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Rent a car with driver in amsterdam

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Rent a car with driver in amsterdam


we are a family and we plan to visit Amsterdam, next year in summer, so i would ask about rent a car with driver for 8 persons, if have any suggest about that please tell me, we can't drive there, we need someone to drive, and also we can rent driver only and we rent a car, or taxi, so please give me your suggestion

* car with driver

* Taxi

* driver with car rental

which choose is better for us?

And if have any contacts details for my question please write here

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1. Re: Rent a car with driver in amsterdam

Can you please tell us more where you'd like to visit? Just Amsterdam? Or trips to other towns / places outside Amsterdam as well?

Are you all mobile enough to walk? Amsterdam is very compact and a lot can be done on foot, or by using trams, buses and metros. Or even by bike like the locals do if that's something you're interested in.

Taxis are expensive by comparison.

As for visiting places outside Amsterdam, organized tours or public transport could be a solution, unless you want a very private tour.




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2. Re: Rent a car with driver in amsterdam

If your just visiting amsterdam then forget a car,,,everywhere can be reached on foot or by tram... Forget taxis extortionate prices especially if they know your a tourist.. Amsterdam is not a very car friendly city (which is a good thing )... Lots of roads in the centre are tight and driving around is a slow business .. Another alternative is to hire bikes if all your family are old enough to be able to ride... In many places bikes take priority over cars anyway,, just be careful if hiring bikes though as certain hire bikes are targets for theft as they know that they are hired by tourists for example the yellow or red bikes,,try to hire something a little plainer with no company names on if you can... Some hotels hire bikes which dont stand out to the bike bandits...

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3. Re: Rent a car with driver in amsterdam

>>Forget taxis extortionate prices especially if they know your a tourist<<

I have to dispute that Shaun. They are expensive for locals too LOL! Seriously they are not that bad if you always use TCA.

Sahati unless you are some very rick oil sheik who is used to being chauffeured around all over town then forget about drivers unless you feel like paying €300 + per day, probably more for a large vehicle. There are plenty of limo companies around if you have the cash.

Don't even think about renting a car to drive around the city

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4. Re: Rent a car with driver in amsterdam

The big unknows being are you mobile, and where do you plan to go?

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5. Re: Rent a car with driver in amsterdam

@RonaldoC i know what you mean about taxi fares.. Being expensive for everyone but i always think that if the driver knows your a tourist then they take the long route around to bump up the fare.. Taxi drivers in london used to do the same thing with tourists but they have brought in a test which every driver must complete before being able to drive a taxi plus they do spot checks now to catch out drivers who try to inflate there fares.... And londons black cabs have trackers fitted which records routes undertaken by the driver in case of a discrepency..

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6. Re: Rent a car with driver in amsterdam

Sahari: this might suit you chauffeurstelefoon.nl/10-persoons-luxe-mini-…

Try mailing them at info@chauffeurstelefoon.nl

I don't know anything about them, except what they have on their website.

Please be aware that a driver here is probably just going to drive. You are probably used to drivers who will provide all sorts of other small services and assistance as part of the package. If you expect that here, you will quite likely end up thinking that your driver was very rude (and s/he will end up thinking that you were very demanding). For example: if the driver stops for fuel and your mother wants something from the kiosk, then you or your mother are going to have to get out of the vehicle. The driver will not assume that to be his, or her, task.

Mr Other


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7. Re: Rent a car with driver in amsterdam

Wow this thread is rife with some assumptions bordering on the edge of unpleasant stereotyping.. "rick [sic] oil sheikh", assuming the OP needs to be told not to treat the driver as his servant... I hope the OP returns to clear up the background to his question... after all, it was merely a question from someone in a Gulf State who most likely has never been in Amsterdam inquiring about a car and driver... one can have means without being a rich oil sheikh or automatically assuming everyone is your servant.... you'd be surprised how many people who can afford it will hire private sedans with driver in places like NYC, or KL, or Paris, or London for the whole day instead of taxis for each trip or public trans. Give the dude a break for not knowing that such an idea is highly unusual in Amsterdam for mostly logical logistical reasons and compact geography (plus the fact that we frankly don't attract nearly as many of the 'private sedan type' crowd as NYC, Paris, London or KL to name a few places that do).

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Amsterdam, The...
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8. Re: Rent a car with driver in amsterdam

Yep, still waiting for answers to my questions in post 1... Don't feel like playing the guessing game this time.

Essen, Germany
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9. Re: Rent a car with driver in amsterdam

During my time at the Istanbul forum I got to know how many people are asking for a tourist guide with a car or van, for one day, or for a week, just for Istanbul or for some other parts of Turkey as well, and I know for example that a van for 1 day might be up to 200 - 300, with guide, not only driver.

I have always been somewhat amazed, I think we Germans are pretty economical:-))

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10. Re: Rent a car with driver in amsterdam

I think that's fair critique Lenny.

I was trying to be helpful based on what I thought the poster would expect, but it probably does say more about my assumptions than about the poster. Hope s/he isn't as offended as you were.

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