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Trip Report Lucca

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Trip Report Lucca

Not sure if this is the exact place this is supposed to be posted as I see on some forums they have specific places for reports and people get rather UPSET if its not in the right place, so i apologise ahead of time but this forum seems pretty relaxed....

Not sure if this is a report as such but I have liked Lucca so much , I felt i needed to say something.

Personally I have found Lucca to be astoundingly beautiful yet lived in and it has touched me like no other place.Please let me be clear so no one gets upset, ALL OF ITALY is wonderful and much of it breath takingly beautiful, but realistically like any country, it has its faults as no doubt does Lucca and while I have found the things I have seen on this trip and others have amazed and visually appealed, I found nothing really moved me apart from the "last supper" in Milan.

However, Lucca and specifically the angel at San Michele has really touched me. I have been here 3 weeks and done bugger all. Normally I like to scurry round and try to see everything I can and usually go home exhausted! In Lucca, I have been happy to mooch around here and really havent done much at all. The beauty of Lucca is not in its churches or sights, but in its simplicity, if that makes sense. As I said before, Lucca is not set up for tourists, whilst it welcomes you, life in Lucca does not revolve around what tourists may and may not like.I did not feel that I was a walking wallet as in some other places and people were pleasant/unpleasant because they wanted to be, not because of what i may spend.The attitude is "if you like Lucca as it is , great, if not, well bad luck" and i mean that as a positive not a negative.

Lucca for me is.........kids playing at the grass patch by San Martino, Treccia and buccellato from Tadeucci's, running around the walls and outside the walls, Tintoretto's Last Supper in San Martino, feeding the cats in via San Donato and Borgo a mozzano station, Ponte del Diavolo, street cleaning machine outside the windows, San Michele Angel (i just reliased i was so taken by the angel, i have yet to go inside the church- i will do when i go for my final run and look around) Mosiac at San Frediano church, guinigi tower, the lovely bags in Allegrini Fillipo in via del moro, the orange biccies in esselunga, lovely lucchese pork sausages, torta di ricotta/ verdura e cioccolata from panificio lazzeroni, piazza napoleone at night, running the walls at night, foccacia bread and potato and rosemary rolls from forno casali ,wandering at the antique markets, looking at the wednesday and saturday markets, the winding streets, for me the ability to not take a map after 2-3 days was amazing as i get lost everywhere, walking round feeling safe after 9pm, the quietness after 9pm, the lunch shut down and much more that i will remember later.........just enjoying the wandering around, doing nothing, not looking for anything in particular.........

I love that there is no McD's, KFC or the like in the city walls, i did see that there is Mcd's outside the walls. I recall reading a little while ago that even when a kebab shop opened within the walls there was a kefuffle about it.........I also like that there is no big name shops as such- Yes there is versace, armani etc but their few items are sold along side other labels, I didnt see an exclusive Gucci/ prada/Burberry/ versace shop........

I cant say how lucky people in europe and england are to be in such close vicinity to so many wonderful places and the flights are so cheap. At home, I cant even fly to wellington (70 min flight) for less than 150 NZ sometimes........last time i was here i flew to Poland from London for 30 Euro return!! Even to Aussie for us is 300-500nz$..........

so now to start saving to come again....maybe i need the wanderers guide to Lucca for next time where i feel i may venture outside the walls a little more:) well at least beyond borgo gionotti .........

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Salt Lake City, Utah
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1. Re: Trip Report Lucca

You have found the essence of Lucca. Congratulations.


Surrey, United...
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2. Re: Trip Report Lucca

Hi mste,

This perfectly captures what we feel, and have been saying, about Lucca. Explains why we've been going back to the place every year for the last decade and rarely venture beyond borgo giannotti!


Perth, Western...
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3. Re: Trip Report Lucca

Dear Mste161, We clap our hands. Thank you so much to have expressed your feeling telling politely to everybody what is a common sustainable holiday. Not the one you do for the honeymoon when you don't mind squandering dollars feeling like Onassis or Napoleon but the ones you wish to have every year or two because such holiday suppose to be a right coming just after the right to study and the right to have a job.

Thank you so much again.

Christina and Giuseppe.

perth Australia
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4. Re: Trip Report Lucca

Hi Mste, thank you for the wonderful report. We are heading back to Italy next year and just starting the very enjoyable process of working out where we want to go this time. We had been thinking of staying in Siena and trying to get to Lucca for a day........the plans have now changed and we will be spending time in both....we like travel as you do, just enjoying the place we are in and soaking up as much of it as we can to savour until our next journey...that's one decision made! Regards Sue and Ken

Mooloolaba Australia
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for Sunshine Coast, Umbria
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5. Re: Trip Report Lucca

Yes it is certainly the best BIG village and it seeps into the soul. not hard to just waste the days away but it is a good central place to use as a base and we would rather stay there or further up the valley to go to Florence/pisa.

Do take a trip up to Barga whilst there and look at the garfagnana Valley

Montepulciano, Italy
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6. Re: Trip Report Lucca

Lucca for me is......... walking round feeling safe after 9pm, the quietness after 9pm, the lunch shut down and much more that i will remember later.........just enjoying the wandering around, doing nothing, not looking for anything in particular.........

What a beautiful account, so poetic and so true. (I often go out for a walk on my own late at night just to remind myself it's safe to do so!) I think it's marvellous that you stayed in one place, relaxed, slowed down and took Tuscany at its own pace. For that's when it really becomes magical, when you just drift around doing nothing, watching, listening (I often refer to that "Tuscan silence") in a place that must be so different to home. I think I've mentioned before how, last summer, I kept bumping into two young American couples who had rented a tiny, very simple, traditional village house near my own. They had a car but they barely used it preferring instead to just sit in the cafe or on a bench in the piazza watching what was going on as local people went about their everyday life. They took in everything finding it all absolutely fascinating, even simple things that I tend to overlook such as the local kids who play soccer every evening on a Renaissance loggia!

I can fully understand why people want to see so much when they're here and why they try to cram in as many towns and villages as possible. But as the OP proves, you can possibly get an even better feel for what the region's all about by simply staying put in one place and just being.

perth Australia
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7. Re: Trip Report Lucca

Hello Mausgrass and thank you, I have now looked up Borga and it looks absolutely beautiful we will definitely be making the trip up there from Lucca, the trouble is I keep finding more and more places I want to stay in, not just visit for a day....the plans are expanding

perth Australia
posts: 95
reviews: 20
8. Re: Trip Report Lucca

Sorry I meant Barga not Borga my apologies

Auckland Region...
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9. Re: Trip Report Lucca

I am glad my report has been of some use,

Lucca certainly is a special place and I can't wait to go back again.

I also want to go back and spend time at Montepulciano as of all the hill towns, I liked it the most, where I wasnt really that fussed if I went there or not originally. I wish I could be like Mesh and all you lucky people who get to spend your holidays in another country because its all so close and relatively hassle free/inexpensive to get there and look forward to going there every year for my holidays!!

Forgot to say Lucca is also the bikes and lots of dogs!! and the wonderful walls.............Sigh!!!

Oooh, just one more comment- one thing that amazed me in Italy, was that I would go off on these walks in the middle of nowhere for 2-3 hours and there would be no- one the whole time i was walking , yet at no time did I think, ooh creepy, murders, molesters etc as I would at home. No way would i walk/run on country roads at home.......and its not as if NZ has a high crime rate........

Surrey, United...
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10. Re: Trip Report Lucca

Italy might be "close" to the UK, but as we don't fly, it takes us 3 days to do the drive to Lucca but worth the 2000 mile round trip to be able to spend our holidays in this wonderful city.


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