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Animal Kingdom - Helpful Hints?

Kauai, Hawaii
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Animal Kingdom - Helpful Hints?

We (2 adults) will have a day at Animal Kingdom in late March. I've been studying the Unofficial Guide, but does anyone have any helpful hints, warnings or insights for touring the park? I'm thinking we'll grab a quick lunch on-site but do dinner elsewhere near our hotel.

I'm not big on thrill rides - Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is about at my tolerance limit - but Dinosaur intrigues me. How do they compare? Am I likely to be really unhappy on Dinosaur? (OK, so I'm a wimp. Back to the Future at Universal almost did me in.)

Has anyone used a UG Touring Plan for AK? Good? Bad? (I had good luck with their plans for the original 3 parks way back when.)

Mahalo nui loa for your help. I'm sure I'll be back with more questions.

Kauai, Hawaii
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1. Re: Animal Kingdom - Helpful Hints?

Aloha PZP,

Thought I had the wrong forum when I first saw your post.

We just got back a month ago from a trip to Disneyworld. Animal Kingdom was

one of our Favs.

Be sure to see the Lion King show it is fantastic, Also the Kilminjaro Safari ride you will enjoy that too. We rode Dinosaur it was not to scary, never been to US so can't compare.

You might want to look at Boma's for dinner located at the Animal KIngdom Lodge, where are you staying?

I am so excited for you ,planning a trip to Disney is half the fun.


Kauai, Hawaii
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for Kauai, Kapaa
posts: 19,468
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2. Re: Animal Kingdom - Helpful Hints?

Nothing available for dinner at Boma the day we'll be there. I'm not too worried about getting to eat at AK.

Horsham, United...
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3. Re: Animal Kingdom - Helpful Hints?

Dinosaur is a really fun ride, but it does throw you about quite a bit. You are actually in a moving vehicle, unlike back to the future, Go on it it's worth it :)

Don't miss Expedition Everest, if you like Big Thunder Mountain you'll like EE, I always describe EE as BTM on speed!! lol

We usually grab a fast pass for the safari, go do EE, go back and ride the safari

then go do Dinosaur, these are the only 3 rides that get really busy at AK. You can then do the shows and in between do It's Tough to Be a Bug.

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4. Re: Animal Kingdom - Helpful Hints?

Everest is a better comparison to Big Thunder Mountain than Dinosaur is. And if you like Big Thunder Mountain you should like Everest which is just a bit faster, taller, and more roller coaster like. Dinosaur is pretty dark and jerky. Don't recommend for small children even if they make the height requirement. For adults, I think you should try everything at least once. Not sure that you'll like it if you have trouble with motion, but won't know for sure if you don't try. Give it a go.

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5. Re: Animal Kingdom - Helpful Hints?

Expedition Everest is awesome, it is my favorite ride in all of Disney. But be aware it does go very fast and it does also go backwards, and if you have a fear of heights just don't look down when you get to the top.

Dinosaur does toss you around, as was said, but it didn't hurt my back and neck like Space Mountain did. Creatures will also be jumping out at you ;)

We always did the safari first and then Kali River Rapids and then EE, then Dinoland. But there is no rhyme or reason why we did it that way, so it may not be the most efficient plan. I never follow any official touring plans

Huntsville, Al.
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6. Re: Animal Kingdom - Helpful Hints?

I would recommend Flame Tree BBQ for lunch. I was surprised at how good it was the first time we ate there. We usually go straight to the safari, the animals are eating in the morning and seem to be more active. Then I would head to EE.

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7. Re: Animal Kingdom - Helpful Hints?

Hi there! I think you should try Dinosaur. I, like you, have a low tolerance for big rides and Back to the Future (and its successor The Simpsons ride) all but finish me off! I feel so ill when I come of the simulator type rides. However, Dinosaur is an entirely different experience, you actually move through the ride and although jerky, it did not make me feel sick or scare me at all. I actually enjoy it!

Akron, Ohio
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8. Re: Animal Kingdom - Helpful Hints?

Definitely eat at Flametree BBQ- One of our favorite quick service places in WDW; huge portions as well. We love EE, Dinosaur, and the Lion King show. The safari is okay- except the wait times are rarely what are posted, so definitely get there early, as previously posted we typically get a FP for EE and then go to the Safari. If Yak & Yeti has availability for dinner, I would suggest there for dinner if you change your mind, we really like it there as well!

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9. Re: Animal Kingdom - Helpful Hints?

another vote for Flametree BBQ. We ate there and also at Yak & Yeti, and liked them both.

There is always the Rainforest Cafe there also, which gets mixed reviews. I like it but it can be overpriced.

Tusker House is another one, but never tried it

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10. Re: Animal Kingdom - Helpful Hints?

I have a bad back and neck, but did Dinosaur and thought it was pretty mild on my spine. What I didn't like was the extremely loud noises - I am partly deaf and it was still ear splitting.

I agree with Carmela that the Rainforest Cafe is a good place to eat at AK as far as sit down meals, although it can be a little pricey. I think the animatronic elephants and apes there are very entertianing, and your kids would probably like them for meal-time entertainment.

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