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Thalori Village Crete

Tampa, Florida
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Thalori Village Crete

I have a group of women interested in Thalori Village in Crete for 5 - 6 nights. There will be 18 - 20 and they are concerned about the bed situation and if Thalori is the best place for them?

No one wants to sleep on a sofa bed in any of the villas but I cannot get a definite answer from Thalori about this. Does anyone know if the "1 quadruple" villa has 2 bedrooms with 2 twins in each room or only 1 bed in each room?

Also, the 4 - 5 room units, do they have twin beds or 1 bed? From the photos it looks like 2 have 1 bed and the other 2 have 2 twin beds?

We are also considering staying at www.arolithosvillage.gr

the manager at this property has been great in answering my emails and this place would provide enough rooms with 2 beds in each for our group.

Any comments? Right now I'm frustrated with Thalori and their communication.

Devizes, United...
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1. Re: Thalori Village Crete

Hi there

I have to admit that I had never heard of either of these accommodations so I did take a few minutes to look them up online. Although you have obviously done your homework, there are a few factors that I can see that might influence your decision.

Firstly, and for me crucially, Thalori sits almost 3000 feet up in the mountains overlooking the south coast. You don't say when you intend going to Crete but I have been up to the Lassithi plateau in Crete, which sits at a similar height above sea level, and the weather there can change in an instant, it almost has its own micro-climate. Now, I'm not saying Thalori would necessarily be like that, but I wouldn't take the chance.

Secondly, Thalori is in the middle of nowhere and will entail a long transfer from Iraklion airport/ferry port, south via the E97 to Agii Deka and then lesser roads to Kapetaniana. As a base, I guess it's fine if all you wish to do is chill out, but it's remote from most of the island's major sights.

By contrast, Arolithis is close to Iraklion ( near Gazi by the look of it), pretty much at sea level or so, and is way better placed to explore the island from, especially if you guys wanted to get out and about under your own steam, rather than an organised tour.

Of course, those factors are just my take on things, at the end of it, I'm sure Thalori is lovely and it maybe is just what you want, a peaceful, mountain retreat. But if you are having issues getting responses from the management, or their responses are unclear, then I would at least consider Arolithos as an alternative, particularly if they are being helpful towards you.

Tampa, Florida
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2. Re: Thalori Village Crete

Thanks so much for your thoughts and comments. Actually I am a travel agent handling the trip for this group or women. They do want a more tranquil, private and peaceful place to stay and they love the mountain location. I've discussed the access with them so they know that. This will be a private tour so they will have their own bus and driver for all transportation.

I've explored both websites as well but I've not personally been to either of these properties. I was hoping to connect with someone who actually had been to Thalori. But I am a bit concerned about the lack of prompt communication from Thalori?

Thanks again,


Devizes, United...
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3. Re: Thalori Village Crete

Hi again Gayle

It may well be that seeing as we are still in January, that there's no one at Thalori, or maybe they are only there once a week to pick up mail, email, faxes and the like. But surely, they must know what the sleeping arrangements are in each room and it seems strange that they are rather poor at communicatiing this info back to you.

When does your party intend travelling? You need to get the info you need quickly in order to arrange flights, transfers, and of course, suitable accommodation. I would keep trying to get the info you need but don't leave it too long before deciding one way or the other.

Hopefully, the owners will respond favourably to your contact, or maybe someone will post here who has been to the Thalori. Good luck anyway.

Tampa, Florida
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4. Re: Thalori Village Crete

Thanks so much for your reply. Actually this group won't travel until May 2014, but as these are professional women with very busy schedules. We need to confirm this trip well in advance so they can mark these dates off of the calendar.

I appreciate your help.

Sale, United Kingdom
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5. Re: Thalori Village Crete

I know from your previous posts that your group's main interest is in ancient goddesses. I think you may be better off in your alternative accommodation near Heraklion, which is probably closer than Thalori to some of your intended visiting targets, but also in May, if you are 1000m up in the hills, the weather will definitely be quite cool.

The downside of staying near Heraklion is that it will be less of a 'retreat'. I have no knowledge of either accommodation, but I would have thought that it will be much quieter in Thalori.

Edited: 3:13 pm, January 20, 2013
Chania Town, Greece
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6. Re: Thalori Village Crete

Hi Gayle!

My sister has stayed there last Christmas with her family and 9 years olds then, they were very happy when got back-including the youngsters- I am sure they have got the owner's number and I could place a domestic call if you like.

Tampa, Florida
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7. Re: Thalori Village Crete

That would be great Anna if you had the owners number. I've not heard from anyone there in reply to the email I sent.

Thank you!

Tampa, Florida
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8. Re: Thalori Village Crete

Thanks so much and I agree with you that a property closer to Heraklion would be better. But the ladies who are the group leaders seem to be set on Thalori so I'm focused on getting more info from them at this point.

Chania Town, Greece
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9. Re: Thalori Village Crete

Hello again!

Could you please correct me on the following if mistaken?

You are a group of 18-20 and are interested in May 2014, for 5-6 nights.

Your main concerns are whether <<1 quadruple" villa has 2 bedrooms with 2 twins in each room or only 1 bed in each room? and if the 4 - 5 room units, do they have twin beds or 1 bed?>>

About the comfort issue I will check up on my sister.

Tampa, Florida
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10. Re: Thalori Village Crete

Yes Anna,

As each lady in this group will want her own bed I'm trying to find out how many total Thalori could accommodate?

I know some of the villas have sofa beds, but none of these women will want to sleep on a sofa bed.

Thanks for your help.