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Itinerary for 3 month europe trip

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Sydney, Australia
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Itinerary for 3 month europe trip

G'Day Everyone,

I just wanted to put it out there that my husband and are are planning a trip to europe for next year, possibly arrive in Athens Greece in July and end up in Munich Germany for Oktoberfest..

The main purpose of our trip is to see as much as we can, while avoiding as much of the "whirlwind affect" as possible..

We are interested in a variety of things and our focus is quite broad and dependent on the country we are in..

For example, greece for nightlife, beach and historical monuments, Italy for food, wine, and Historical architecture/some art and museums, France for wine, food, art and of course a general parisian experience...

in Ireland, the countryside and pubs, London, the nightlife and monuments/some museums, In Netherlands, Amsterdam (everyone has to do it once, right?), and Belgium to see Brugge and any chocolate related locations?? Germany for the history, maybe a night or 2 in a traditional German village and experience a taste of nature on our way to Frankfurt-is Frankfurt worth seeing?-oktoberfest in Munich, some nature in Switzerland-Lucerne?-same for Austria as well as a general taste of vienna, Poland we will go to Krakow as I heard it is intriguing and worth the visit, also for the famous concentration camp Auschwitz as both my husband and i have an interest in history...

We will be taking approximately 40000 aud or around 33500 euros, my question is, do you think this will be enough? This includes all on the road costs, deducting airfare. We plan to travel by train mostly, using coachsurfing and airfare sometimes if cheaper..

We plan on finding the cheapest accomodation possible and to buy food from grocery stores and prepare it ourselves mostly to save money and eating out maybe 1 in every 4 or 5 days, n not at touristy places. and we dont mind cheap wine :-)

We dont plan on partying every night but just where it counts, a few nights in the greek islands, party in ibiza at least once, a few london/irish pubs and nightlife in Berlin's meant to go off, so i hear :-), and theres oktoberfest which may warrant a few pints lol

Itinerary is:

Athens 3 days

Thessaloniki 2 days

Mykanos 2 days

Santorini 3 days

Ios 2 days

Corfu 3 days

Ferry to Bari and spend arvo/night @ Naples 1 day

See Pompeii and arrive at Rome to spend night

Rome 4 days

sienna or florence ? 1 day

Pisa in morning then Spend night at Bologna (=1 day)

Venice 2 days

Milan to see last supper

arrive @ Cinque terre (not sure which town to stay @) spend arvo/night there and next day (=1 1/2 day)

Spend night at Nice

(Insert Ideas here, i.e. Not sure about the south/east coast of France

3 days...

From say Marseille we want to either train it or boat it to Barcelona if possible.. if we boat will we be missing out on anything to worth going by on train?

Ibiza 2 days

Barcelona 3 days

Lyon 2 days ( anywhere else we could spend a day at? a pretty village in the french countryside)

Valley of the Somme??

Paris 4-5days

London 4 days

Ireland (not sure of where to stay at, welcome to suggestions) 4-5 days

Amsterdam (probably fly here) 4 days

Brugges 3 days

(anywhere else worth a visit?? i.e. chocolate factories lol maybe another town to spend 1 day/night)

Frankfurt 2 days?? (suggestions welcome)

Want to spend a night/day seeing some of the blackforest (by train maybe or short hike) should we do this as a day trip maybe?? or on the way to switzerland?

Switzerland??? 4-5 days


We want to go up Mt Jugenfrau, maybe by train, also want to do some extreme sports while here... any suggestions about cheap places to stay or good locations that arent to out of the way for pub transport that would give us a taste of nature??In Austria we want to stay at a more natural location for maybe 2-3 days before heading to suburbia vienna for 2-3 days..

Prague 3 days

Krakow 3 days

day trip to Auschwitz

Berlin 4-5 days (experience a few clubs)

Munich 4-5 days for oktoberfest...

I dont think ive left anything out, but basically we want to do this as cheaply as possible, eg, no shopping, cheap accom and cheap food most of the time, most of excess spending will be for some sightseeing and some nightlife (which wont be every night either)

Any way, if you have taken the time to read my post, I am very grateful, and I am open to any suggestions and advice you can give.. will split my post into country focused questions as well and post on more specific forums,,,

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Hong Kong, China
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for Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai Region, Shenzhen, Bangkok
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1. Re: Itinerary for 3 month europe trip

Sorry to say that Oktoberfest in Munich finished Oct 3rd. (Sep 17 to Oct 3).

Munich is nice anyway, while Frankfurt would not be on the top of my list. If you want to see other parts of Germany besides Munich and Berlin, consider one of the cities in the north, like Hamburg or even visit the sea side for a day. Beer in the north is also different to the beer in the south. ;-)

33500 Euros is a lot of money. I am not quite sure what is included and not included in it (airfares?).

Some places are more expensive (e.g. London hotels), some are cheaper (e.g. Prague hotels and food).

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2. Re: Itinerary for 3 month europe trip

There's a lot here. As someone who's done both a circuit trip of Europe and more focused trips, here's my two cents:

- Your itinerary is still whirlwind, far too whirlwind for my taste. 3 months is a lot of time, but you're covering a lot of distance, with a lot of different cultures. If you take about a 1/3 of the places off your list you'd still have a busy and full vacation. I take it this may be your first trip to Europe - I can't stress how much less can be more when it comes to traveling there, even though it may not seem like that if you've been dreaming of seeing famous places.

- I really encourage you to put in some longer stays (like, 5-6 days) every other week. 3 months is a long time to travel, and you'll want a chance to catch your breath, relax, do laundry, and get to explore some places in more depth. Between these longer stays, you can put in shorter stops and trips.

- Don't confuse days and nights in an itinerary. Travel between cities generally takes anywhere between a half to a full day off your site seeing and leisure time. So 2 nights in Venice is 1 day there; 3 nights would give you 2 full days. Particularly when you're talking capitals or big tourist cities it can take you longer to get situated and oriented than you might think

- Keep in mind there's a tradeoff: the more ground you cover the more travel will cost and the less time you have to actually enjoy the place you're seeing. Some of the places on your list involve a lot of time and money to get to for not much time. Maybe it's worth it to you to spend 300 euros at least just on train/plane to/from London for just 4 days in England - or 5 hours on train to Prague for 3 days - but you should be asking yourself what the tradeoff is.

- Italy seems particularly rushed here. You've planned 12 days. That gives you time to see three towns/cities with a day trip or so if you're feeling ambitious. You might consider alternatives: Ostia Antica is easier done as a day trip from Rome than Pompeii.

- There's too much zigzagging and backtracking geographically. Rearranging things and taking out a place or two can help: It makes no sense to do Bruges after Amsterdam if you're going to Germany next.

- Think about season for each place. It might be best not to end up in Paris during their August vacation, for instance.

To answer specific questions:

- Frankfurt does not make a lot of sense for this kind of trip unless you have a compelling reason to include it. If you're going south toward Switzerland, some place like Heidelberg might be a good famous destination, Freiburg could be a good base for the Black Forest, and there hundreds of small towns worth checking out in Baden-Wurttemberg.

- You do pass plenty of things on the train from Marseille to Barcelona, but I wouldn't be concerned about missing them, unless you want a much slower paced portion of the South of France portion.

- I take it you want to visit the Somme for war-history sites? It's not an easy region to see by train.

- if you're going to see the Black Forest, give yourself at least 2 nights/1 full day. There are scenic trains that cut through it, and plenty of hiking opportunities.

- 33500 euros would mean 10,000 a month, quite a bit - if that number is right, your budget would allow for a less penny-pinching trip.

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3. Re: Itinerary for 3 month europe trip

To follow up, here's a sample itinerary cutting a few things out, but giving at least a week per country. I put Central Europe earlier to take advantage of summer weather.

Weeks 1-2: Greece

(fly to Berlin)

Week 3: Berlin w/ side trips or w/ couple days in Dresden

Week 4: Czech Republic: Prague plus 1-2 smaller towns

Week 5: Germany: Munich, Bavaria

Week 6: Switzerland: Jungfraujoch, Appenzell?, Grueyeres?

Weeks 7-8: Italy: Milan, Florence w/ day trips, Rome w/ day trips

Week 9: South of France: Nice, inland town in Provence (Avignon?), Marseille

Week 10: Spain: Barcelona, Ibiza

(fly to Paris?)

Week 11: France: Paris, w/ day trips - Amiens? Versailles?

Week 12: England: London, w/ day trips: Bath, Cambridge

Maybe the omissions aren't the ones you would choose, but I guess I wanted to suggest the value of picking base cities and not rushing through countries. And this itinerary still speeds past a lot of wondering places!

Best of luck planning your trip - sounds like it will be a blast.

Munich, Germany
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4. Re: Itinerary for 3 month europe trip

If you're in Krakow already, I recommend going to Auschwitz but don't plan anything else for the day or the evening because I think you won't feel like doing it.

At www.auschwitz.pl you can look at what time the English tour starts.

You get to Oswiecim (which is the actual name of the town) by train, but the train only leaves every two hours or so. There's also a bus from Krakow which leaves a little more often. At any rate, you need to plan in advance. There's a bus to Auschwitz memorial. The schedules are in Polish only, so it might be a good idea to familiarize yourself with a few simple words, such as "only, not on, Sunday, weekday" and the like.

Sydney, Australia
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5. Re: Itinerary for 3 month europe trip

Thank you so much everyone! I will definately look into cutting a few locations out of my trip to experience it more fully.. but I still want to fit as many locations in as possible, as i might not ever get the chance to go again, at least for a long time!

Thanks oedi, I could possibly cancel austria, as I am already experiencing alot of nature in switzerland. I guess i wanted to see a bit of Belgium because of the chocolate, but my hips would be grateful if that was omitted, lol. But I dont want to cancel Ireland as my husbands father is Irish and hes never been over there..

But my husband is looking into getting a dual citizenship Australia/Irish, so that might mean the Schengen 90 day rule might not apply to us?? Not sure yet, still looking into it...

Thanks cookie and Petra for the tips! Always welcome ;-)

ill do some shuffling around and repost my revised itinerary in a day or 2.. thanks again!! You've given me a lot to think about :-)

Bottrop, Germany
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6. Re: Itinerary for 3 month europe trip

Wow, this trip will be a huge logistical challenge:-)).

Normally I would suggest to book a lot of flight and train tickets in advance , to get better rates, but I think that this won´t be an important point for you, your budget might be enough for all those costs. So you will stay more independant and flexible.

I would make a list of all destinations I want to visit by hook or crook (!), then take a map and try to join all those basic points. Perhaps you could try to arrange a kind of round trip, beginning e.g. at Berlin - Poland- Czechia - Greece--Italy (or Austria/Switzerland) /Italy ) - France - Spain - UK and Ireland - Belgium - The Netherlands - and back to Germany, perhaps to Cologne.

Then you can add all those side trips that you would like to do as well,

But it might be pretty exhausting, so you should consider that after a while you might be somewhat overwhelmed...

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7. Re: Itinerary for 3 month europe trip

I will buck the trend and say yes, Frankfurt is worth seeing. It has several beautiful Medieval churches - the Kaiserdom, Deutsche Orden, Alte Nikolai, St. Justinus, and St. Leonhards (tho this one is closed for some restoration for a year).

Historically, Frankfurt has played a major role in Germanys' history, except not in the nazi time period as hitler hated Frankfurt. Claimed we had too many Jews and called Frankfurt the New Jerusalem. That said, there are many Jewish cultural sites here to see, most notably the Jewish Holocaust Memorial Wall.

The 1st parliament was held here in 1848, the emperors were elected here since 1356 and crowned here too, since 1562. Frankfurt was a free, Imperial city, and one of the major trade fair cities since the 1100's.

The city has a lot of museums for various interests as well as a wide variety of cultural events. Tons of festivals in the spring, summer and fall. Beautiful old neighborhoods, lots of farmers markets, and a very interenational feel due the the many foreigners that live here.

Another plus is the proximity to many other towns of interest. Places like Buedingen, Idstein, Bad Homburg, and then a bit farther afield with Heidelberg, Wuerzburg, and the Rhine.

Bottrop, Germany
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8. Re: Itinerary for 3 month europe trip

Although I´m not a real fan of Frankfurt I would say that in your case it might be a good base for the (2. and last) stay at Germany. It´s nearly in the middle of everything, so you can do your trips from there in all directions.

Amsterdam, The...
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9. Re: Itinerary for 3 month europe trip

For your 3-month Eurotrip, I would consider planning one or two week "break" from all these cities and travel in general. Maybe a nice vacation house in the nature somewhere, rent some bicycles and relax. It could be anywhere, basically, Tuscany , Schwarzwald,Bavaria, Holland, etc.....

PS: On this forum we have a few people from Frankfurt and Stuttgart who are very enthusiastic in promoting their city. While that's positive and should be encouraged, keep in mind that these cities are not prime destinations and could be skipped as well. Most Germans would not chose Frankfurt or Stuttgart when going for a national city break.

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Barcelona, Spain
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10. Re: Itinerary for 3 month europe trip

Someone says Italy seems rushed but Spain consists of only Barcelona and Ibiza!! Spain is a lot more than just a beach destination, it is a very varied country ( landscape, climate, history) so just going to two places to party means you are missing a lot.

Greece in July will be very hot (as will other destinations in the Med so going to central Europe first makes more sense from that point of view too. I agree about time in a small town/countryside, you could rent a house or apartment and relax a bit.

I spent a year near Frankfurt and would agree with Bornheimgirl athat it has a lot going for it but do know that it is not top of city-break charts. Same could be said of Hamburg (also interesting) and definitely of Zaragoza which is halfway between Barcelona and Madrid and yet so often overlooked.......

I expect you know that there are concentration camps near Berlin and Munich. You could consider including one of them rather than going to Kralkow and Auschwitz if you find that it complicates your journey-planning a lot.

You have missed out Croatia which is a beautiful and fascinating country and Ihas a few party destinations (incl. Hvar, Novalja on Pag Island) . Ferries from Italy, cheap flights too.

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