either by bus to Neuhausen or to Schloss Laufen.

Destination: Neuhausen(CH), Zentrum

Destination: Schloss Laufen am Rheinfall


St. Gallen

A possible loop would be Lindau - Bregenz - St. Gallen - Romanshorn - ferry - Friedrichshafen Hafen - Lindau.

Liechtenstein - only if you collect countries or stamps.

For an interesting abbey you could however also combine Ravensburg with nearby Weingarten. Both cities have anyway a common city bus network.


Destination: Weingarten (Württ) Post


This church is the largest Baroque church in Germany and north of the Alps. And the Gabler organ there is no less impressive



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Mumbai (Bombay...
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5. Re: 3 days in Lindau

Hey Abadala and Bavaria JP

I think its great info. Thans for the links . I saw one and all of them !!

I think its gonna go this way

Day 1: Just roam about Lindau insel. Ill be taking an apartment in Lindau Insel.

Day 2: Either Meersburg / Konstanz (mostly by cruise) and maybe on the way back the Zeppelin museum. Just need your inputs on the Zeppelin museum since Ive heard that the language used in German and no translations in English.

Day 3: Ill go the other way - Bregenz - Pfanderbahn and St. Gallen.

The itinerary is subject to weather at that point of time.

Do u feel this is feasible or am I missing out something very important.

Mumbai (Bombay...
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6. Re: 3 days in Lindau

Also confusing is the way to travel. I came across the bsb website which is mainly for the cruises. I also stumbled across the Euregiokarte website which offers zone passes.

I think I might use the BSB cruise for the first day and the zone pass 1 for the euregiokarte which takes me to St. Gallen.

Also since Lindau and Schaffhausen are included in the Baden Wurttemberg ticket (even though neither are in the map) any other areas in the Bodensee which is covered which I may use

Is this right or am I missing a trick here

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7. Re: 3 days in Lindau

> since Ive heard that the language used in German and no translations in English

Coverage in English is nearly 100%. One of the better museums on this in Germany. Thus not just the headers of the descriptions are in English but the complete texts.


> even though neither are in the map

They are on the map showing where the Baden-Württemberg Ticket is valid for.


Covered are all stations which are not in gray. Also the ones shown outside of Baden-Württemberg. But really only the trains. Not unlike inside Baden-Württemberg where nearly all other local public transport (e.g. buses) is covered as well.


An Euregiokarte for the Euregio 1 Ost will cover the suggest loop Lindau - Bregenz - St. Gallen - Romanshorn - ferry - Friedrichshafen Hafen - Lindau


An Eurogiokarte for the all 3 regions 1-3 may be also to the Rhinefalls the better deal. At least the more convenient one. As it covers also the trains from Schaffhausen to Schloss Laufen and the buses from Schaffhausen to Neuhausen. And you can start also on a weekday before 9am unlike with a Baden-Württemberg Ticket.

Las Vegas, Nevada
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8. Re: 3 days in Lindau

As to weather, Lake Constance is subject to fog in the colder months, which we were reminded of again last weekend when we cut short our visit because of it. On clear sunny days see things for which you need good weather. Save those indoor activities for those possible foggy days.

Mumbai (Bombay...
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9. Re: 3 days in Lindau

This is great. Helps a lot.

Ws not aware that the ferry between Friedrichshafen to Romanshorn is covered in the Euregiokarte as well.

Thanks a ton!

Voronezh, Russia
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10. Re: 3 days in Lindau

Hi everybody!

Tell me, please, are there cruises on the Bodensee starting from Lindau at the end of March?