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Car Rental at Advantage Rent a Car- Milan Malpensa Oct 2011

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Lisbon, Portugal
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Car Rental at Advantage Rent a Car- Milan Malpensa Oct 2011

Please avoid this Rent a car. We got it via a discount site Economy Car Rentals .com.

Sequence of events: we were a group of 6. At Malpensa, although the rental knew our time of arrival, we had to wait for 40 min to get a van that would take us to the rental office(not at the airport). After getting there we were provided with a car that had a mechanical issue (warning light on worn break pads) and 63 k kms, all dirty inside. Since we refused the car we were provided with a Ford Transit Van 9 seater, unclean and unprepared for rental. It solved our problem but created an issue on how to park such a large car in car parks in the town center.

You should be aware that Advantage belongs to Hertz. Although the staff was nice, the fundamentals are wrong. This was an experience never to be repeated again, a mistake based on using a discount site.

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1. Re: Car Rental at Advantage Rent a Car- Milan Malpensa Oct 2011

Same thing just happened to us! AVOID at all costs, staff were absolutely awful , swearing at us in Italian like a lunatic! STAY CLEAR:

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2. Re: Car Rental at Advantage Rent a Car- Milan Malpensa Oct 2011

We've just returned - Absolute nightmare- 50 minute wait for a bus, told we had to pay an excess (although we'd paid a full waiver) - its a complete shambles and I would

Highly recommend anyone to avoid it. When we got back we again waited for a lift back to the airport. I had to shout and make a scene t get someone to get us back to the airport in time for our flight. Stressful and not what you need on your holiday!

Amsterdam, The...
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3. Re: Car Rental at Advantage Rent a Car- Milan Malpensa Oct 2011

Completely agree; we had booked 2 small panda's for 6 guys. It took us 1 1/2 hrs from arriving at the airport to leaving with the cars. It took a long time for the van to pick us up and then it took a long time to get the cars. They were full of dents and scratches. Most of the staff was unhelpful and rude. Although somebody says it belongs to Hertz it's just a corner office with one Advantage sign and a couple of cars. AVOID!!

Amsterdam, The...
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4. Re: Car Rental at Advantage Rent a Car- Milan Malpensa Oct 2011

Stay well clear from this outfit! Rented two cars with this company over the weekend with a group of friends. Very similar experience as above. Took more than half an hour to get the promised shuttle pick-up although its a 3-minute drive. Check-out of the car took forever, probably up to an hour for two dated Fiat Pandas. The cars itself were quite heavily used, scuffed and dented. Returning the cars again took over half an hour while we had a flight to catch. At some point we just tossed the keys on the counter and demanded the shuttle to bring us, this seemed to wake the staff up. Besides our group also a family with the same situation. While we were at the agency well on time for our flight, they managed to make it a stressful event after all.

In brief, we fell for the fact that they were couple euros cheaper on the internet and regret it big time.

Biddinghuizen, The...
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5. Re: Car Rental at Advantage Rent a Car- Milan Malpensa Oct 2011

We just came back home from a short trip in Italy. We rented a car at Advantage Malpensa. The worst car rental ever!! Don't go to these guys who rip you off. But even worse: the car we had wasn't clean, was full of scratches, one head light didn't function, no antenna, wheels not balanced etc. etc. Very rude emplyees, dirty and messy offices and so on. How a firm like Hertz can own such a disastrous office, it's a shame! AVOID AT ANY TIMES!!!!

Cheltenham, United...
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6. Re: Car Rental at Advantage Rent a Car- Milan Malpensa Oct 2011

DisAdvantage Car Hire.

This is one of the most appalling customer experiences I've ever had.

Waited one hour at the airport wondering what was going on. No-one had heard of the company Advantage. We had no number, only an address which turned out not to exist.

I used my phone to get on to their website which also has no phone number, has the same non-existent address and email as the only way to make contact.

We had booked the car hire through auto-europe in the UK, who simply did not answer the phone. Eventually someone at the avis desk said they had a relative working in advantage and made a call on our behalf, and a knackered fiat transit turns up and parks up in the departures car park (completely different from described waiting area). They put us onto the vehicle, then disappear for 20 minutes. we then get the white-knuckle-ride for a couple of miles and get dropped at the Advantage main depot.

This is a filthy warehouse office where we stand in a queue waiting to get served, for about 1 hour. Yelling doesn't help, they simply shrug. There are lots of employees standing around chatting on their mobiles.

We eventually get seen by an unfriendly and unapologetic character. Surly is probably the best description for him. He says it's not their responsibility to collect people on time, or have contact details on their website, he says it's down to the booking agent. He interrupts our session every time his mobile rings, which is often.

Apparently our holiday car insurance booked in the UK is irrelevant, and they want 1440 euros deposit unless we take their super-duper-duper car insurance which coincidently doubles the cost of the car hire.

Finally we are given a key, and we drive away. The car looks like its had a hard life. the wheel trims are all broken or mssing, every panel has a dent or ding of some kind. The ventilation does not work, nor (we found out later) did the brake-lights. We also discovered (that night) that the headlights only worked when we turned left, the rear windows would drop when we went over 70kph, and the fog lights blinked on and off every ten minutes or so. The car would drop out of second gear every now and then, the radio didn't work, the cig lighter didn't work, and also the interior lights only worked intermittently.

When we showed all these things upon return, the guy tried unsuccessfully to make the ventilation work, shrugged, and waved us on our way.

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7. Re: Car Rental at Advantage Rent a Car- Milan Malpensa Oct 2011

I'd add to these terrible car rental experiences that it is also worth avoiding a company called Maggiore Car Rental. We had a similar experience. In future I'll be booking with a big name company. It may cost a bit more but it's worth it to avoid doing business with borderline gangsters.

Manchester, United...
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8. Re: Car Rental at Advantage Rent a Car- Milan Malpensa Oct 2011

we had a very similar experience to those of the above. However always remember a name of someone who works at a company as this is very useful. Francesco turned out to be our hero. Once I had used his name he quickly took us to the airport and thus we just made our flight!!! We will not be using this company again. Long live Francesco the hero.

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9. Re: Car Rental at Advantage Rent a Car- Milan Malpensa Oct 2011

I currently have an Advantage rental from the MXP site and while I did have to wait for 45 minutes for a pickup at the airport, the rental went smoothly after we reached the office. All my paperwork from AutoEurope had the phone contact for the Advantage office and the address was correct. One of the staff at Hertz called for me and then I called the second time (after the promised 15 minute pickup turned to 30).

There was only one man working and he was doing the pickups and the office paperwork. So it was understandable that he was running late. While I was there 2 other rentals were being processed and we all waited patiently for our turn. He was pleasant and helpful.

I even got a better car than I paid for and it was clean. No, it is not new and had scratches already on it but that works out great for me. I don't have to worry about putting the first ding in a car and I have yet to return a rental where someone in a parking lot hasn't put a ding or scratch on my car.

Yes, if you contract with a broker such as AutoEurope for a zero excess policy, your credit card will be blocked for the excess until the car is returned. That's the way it works. If there is chargeable damage then you file all the paperwork with AutoEurope for reimbursement. It's not a ripoff or scam. Read your paperwork.

Yes, it is in the back of a factory offsite. But for me it will be very convenient to return since I'm staying at a hotel just around the corner before flying out the next night.

I might use the company again in the same circumstances (not in a hurry/ returning the night before a flight) if the cost difference is significant.


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10. Re: Car Rental at Advantage Rent a Car- Milan Malpensa Oct 2011

Just had a similar experience at MXP. Directions to Advantage made no sense whatsoever, had to wait over an hour and ask various members of staff, all of whom didn't really seem to know where it was. We got a clunky, dented fiat which had a warning light on!! When we took it back to show them the woman smacked the headlight and said 'its fine!'. We also stupidly paid extra for their full cover! pffft! The car also didn't have a completely full tank- and being novices to car rental and not thinking much of it, we didn't report it (less than a 16th tank missing). We returned the car just slightly under full - and I mean just slightly it was only 1litre under- and the woman was so rude, told us to go away and fill it up or they'd charge us £70. We explained that it was practically full and there had been less in there when we'd gotten the car. But they wouldn't listen and ordered us away to put the extra 1 litre in. The directions they gave to the nearest petrol station were completely wrong and after driving around for 10 minutes we asked a local traffic warden who was very helpful. The petrol station was one of these self serve cash pumps an being the end of our holiday we had to use our last 50Euro note in. It cost 6Euros to fill the tank and after all that driving we had filled 1.8litres to top it up... But it gave us a ticket to claim our refund, but of course there was no one in the office to get our money back. Took the ticket to Advantage and asked them to reimburse us and then claim the money when the petrol station office was open but the refused and told us the petrol station would not give them the money! Rubbish!! They told us if we went back to the petrol station the man would return in half an hour and we could get our change. I was screaming at this point I had had enough. We drove back to the petrol station and waited an hour with no luck. By this point we'd had enough and having lost about £40 we just wanted to get home!!

Never again, was shouted at by the manager. Obviously they don't understand customer satisfaction. Grrrr!!