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Contiki Tours

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Waynesboro, PA
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Contiki Tours

I am looking into taking a Contiki Tours vacation to Italy...and maybe Europe in general. My wife and I are 29...still young...but a little out of the 21 year old partying scene...just can't keep up anymore. Has anyone taken a Contiki vacation? Would it still be worth it?? We don't want to be on a bus trip with a bunch of retirees either.


Denver, CO
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1. Re: Contiki Tours

I went on a Contiki trip about 2 years ago, when I was 26. I had a wonderful time! There were lots of people in their mid to late 20's, and several married couples. Of course, there were also some rowdy 18 year olds, but nobody was 'out of control' obnoxious. I also felt there was enough flexibility that you can do your own thing quite a bit.

Only a couple of caveats: You spend a LOT of time on the bus. Everyone had swollen ankles from all the sitting. Cities go by in a bit of a blur- my tour was the European Discovery, which is 14 days and 7 countries. Although, it did help in that now I know where I want to go spend more time (Paris, anywhere in Italy...). You will be very very tired. Since you have so little time in each place, you want to pack in as much as possible, which means late nights and then early (6 am usually) bus departures. Hotels are 1 or 2 stars at best. Not a problem usually, as you only go there to sleep, but you will be surprised how much you appreciate the ocassional Holiday Inn (and I'm totally a 'boutique hotel' kind of traveler) with it's hot showers, big beds and clean linens. Also, since you are traveling as a couple, I did hear that in many rooms, you will not get a queen or king size bed- just 2 doubles. Lastly, any included food will be mediocre at best.

I know that sounds like a lot of negatives, but they're not- just things to keep in mind. Let me reiterate that I LOVED my trip and I still think about it at least once a week. It was an amazing opportunity, and I still keep in touch with a few people from the tour. I saw so many things and it was wonderful to not have to stress about the little details. Get on the bus and voila- you're in another city with friends to have lunch with.

Let me know if you have any specific questions, as I really do love talking about my trip :)

Rome, Italy
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2. Re: Contiki Tours

I agree with Citygirl118, I also did a Contiki tour and it was amazing. I absolutely loved everything about it; the people, the places, the atmosphere, etc.

The late nights and early mornings can be tough, but you can sleep when you get home! Or if you dont want to go partying with everyone you can use your night times to relax or just go explore the city. You dont have to do anything that you dont want to when you do a contiki. I say go for it.

New York
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3. Re: Contiki Tours

I just went on a Contiki this past summer and was a little concerned with my future fellow travelers. But my group was so diverse and I found my own little group of buddies to hang with and it was really great! One of them actually lives in NY and I still see her occasionally.

Williams, Arizona
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4. Re: Contiki Tours

I agree with all the posts. I just did a Contiki in Sept of Italy and Athens. It was a lot of fun. Don't expect too much from the rooms. If you are open minded and don't mind a more rushed schedule its great. And you don't have to do what the group does either. You might enjoy one of the Getaways which allows you more free time and you can do what you want you just have to let your tour manager know. The food at most of the hotels is barely edible. The Torre Rosa was good. Rooms are small. Lots of walking. Groups vary we had 18-36yr olds on my tour. If you are looking for a good intro to Europe this is the way to go. We had at least 3 couples on our tour and they were fun. The didn't always do the same things together either.

Do some research. Visit www.us.contiki.com and check out the new contikipedia. Some of the kids do part. If the hotel is not contracted by contiki they kids have to go elsewhere to part so I'd suggest a Superior or Getway tour. I'm planning on doing Egypt and London with them at the end of this year. I am also a moderator on their website. If you have any questions feel free to email me. But on a contiki its all attitude not age.

Hope that helps.

Williams, Arizona
posts: 3,801
reviews: 17
5. Re: Contiki Tours

Should be some of the kids do party.

Los Angeles
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6. Re: Contiki Tours

Hey everyone! I'm glad to see you all had a good time on your Contiki's. I have had a lot of experience with them so please message me back if you'd like some info. I also know people who can get you deals on their trips!

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7. Re: Contiki Tours

What kind of deals can "your people" get? And, is Contiki out of the question for the forty something crowd? We don't want to hang out with the retirees, either!

Los Angeles
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8. Re: Contiki Tours

Haha, I'll have to check with "my people" about whether people outside the age-range can go. I'm reallly excited...going on a Winter Europe Contiki in 14 days, hitting up Munich, Austria, Venice, Florence, Lucerne, and Paris. Woohoo! Hopefully going on a Greek Island Hopping Trip next May.

In terms of the young "party" crowd at Contiki, really, Contiki may have that "party" reputation, but they obviously have it because the older people, the "retirees", if I may, see them having so much fun and thus can only use that word to describe their tours. It's like labeling all college students who go to Cabo San Lucas for Spring Break as hardcore partyers, when I know people who've gone there just to chill out by the beach. Party = fun.

Contiki is as crazy part-hardy as YOU make it to be. There's free time on the trips, so you can take the initiative to go to the bars and discos, or you can go the more cultural route. Either way, there's enough structure but enough free time to do what you want to do.

There are discounts going on now: if you book a tour by 12/23/2008 you get $150 off, and I can get you an additional $100 off. There's also a 6 month discount where you save a certain %, depending on the length of the tour, and also a group discount: groups of 4 get 5% off, etc. etc. (look at the site). Also, there's this feature called the "gift registry" - kinda like a wedding registry, but instead you can ask family/friend to donate to your trip (or buy you an excursion - see the site for more deets), for your birthday, graduation, anniversary...so really, your parents could buy you a Gondola trip in Venice for your anniversary if you wanted! Cool huh.

Email me at kristinaxlee@gmail.com if you want even more info! Good luck everyone, hope to hear back soon :) HAPPY TRAVELS

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9. Re: Contiki Tours

Thinking of planning a trip for my daughter & friend... Any info would be helpful...

Lisa Souza

Los Angeles
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10. Re: Contiki Tours

What kind of trip are you looking to plan? Like, a planned-out tour trip (Contiki style) or another one that you plan yourself? I know Contiki has a 2 week tour called "Simply Italy" (link here: http://contiki.com/tours/152-simply-italy) that I heard is really fun. My friend's friend went on it and I ran into a group of them when I was in Europe on my Contiki this past winter. It really depends on what kind of trip you're looking for -- more details, please!