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Disney resort payments

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Disney resort payments

I made reservations through Disneys web site, it only took a deposit.Does anyone know how to make an online payment? I looked all over their site and can't find a way to do it.... Thanks

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1. Re: Disney resort payments

I couldn't figure that out either so i just called to make the payment.

Calgary, Alberta
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2. Re: Disney resort payments

When I sign in to the Disney site and go to my resort reservation page, there is a banner at the top that shows the outstanding balance and when it is due. I click on that and it takes me to a page where I can pay the balance on-line.

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3. Re: Disney resort payments

That sounds about right

Be sure you are logged in and on "My Reservation" page

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4. Re: Disney resort payments

That's exactly right Staed. I made all of my payments online and that's what I had to do!!

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5. Re: Disney resort payments

I tried the logging in and it didn't work.....When I booked I did it as a guest.maybe if I call them they can"sync" it.....thanks for the help :)

Elk Grove Village...
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6. Re: Disney resort payments

I don't know why, but about half the time, when I log into the Disney website it doesn't automatically find my reservation. However, it does have an option for "search for missing reservations." If you click on that and enter your reservation number, it will pull it up.

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7. Re: Disney resort payments

Gleece, that's what I did, still didn't work

Bathurst, Australia
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8. Re: Disney resort payments

Can anyone help with this?

On the new website there is no banner?? I can not work out how to pay and not keen to call as it is very painful time wise from Oz :)

Anniston, Alabama
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9. Re: Disney resort payments

I tried to pay online a few days ago and was unable to do so. I called Disney Technical Support and was told that online payments are not offered at this time but will be soon. He then transferred me so I could make a payment over the phone.

Bathurst, Australia
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10. Re: Disney resort payments

Thanks for the reply LK4Bama.

It's a shame the very simple email they send you confirming your reservation clearly says you can pay online :)