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Which Gili Island to stay on for Honeymoon?

Brighton, United...
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Which Gili Island to stay on for Honeymoon?

Hi Guys,

We are planning our Honeymoon to Indonesia in June this year and have been advised to spent at least a week on the Gili islands.

Most people I know who have been to Indonesia have stayed on Gili Trawangan and give good reviews, however I have read different opinions on other forums suggesting that Gili Air may suit us better.

A guy at work said that when he was on Gili T he was probably one of the oldest people on the island (he is 28), although he loved it.

We are 29 and 33 and although we like a good night out, we really don't want to be surrounded by younger travellers (I have been there and done that :).

We like beaches, snorkelling, good food, a relaxed environment and culture but also like to go for drinks in good chilled beach bars etc.

We are open to doing 4 days on one island on 3 days on another.

Has anybody been to both Gili T and Air or Meno who can offer advice on this?

Also any advice on cool places to stay on the islands would be highly appreciated?


Pete & Nora

Melbourne, Australia
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1. Re: Which Gili Island to stay on for Honeymoon?

Hi Pete & Nora,

My wife and I are similar ages & visited Gili T (Tir Na Nog) & Gili Air (Juliantos by the Sea) March last year. We initially stayed on Gili T for 5 nights in the heart of the bars & restaurants. Other than the daily stints of rain, it was great. At no point did we feel out of place regarding our age as there was a nice mix of young and old.

After 5 nights on Gili T we took the very cheap boat (around $3 each from memory), and then stayed on Gili Air for 4 nights. Despite loving Gili T for the choices of restaurants & bars, we also loved the quieter features of Gili Air. We also found the snorkelling better off Gili Air.

Yes, quieter means less choice of food, but, there is more than enough choice. Walking or riding around Gili Air is more peaceful and you will enjoy your stay.

I agree that you mix it up. Head to Gili T first for 4 nights, then jump on the cheap boat that goes in the morning & afternoon over to Gili Air for 3 nights. You'll then appreciate both islands.

We're heading back in 6 weeks to stay again on both islands after loving it so much last visit. As we didn't visit Gili Meno last time I cannot help with advice there, other to say it's even quieter than Gili Air.


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Miranda, Sydney
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2. Re: Which Gili Island to stay on for Honeymoon?

Hi Pete & Nora,

Don't worry about your age - we are in our fifties (oh no!) and love GiliT. We recently stayed at Scallywags in September, but as we are travelling with another couple in March, we have booked a 2 bedrm villa at Kokomos, which is very close to Scallywags. We never felt out of place.

We did a day trip to Gili Air & loved the beach there, although for hubby it would be a bit too quiet. I would happily stay there for a couple of days. I did like the look of the beach club at Gili Air - all new with lovely verandahs & daybeds on the verandah.

Hope this helps,



planet earth
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3. Re: Which Gili Island to stay on for Honeymoon?

Hi guys, congratulations in advance!

We have just cracked the big four Oh and are heading to Trawangan next week for our 3rd stay with our young teenagers. You will not be at all out of place, we noticed last trip that there were lots more families of all ages. We alsostayed on Meno which we loved too but it was very very quiet. Nice accomodation is limited on Meno. We are heading to Air next week also so we will be able to compare all 3. I think you would be very wise to split your stay between 2 islands. Gili T does however tick all your boxes, there are so many places to stay you would be best to have a look at the Gili Islands Hotels on the top left hand side of this page. Read some reviews, have a look at the photos and go from there. You will love it.

Leeds, UK
Destination Expert
for Bali
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4. Re: Which Gili Island to stay on for Honeymoon?

Sandy is absolutely correct; Gili T now attracts all ages, and to be honest you're hardly over the hill.

Certainly on Gili T you'll have more in the way of dining and drinking options (take note of the recent events at Rudys).

Where to stay would as always depend on budget, but you could look at Villa Almarik.

Perth, Australia
Destination Expert
for Lombok
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5. Re: Which Gili Island to stay on for Honeymoon?

There are many upmarket accommodation options on Gili T, and for the most part 20 somethings can't afford to drop a couple hundred bucks a night on a hotel - so there are many 'older' people on Gili T looking for a little more luxury. There are also plenty of cheapish backpacker style places, so you get young travellers too. There are a lot more people on Gili T - hordes of people going diving - there are several dive operations on the island. Because of the number of people around you, you get more of a 'buzz' that 'something' is going on.

Personally I don't want the 'buzz' and so Gili Air is my preference. I want relaxation and serenity. I love the berugaks (bale) on the beach at Gili Air, instead of the table and chairs at Gili T. It is a slower pace there. There is a still a good selection of accommodation, cafes and bars so you won't get bored over a few days.

There is not much 'culture' on the Gilis - and pretty much none at all on Gili T. No locals lived on Gili T until tourism came along. Gili Air is the most populated island with locals and you can get more of a sense of village life there if you wish. You will meet lots of kids on Gili Air, selling you coconuts and pineapples, and trinkets. They love to practice their English with you too.

Brighton, United...
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6. Re: Which Gili Island to stay on for Honeymoon?

Thanks for all your great advice on this. We have decided to do 4 days on Gili T and 3 days on Gili Air.

Next issue is where to stay. Im getting confused by it all. We are looking for mid range - up to $100 per night. Somewhere quieter but not too far from the bars and restaurants.

We have found a nice place on Gili Air - The Chill Out Bungalows, but cant single out a good place for Gili T. They all seem to have plenty of cons!

Can anybody offer any advice on this?

Thanks again.....Pete

Melbourne, Australia
posts: 54
reviews: 22
7. Re: Which Gili Island to stay on for Honeymoon?

Hi Pete,

It's seems that we think alike. I'm either planning to book the Chill Out bungalows or Manta Dive due to the close proximity to bars & restaurants on Gili Air for next month.

On Gili T, we stayed at Tir Na Nog which was great, but this time have booked Martas Homestay which has it's own villas and more private pool. It is only 50 metres from Tir Na Nog where all the action is. Although we haven't stayed there yet, the reviews I've read and the location is perfect.

All the best.

Golden Beach...
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8. Re: Which Gili Island to stay on for Honeymoon?

I am in my late 40s & Mr Sunshine is mid 50s we saw plenty of "oldies" around the island plus quite a few people our age!

We loved Mahamaya on Gili Meno for lunch, it would be a beautiful place to watch the sunset!

planet earth
posts: 168
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9. Re: Which Gili Island to stay on for Honeymoon?

You can narrow it down considerably by deciding if you must be right on the beach or a if couple of streets back is OK

Brighton, United...
posts: 15
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10. Re: Which Gili Island to stay on for Honeymoon?

Definitely on the beach!

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