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Bus schedule to Amalfi from Pompie

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Bus schedule to Amalfi from Pompie

We will be going to Sorrento last week of May. From info gathered on this forum I will be buying ArteCard for 3 days. Flying in Naples Airport. Can I buy this card at the Airport?

On May 27 I am planning to visit pompie, travel to Amalfi and then back to Sorrento. Can I get a bus around 12noon/1PM from Pompie to Amalfi? Where I can find Bus schedule to Amalfi from Pompie? I could find schedule for Amalfi to Sorrento but not Pompie to Amalfi.

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1. Re: Bus schedule to Amalfi from Pompie

Overall, that's a fairly ambitious day!

The Artecard people closed their stand at the airport some years ago, since when I've asked on several occasions whilst there, always to be told they're not available...

Most easily, you might use the Curreri Viaggi bus (€10) to get from the airport to Pompei, and buy your Artecard once at the site?


However that version of the card could well cost €32 by the time you're here...



I'm not aware of a bus service between Pompei and Amalfi these days - as I recollect, SITA closed the route several years ago!

You've probably already had a look here for what SITA offer...


... and the best I can suggest is taking either one of these CSTP bus routes to Salerno


or http://www.cstp.it/linee/50fe.pdf

... or else a train - but from the town's Trenitalia station, not the Circumvesuviana one called "Pompei Scavi"... so you'd need go to the station marked in red on this:


From the stop outside Salerno's train station, take this SITA bus to Amalfi...


... and finally this one, to Sorrento...


But you'll have to check for yourself quite where the stops are, and just how well those would coordinate!


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2. Re: Bus schedule to Amalfi from Pompie

Thanks Peter for the detailed info.

I can take currie bus to pompei and do a stopover for 2-3 hours and take another bus to Sorrento on May 26.

Is the bus stop near the ruins site?

Do they allow stop over or do I have to pay again?

Is there a luggage storage facility available at the bus stop?

Alternatively I can take the train and do a stop over at Pompei.

Can I buy the arteCard at Naples Train station?

SITA bus info is Italian. Is there a link to change the language to English?

If I can do Pompei on my way to Sorrento, I will have next full day for Amalfi.

How about stop over at “Funivia del Monte Faito” on my way back from Sorrento? Is there a luggage storage facility available at the train station? Is Funivia worth this hastle? Where I can English info for “Funivia del Monte Faito”

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Isola d'Ischia...
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3. Re: Bus schedule to Amalfi from Pompie

May 26th is a Sunday, when many of the SITA routes run a reduced service ... however you'd originally said "On May 27 I am planning to visit pompie"

Which is it, please?


There's a luggage storage at the Porta Marina entry to the Pompei site.

The stop's not far from the site - I know I've read a fairly recent account from someone who used the Curreri bus to get there - possibly, but not definitely, in this...


For some help with the SITA timetable codes...


I doubt though that they'll let you reboard with the same ticket, for Sorrento... but why bother? It only costs €2.20 to take the Circumvesuviana train from Pompei Scavi station, with departures every 30 minutes or so!

See this, for where to buy the Artecard at Napoli Centrale



The cable car from Castellammare di Stabia to Monte Faito is out of action at present, with no forecast for its reopening:


Watch for news here:





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4. Re: Bus schedule to Amalfi from Pompie

I am flying into Naples and travelling to Sorrento on May 26. Now I will be visiting Pompei on my way to Sorrento. That is why I will have luggage.

Which is better for stop over and luggage storage (at Pompie), Currie bus or train from Naples? Naples airport to the train station & then the train to Sorrento. especially if I am buying ArteCard

May 27 is my trip to Amalfi/Positano, no Pompei on May 27 now.

This is Italian only. Any way to see it in English



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Isola d'Ischia...
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5. Re: Bus schedule to Amalfi from Pompie

Thanks for the explanation - that does sound a much more realistic plan! But do be sure to note which of the buses on those SITA timetables run on Sundays.... those coded "F" don't... etc.

The area around the site at Pompei is fairly small - have a look with GoogleMaps to see the distances involved... I'd have thought that the airport bus route involves less moving of one's luggage overall than dragging it around the station in Naples.

I've also read reports of an LLO in Pompei Scavi station - although that's perhaps less "official" than the one at the site:


(No idea of relative security, but over many years have never read of any problems with the one at the site?)

Most websites here have only an Italian version - to get their content into English you might try using this...


... or a browser which offers a built-in auto-translate facility, such as Google's Chrome ?

This might be a good site to practice with:


Hope you'll enjoy your visit,


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6. Re: Bus schedule to Amalfi from Pompie

Thanks Peter for this detailed info.

1. Should I spend more time in Positano or Amalfi?

2. How much time should I allocate for Positano? In Positano the bus stops and drop off at the main road. Do I need to take another bus to go the town? Just walk towards the town?

3. How about Amalfi?

I have a tour operator that will take us to Amalfi in the morning. Their bus will stop for a few minutes in Positano and then drive to Amalfi where we will have free time. Not much time in Positano.

What do you suggest? Take this tour or go independently?

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7. Re: Bus schedule to Amalfi from Pompie

I understand this is for just one day? You could split the time equally between the villages. I personally prefer Positano but if you have never been to either, I'd just do half and half. Go to Amalfi first then go to Positano. If you travel on the SITA bus from Amalfi to Positano, get off at the first top (the La Sponda stop) in Positano as it will be the closest to the pedestrian only portion of the village which leads down to the beach/seaside.

If you end up stopping Positano first coming from Sorrento - the La Sponda stop will be the second stop in Positano. If you get off at the Bar Internazionale stop, you will be very high up. You could, of course, then take the little internal bus that runs along the one, one-way road in Positana, Viale Pasitea. It drops you off at the top of the pedestrian stop, Piazza dei Mulini.

Do some google mapping and you will see these places on a map - it's all small so you won't go wrong whichever stop you get off at; it's just that the La Sponda stop is closest to the heart of the village.

There is a beautiful cathedral in Amalfi and the village road runs through the village with shops and restaurants along side. The buses are right near the harbor.

There's a nifty paper mill museo to visit: amalficoast.com/primopiano/paese/amalfi-2/am… (This site also has some other info about Amalfi)

and some more info about Amalfi:


And, a blog by someone who lives in Amalfi:


Some info about Positano:


A daily photo blog by someone who lives in Positano:


Hopefully, some of these sites will help you decide how to spend your very brief few hours there.

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Isola d'Ischia...
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8. Re: Bus schedule to Amalfi from Pompie

Amalfi was once an important place, one of the main "Maritime Republics", along with Venice, Genoa and Pisa... which four cities fight out a biennial rowing contest, the Regatta of the Ancient Maritime Republics,

- staged and won by Amalfi, last time (I think!). The team's ornate 8 man boat can be usually be seen in one of the building that remain from the former arsenale.

There's been a church on the site of the Duomo since the 6th century, although most of what's to be seen today is much later than the C13th cathedral built in honour of housing relics of Saint Andrew the Apostle - brought to Amalfi after being looted from Constantinople by the knights of the Fourth Crusade.

Try to keep back half an hour or so, to visit the almost-Swiss valley where mountain streams used to power the water mills, and the nearby Paper Museum:


More history in this - which describes the UNESCO listing:


Whereas Positano is very pretty, and perhaps offers better shopping...



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Isola d'Ischia...
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9. Re: Bus schedule to Amalfi from Pompie

Ooops - the race is actually held annually, although no result from 2011... after the first 3 teams were disqualified, Venice declined the opportunity to win from 4th place merely by default!

But indeed won last year by Amalfi...



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10. Re: Bus schedule to Amalfi from Pompie

So it seems both cities have to be visited. Ok, I will not join Tour Bus and go on my own using SITA buses and visit Positano and AC both