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Royal Guest Room POR or Little Mermaid AoA

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Royal Guest Room POR or Little Mermaid AoA

Hi Everyone,

I'm hoping for some guidance here. This is our first trip to DW, as our last trip was cancelled last year due to a death in the family. I will be travelling with my daughter who will be 5 when we go and have been torn between the Royal Guest Rooms at POR and the Little Mermaid Room at AoA. I think she would absolutely love AoA with the themeing but I'm not certain how comfy it will be compared to POR. I've read in comparison it is apples to oranges. I think if we stay at AoA it will be cheaper and we can probably squeeze one extra day which sounds like a big bonus...but I am still concerned about some of the negatives I've read about AoA such as the walk (which probably wont be of too much concern), the crazy food court (long line ups) and the noise (thin walls). Our last trip that didn't happen was booked a Coronado Springs but I don't think that is an option now...as my girl is all about princesses and POR and AoA seem to fit into our budget better and seem more geared towards her. Any advice/help would be great. Thanks so much!

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1. Re: Royal Guest Room POR or Little Mermaid AoA

If it's in the budget, I would highly Recomend POR, it is a wonderful Resort. The Moderates are a nice step up from the Values, nothing really wrong with the Values, the Moderates just have more "ahhhhh" factor. Your Princess will love any Resort, kids are happy just to be on holiday. You, the Parent, should be happy too. The Royal Rooms are lovely and comfy :)


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2. Re: Royal Guest Room POR or Little Mermaid AoA

If she likes princesses she would probably love the Royal Guest Room.

But if you can get an extra day vacation out of it, I would go for Little Mermaid. An extra day at Disney is better than any hotel room

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3. Re: Royal Guest Room POR or Little Mermaid AoA

Depending when your going you can get a royal room with special offer for the same price as AoA with out discount. We were debating the same thing for our trip next week. In the end we went with AoA I want the whole resort to be special and port Orleans doesn't appeal to my Disney magic side. The moderate resorts are huge so walking will be lots either way.

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4. Re: Royal Guest Room POR or Little Mermaid AoA

Thank you so much for the feed back! So appreciative. I was curious about one last thing at POR. If we don't do the Royal Guest Rooms how do you book a room in the Magnolia Bend area. Do you just request it or do you have to upgrade? I don't think I would want to be in the Alligator Bayou Lodges and I think we would want a King bed if possible. Thank you again! :)

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5. Re: Royal Guest Room POR or Little Mermaid AoA

An extra day at Disney is better than any hotel room


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6. Re: Royal Guest Room POR or Little Mermaid AoA

You can request a room in the Magnolia Bend section.

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7. Re: Royal Guest Room POR or Little Mermaid AoA

Yes, an extra day definitely makes more sense but I think if we just do a regular standard room at POR and request Magnolia Bend as gem2006 suggested, it will work out to about the same. I've even considered splitting the stay but I don't think that will be worth it. Does anyone have any thoughts or feedback on Coronado Springs Resort? I know they don't look as kid-friendly as AoA but the rooms look really nice and comfy and the resort looks pretty like a tropical/Mexican getaway. Sorry for all the questions. All the choices are over-whelming. lol I know we'll have a good time either way, but I just don't want her to be disappointed not staying in the Little Mermaid Room. However, I know we may spend more time there than most on our first trip as she may need a nap with the late nights and may want to spend time at the pool before heading to the parks. Also with CSR, is the Cabana area the best place to stay? I read somewhere the Casitas is the convention area, so I figure that may be a busy area and I still would hope to be relatively close to the main area after late nights. Thank you all again!!

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8. Re: Royal Guest Room POR or Little Mermaid AoA

Don't split your stay! Too much time lost with packing & moving. It can also be more expensive, depending on the package you purchase.

The rooms are exactly the same size, at POR and CSR. Both are a lovely step-up, from a "value" resort; seated restaurants, water slides, cocktail lounge, recreation options, etc. POR has the added advantage of boat transportation to Downtown Disney.

The "Royal Rooms" are amazing! Ariel and all the other Princesses are included in your room decor. There are so many special "surprises" in the room, your daughter will be in Disney heaven!

With a young family, I would select POR (royal or regular room) and save Coronado Springs for an adult trip. If you select CSR, the cabana rooms are in a great location.

It's a lot to consider. Keep asking questions. You'll get it sorted. Happy planning!

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9. Re: Royal Guest Room POR or Little Mermaid AoA

Coronado Springs is great, we love it, kids too. Plenty for kids but extra nice amenities for the grown ups :)


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10. Re: Royal Guest Room POR or Little Mermaid AoA

I'm at AoA right now in the furthest little mermaid room all the way in the corner of building 8. I would say the people complaining about the walk have never experienced the moderate resorts, we've stayed at Coronado springs and Caribbean beach the walk is nothing compared to what we experience there. If you got building 6 or 7 it would be a lot less walking. The resort is amazing everything is special. My DD gasped when she went in animation halls all pink bathroom! She was blown away by a bathroom lol. The main pool is far but there's a beautiful mermaid pool right outside. It's 7am and I haven't heard a sound but once again we're on the end. She just rolled over and squealed I love this arial room :) and I do too.