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Holland Pass

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Holland Pass

The Holland Pass is a MASSIVE scam, be very careful buying this for many reasons:

1. You need a printer to print it out before collecting pass, otherwise you wont get the pass, good luck finding a printer, accessing your emails in Amsterdam.

2. What you actually get if you buy the 2 ticket option.

1. Ticket 1, entry to ONE that's right ONE of the 100 listed attractions. And that's all the main attractions, so that's fine

2. Ticket 2, entry to some boring unknown museum / attraction

3. Free public transport for 1 day only

Now that may sound amazing to some poor, unsuspecting tourist, though let's just do the math.

Say I wanted to visit the Van Gogh Museum with the first ticket, 15 Euros (normal off the street entry fee)

Now let's say I wanted to visit the Rijksmuseum, oh no I already used the first ticket, The Rijksmuseum wont accept the second less valuable ticket.

Oh well, I guess I'll just go and visit some other, less known museum, very boring. Oh they all cost 10 Euros entry off the street.

So that would have cost me 15 Euros + 10 Euros + 5 euros for public transport if you use it.

So that's 30 Euros if I walked of the street, but I just spent 35 Euros on the Holland Pass.

Massive scam.

You really need to be careful in Amsterdam, these scams are everywhere. It's a liberal city, a lot of freedom and a lot of freedom to rip off tourists. The Holland Pass is a government approved scam, so you can imagine how badly scammed you can get with a non-government approved scam in Amsterdam.

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1. Re: Holland Pass

I love how people only find this forum to complain. If you would have done your research first this would not have been a problem. And it's far from a scam. Just because you didn't read the website carefully you can't blame the company. It clearly tells you what attractions you can visit with each of the "tickets". It also mentions that you need to have a print out of your online transaction.

Had you asked about the pass before hand we would have told you it's not the best deal. The Museumkaart is the best deal in the whole country.

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2. Re: Holland Pass

But surely if you wanted to visit both the Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum you would make sure that the pass you intended to buy covered both?

As far as I understand it Holland Pass has myriad options and it is up to the customer to ensure that the pass they buy - if any - is the right one for them.

Edited: 7:27 am, July 17, 2014
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3. Re: Holland Pass

If you're going to reply to a post, please do the contributor the curtesy of actually reading the post.

The math doesn't add up.

1. It's certainly not obvious, the silver ticket options are crap and only worth 10 Euros (if that), there is nowhere on the front page that clearly states YOU CANNOT USE BOTH THE TICKETS ON ALL THE 100 ATTRACTIONS, you can only use ONE of the tickets on all 100 attractions, the second ticket gets you into a few poor quality museums. The company does this on purpose to scam you, there is no other reason for this, and it wouldn't be allowed in a country where these types of scams are monitored and lawfully removed by government departments that are setup to prevent this type of fraud.

2. Let's do the math again.

Van Gogh Museum (Top Museum) 15 Euros

Rijksmuseum Museum (Top Museum) 15 Euros

Train ticket 5 Euros

That's 35 Euros

Holland pass 2 Tickets

Ticket 1, Van Gogh Museum: FREE

Ticket 2, Some awful place that's not worth 10 Euros: FREE

Free train travel for 24hours

Total value 30 Euros

The great thing about TripAdvisor is that it allows tourists to relay information to other perspective tourists about scams to watch out for when travelling to unfamiliar countries

I realise you are patriotic towards Amsterdam, it's a nice city, though if you would like make a contribution to this post, don't let your personal feelings towards a city get in the way of fact.

Read my post, do the math then get back to me.

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4. Re: Holland Pass

"As far as I understand", that's interesting, so you're replying to a post about a subject you have no personal experience with. Great contribution.

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5. Re: Holland Pass

Well back to square 1. The HP site IMHO _clearly_ tells the difference between the tulip and windmill ticket. Of course not clearly enough for some readers who get tricked into buying it for the same reason, but that's quite similar to e.g. buying a timeshare membership or booking a more expensive flight ticket with the lure of ff miles. For some (maybe 10%...) of the buyers in the end benefits from it, the other 90% bought it not for completely valid reasons. But going so far to call it a scam, even "government approved scam" - no that's way beyond sanity, and simply shifting all responsibility for your own intelligence (or lack of it) to lawmakers who apparently aren't allowed to lure customers anymore. Sorry for you...


<Erik> & [Sandya]

6. Re: Holland Pass

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7. Re: Holland Pass

>>> "As far as I understand", that's interesting, so you're replying to a post about a subject you have no personal experience with. Great contribution. <<<

Sarcastic response. Also great contribution.

I don't need direct experience of the Holland Pass to know that, if I am thinking about buying a pass - any pass - I research it and make sure that it covers what I need it to. Note "I" research it, and it covers what "I" need, it's "my" responsibility to check that. If I don't think it's a good deal, I don't buy it.

There is a phrase "Caveat Emptor". Look it up.

Amsterdam, The...
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8. Re: Holland Pass

wirewiper, please don't contribute unless you have had personal experience with the item in question, it's embarrassing, and a waist of time for everyone. There are many phrases, such as "You must have a really dull life to spend it replying to posts about subjects you know nothing about", it's a long one but a good one.

Amsterdam, The...
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9. Re: Holland Pass

Thanks ErikdR for your contribution. People replying to my posts about subjects they know nothing about is really uplifting. Get on a plane, go to Amsterdam, buy a Holland Pass, use it and then get back to me with a valid reply. If not, go bother other contributors with your opinions about subjects you know nothing about. I apologise if you can't afford to go, it would be quite expensive for you.

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10. Re: Holland Pass

what a snarky A-hole