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City Mundo

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City Mundo

Has anyone used City Mundo recently? Apartments, houseboats?

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Las Palmas de Gran...
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21. Re: City Mundo

We booked this apartment CityMundo and has nothing positive.

Access to the apartment is very bad because it has many stairs with a big slope.

The apartment is very small, almost no air and furniture prehistory. They also offered WiFi service (essential for our work) and we only had 3 days. The remaining days were totally disconnected.

Cleaning does not exist. Long time that the apartment is not clean because I had a lot of dirt ago. Under beds, furniture, bedding, bath and spider web on the ceiling.

Regarding the owner, Alice Schorbach, We have nothing nice to say, because after having paid the first day came almost a week with bad manners insistently to the apartment to get her money so that she says she has lost .

We ask them Citiymundo we get us some solution and they did nothing. Just protect the owner.

We are looking to solve this court.

Worst of all is that now we want to review the portal CityMundo and have not locked to prevent access to do so (https:/…).

If you want a good holiday, NOT BOOK APARTMENTS WITH CITIYMUNDO.



Studio L01291




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Winter Haven...
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22. Re: City Mundo

Moises - Your photos are indeed eye opening. It looks filthy.

As for the steep stairs and lack of air conditioning, that is absolutely normal in Amsterdam.

What I don't understand is you did not come on this forum asking advice on the flat yet you are letting us know of your bad experience. We appreciate you letting us know but maybe checking before booking instead of just looking for a good price might save you a bad experience next time.

Las Palmas de Gran...
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23. Re: City Mundo

ddavis1950, the price was not cheap. It cost more than 100 € / night.

Just saw good reviews and the photos we looked ok but we were wrong renting this apartment and managing it with CityMundo because they do not give solutions.

I notice that no other travelers happen to them.

Las Palmas de Gran...
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24. Re: City Mundo

Next I enclose you the translation of what I have exhibited in a forum of Spain, where everything is detailed of better way:

We did a trip to Ámsterdam from 14 until May 21 and had a deplorable experience with the accommodation managed by the portal CityMundo.

Let's start by the advantages of this apartment, its place, and here we end with this paragraph.

In the negative topic there are several points, some more serious than another but all negatives in general:

1. The access to the apartment is quite annoyed, because placed in the attic of a building, it is necessary to raise 4 stairs stretches with steps much cortitos and quite considerable earring. If someone with injury in low extremities is thinking of renting it, that it discards it automatically for the good of its health.

2. The interior of the house is a quite limited space, without scarcely ventilation (only there are 2 folding windows in the house that only allows to open a little of the low part) and with the soil completely unbalanced (when you were walking along the house it was giving the sensation of having been the whole day in a coffee shop when really you had not entered any). That for not mentioning the furniture and the domestic appliances, all of them in poor condition, damaged and prehistoric.

Also there is a window just facing the bed, which lacks blind, estor or something similar to prevent the sun from giving you it in everything facing setting off of 6:30h. of the morning, since it happened to us.

3. The cleanliness is a separate point. This apartment does a lot of time that does not receive the visit of a hoover, brush, kitchen-maid, etc …

We change a place mattress and with the dust that existed under this one we could do an overcoat with included cap; between the roof and the wall there were countless chandelier cloths; the carpet that is in the room also was dirty and it fills of dust; the sheets were without changing because it was possible to appreciate easily spots and very much dust in them.

Certainly, if while you lower or raise the stairs of the building a quite unpleasant smell comes to you, it is normal, since the proprietress leaves the garbage of its house out, just next to its door (of 7 days that we were, there was a garbage bag for 5 days out).

4. It offers services that are nonexistent, like the connection WiFi (indispensable tool to know in our work). It worked the first 3 days, the rest was like the cleanliness, something imaginary. Obviously we ask him for an explanation and he said to us that it had a problem with the phone, to what we ask that as soon as time approximately would be solved and he answered us that he did not know because it was necessary to do a series of negotiations sending letters and the others and said to us that if we needed Internet, we were better to an Internet cafe (incredible, but true).

5. As for the proprietress, missis Alice Schorbach, I do not have anything good that to say. She was living just under us and it received us in the apartment in the day and hour agreed. In this moment she was an agreeable person, it showed us every part of the apartment, facilitated to us the typical tourist pamphlets of the city, we pay to him the agreed quantity (CityMundo receives its commission in advance and later you must pay in cash to the owner the rest of the total value), it gave us the invoice and we say goodbye.

The problem originates when almost 1 week after our arrival, this one beats the door insistently waking up of the siesta. When I open the door I meet a bad-mannered and hysterical woman, to whom it seemed that the eyes of the helmet were going to leave for him, saying to me textually in English “I come for my money”. We, to more perplexed which of the 2, do we ask him why money, to what he answers us that it lost its money (later also he said the portfolio) and the most probable thing is that it left it at home. We said to him that if that should to happen, we should reach it ourselves to its house, that we did not want anything that was not ours, but from equal way we invite her to go on in several occasions so that he was looking for its portfolio, its money or what he wants that it is, even in our personal objects so that it saw that we did not have anything that concealing, to what she answers that we could already have changed it of place or hidden in the bath or in the kitchen (hinting somehow that we were a few thieves). The puzzlement level was increasing the same way as was speaking and the situation was already deplorable, awkward and shameful. Finally he agreed to happen and looked for its portfolio without success, but he noticed the dust and dirt that there was in the hollow that the mattress was in the first moment and said to us that that was horrible of seeing, that she would reach a hoover to us so that we were cleaning it because the day that it was we who were going away there were coming other guests (yes yes, this way such which released it to us). Obviously we push its request back because on that I have paid a high price for staying there (more than 100€/night), less that I am going to do it is to clean the apartment, it would be missing more …

Ámsterdam, like very nice city, but the horrible experience lived in this apartment, since it is clear, has influenced very much our holidays and has ruined them to us completely.

After a few exchanges of e-mails and called phone companhies with CityMundo, did these not also solve anything and in addition, with the emulation to veto our opinion in its portal, they have blocked to us the access to the same one (https:/…).

I hope to have helped you in the selection of your accommodation in Ámsterdam. If you want that everything is fine, certainly I dissuade completely the rent of this apartment to you and that you manage any other with CityMundo, the worst portal of rent of houses of holidays than you could never be.

Next I enclose a few images so that you do to yourselves an idea of the exposed thing and the information of the above mentioned apartment.




Studio L01291




25. Re: City Mundo

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26. Re: City Mundo

The story has two sides. The guests could have contacted us during their stay, which they did not. When they were home again, they sent us an email, telling their story. We asked them several times why they did not contact us during their stay, while we could have solved their problems immediately. They didn't answer.

There were 3 complaints: the wifi that was not working, the host accusing them of stealing money, and the dust that was supposedly laying in the apartment.

We contacted the host, to hear her side of the story.

She told us that the wifi broke down during very heavy weather. She wasn't the only one with this problem, the whole area was without wifi. It took the provider more than a week to solve this problem, because of the size of the derangement. We told the guests so, but they apparently didn't want to hear this.

About the host accusing them of stealing: This was not the case at all. The host couldn't find the money she collected from them, and thought that she might have left it in the studio. Therefore she knocked at the door and asked if she could have a look. We explained this to the guests as well, but again they did not want to hear about it.

There was indeed dust laying in the apartment, but it was underneath a heavy mattress the guests moved. When the host saw it, she wanted to help, and asked whether they wanted her to bring a hoover. The guests did not want this.

Furthermore, if the guests would have called us to complain about the dust, the garbage bag, and the smell during their stay (besides, they never mentioned the garbage bag and the smell before), we could have taken care of it. Instead, they chose to put their complaint on TripAdvisor afterwards.

The guests also put pictures of this accommodation on the page of another CityMundo accommodation on TripAdvisor, which is obviously confusing and pointless.

To avoid situations like this in the future, we ask our guests to contact us during their stay if they encounter any problems, so we can offer a solution. It is our concern to make sure that all our guests have a good time.

Las Palmas de Gran...
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27. Re: City Mundo

1. We told them repeatedly that the reason for being unable to contact CityMundo at the time it was because we had WiFi, so we were totally disconnected and had no email or phone number.

2. We have saved the call log and exchanging emails.

3. Was the dust that supposedly lying in the apartment??!!!. Do you have eyes?, Have you not seen the pictures?, Do you need more evidence?. And the spider webs?, And dirt from the furniture?, And the poor condition of the furniture in the kitchen?.

4. The whole area was without wifi??!. When we went out to the street, next to home, my iPhone detected 15 or 20 WiFi signals from other shops and houses, all with passwords obviously.

5. Yes, she really knocked the door but with very poor manners, at an inappropriate hour (15:00h.) And talking hysterically she told us that we could have her pocket hidden somewhere in the house or we have spent her money. After many explanations, do you still not understand history?.

6. Why you try to change our version?, Why are you trying to hide the truth?, Why you block my access to your site to keep me from you that I can review?.

I write this information in travelers' webs in order that they do not suffer the sad, unpleasant , shameful and ridiculous experience and situation that harm our vacations.

For the good of your health, do not rent with CityMundo!!!.

Dallas, Texas
Destination Expert
for Amsterdam
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28. Re: City Mundo

I've used CityMundo several times as well as friends without any issue. I've have also stayed in the studio you mentioned and the host was very accommodating.

Auckland Region...
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29. Re: City Mundo

I guess it all boils down to expectations, and often lack of communication.

I guess it is bound to happen now and again as they deal with so many apartments. However, the photos did look awful, so CityMundo's feeble explanation of the dust did not do justice to the issue of dirt/filth. I woudl have been horrified and would have refused to have slept in such a place.

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30. Re: City Mundo

J'avais déjà fait appel à eux et je suis désormais extrêmement déçue car alors que j'avais seulement émis l'hypothèse que nous ne pourrions en fin de compte peut-être pas venir le 1er mai comme initialement réservé et demandé quelles options s'offraient à nous, ils ont annulé d'eux-même et ont conservé notre acompte de 112€ ! Et ce alors même que j'avais écrit clairement de ne surtout pas annuler tant que je ne le disais pas fermement...Ils ne veulent absolument pas entendre raison alors que dans leurs propres conditions générales je suis même encore dans le délai...!!! Olivia

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