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Reykjavik sucks

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Reykjavik sucks

I have visited almost all countries in Europe and would strongly advice people NOT to go to Reykjavik - the most boring place! The nightlife is not so bad, but this is the only thing to do there. The people behave strange and are quite unfriendly, the place smells awful sulphur, the food sucks, no shopping to speak of. Just total boredom!!

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1. Re: Reykjavik sucks

That is such an unusual take on the city. We found the people very friendly and helpful, we bought some well-priced outerwear, had fun at the museums and just walking the city, and we had a really good meal every night we were there before heading out into the countryside. Going out one Saturday was sort of fun too--loud but not edgy at the several places we hit that included a club with live music, a packed straight bar and a small gay bar with dancing. We were there for the marathon and turned out with 1/2 the country to see the fireworks over the harbor that night.

sorry you had such a different experience. And for what it is worth, I'm well-travelled too and have plenty to compare the city to.

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2. Re: Reykjavik sucks

What a weird human being you must be, no cities are boring, it's what you make of something and if your a boring person then i guess you'd find most places boring.

It smells of Sulphur? Well of course it's going to a little because of where it is, you don't go to Iceland thinking it would be any different.

You also shouldn't be travelling to Iceland to go shopping or drinking, visiting Iceland is more about the sights.

I found Icelanders some of the friendliest people in the world, they smile, they are very helpful too..

I have been for 2 holidays there so far and it's my favourite destination i've been too so far and i plan on going a 3rd time

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3. Re: Reykjavik sucks

I agree 100%!

6 hours in Reykjavik is the upper limit for my dog and myself. It is windy, empty and with awkward opening times whatever one wants to do. As for the rest of Iceland I can not get enough of it

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4. Re: Reykjavik sucks

i take it you dont enjoy your own company!!!!!

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5. Re: Reykjavik sucks

A pissed norwegian and an Icelandic hillbilly herdsman. To be expected.

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6. Re: Reykjavik sucks

To me Reykjavík is a breath of fresh air (literally, too). I find the usual European cities to be deathly boring (Europeans included). Most tourists to Reykjavík focus on the usual cliches in and around Austurvöllur, the harbour, perhaps a walk up Laugavegur and up to Hallgrímskirkja, and a drive to Perlan. But there is the old Reykjavík that is interesting and even the well worn parts have surprises hidden in them. What you need is someone who truly knows the place and has a historic perspective to go with it to accompany you as you set about exploring.

The one (and only) thing that sucks about Reykjavík is the new development with its uninspiring ugly concrete buildings.

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7. Re: Reykjavik sucks

boredom is a reflection of the individual and not the place or the situation.... shows a distinct lack of imagination, creativity, independence or self fulfillment.

People who ranked low on a boredom-proneness scale were found to have better performance in a wide variety of aspects of their lives, including career, education, and autonomy (Watt, J. D., Vodanovich, S. J. (1999). "Boredom Proneness and Psychosocial Development". Journal of Psychology 133 (1): 149–155. doi:10.1002/(SICI)1097-4679(200001)56:1<149::AID-JCLP14>3.0.CO;2-Y)

there are many studies that reflect boredom as a product of ones own imagination.

however, everyone is entitled to their opinion, and that i do totally agree with. As a declaration of intent, I would rather be outside of a city than in one, but can find enjoyment in pretty much any situation I have found myself, except the britannia sachas in manchester, but that is a whole different story....

Mountain View...
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8. Re: Reykjavik sucks

Every emotion a human feels and experiences is a reflection of that particular individual. You need a refereed journal paper to tell you this?

Maidstone, United...
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9. Re: Reykjavik sucks

What a ridiculous post!

I agree that there’s not a lot to do in Reykjavik but there is certainly enough for a visitor.

The centre of the city is compact and easy to walk around with enough shops (why would you need loads of them) sights and places to eat. With little effort, my partner and I found great places to eat, both for evening meals and lunch time snacking.

As for friendliness, I have always maintained that you reap what you sow – if you give out an unfriendly attitude you cannot expect anything but the same in return. We found the people to be amongst the friendliest anywhere we have been, and we are VERY well travelled.

We have also been to Oslo twice, another great city and between the two we have no favourite, both are equally worth the visit.

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10. Re: Reykjavik sucks