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Can we trust the published rates of Booking.com ?

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Can we trust the published rates of Booking.com ?

Did anyone else experience problems with Booking.com customer service?

I am waiting 3 months now for them to resolve a simple issue of hotel dishonesty and they simply do nothing!

That's my story: I ordered and secured by credit card 2 triplet rooms at Admiral Hotel in Frankfurt for the sum of 80EUR per night per room. The next day I received an email from Admiral Hotel stating the rooms are (all of the sudden) not available but instead they offered regular double rooms for 220EUR per night (smaller rooms for 140EUR more!!). Obviously, that does not make sense and represent a clear case of deceitfulness in published internet rates. The hotel admitted to have available double rooms but failed to offer them at the same rate of the triplet rooms I reserved & secured.

We as customers trust the rates published at booking.com. One would expect that booking.com will stand firm behind their published rates and behind those who made the booking. It seems that Booking.com are not aware of this elementary requirement! I forwarded my complaint to booking.com immediately and they have expressed understanding to my compliant and promised to handle it.

3 months down the track, except from apologizing every month or so after receiving yet another email from me, they simply did nothing. NOTHING! Can we trust the published rates of this websites? Can we trust they will back you up when a hotel changes rates overnight?

Salt Lake City
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1. Re: Can we trust the published rates of Booking.com ?

I wonder what leverage Booking.Com or any other booking agency has other than to refuse to do business in the future with a hotel that misrepresents their prices. I wonder if Booking.com is still acting as an agent for the Admiral Hotel?

In the USA I am not sure that you can force a hotel to rent to you at an advertised price, perhaps only sue them for financial loss or report them if they do not.

Regards, Gary

Portland, Oregon USA
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2. Re: Can we trust the published rates of Booking.com ?

I've used booking.com many times and have never had a problem. Once a hotelier even mentioned that they were more reliable than another hotel booking group that I've used frequently.

A hotel that wants a satified and repeat customer should have offered equivalent rooms at a fair price. But, I don't believe they are required by law to do anything for you.

You'd have to read the fine print on the booking.com website and if it is like the fine print used by most companies, the buyer has no rights. Because, that is what the fine print is for.

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3. Re: Can we trust the published rates of Booking.com ?

Dear Teleport,

I agree that booking.com platform is very convenient. It even shows how many rooms are available in the hotel at any given moment. But what happens if something goes wrong? (e.g hotel changes published rates & occupancy). Did you ever need their help?

Portland, Oregon USA
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4. Re: Can we trust the published rates of Booking.com ?

No, I've never had anything go wrong.

Looking at the "Terms and Conditions" on their website, it seems that booking.com would have very little leverage in regards to a hotel.

From their website:

"The Booking.com website has been compiled with the greatest possible care. Our services are based on the information provided by the hotels; for this reason, the hotels remain responsible for the correctness of this information. Hotels can alter the information about their hotel, such as prices and availability, at any moment. We can therefore not guarantee that all the information is accurate and faultless, nor can we be held responsible for errors or inaccuracies in the supplied information. You should always check the provided information before acting on the basis of the supplied information."

They don't collect the hotel's payment and pass it along, so they can't withhold payment to enforce their will. As far as I can tell, booking.com's only threat would be to de-list the offending hotel and not do business with them.

What is it you want from the hotel? If you want a refund of the extra costs of incurred by you because they didn't honor the quoted rate, then you should contact the hotel. I doubt if they'd respond, but if you have the time, it'd be worth the investment of a stamp and who knows, you might get lucky. Besides, writing a letter of "protest" is good therapy and helps get some of the anger out.

Best of luck.


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5. Re: Can we trust the published rates of Booking.com ?

I've started this Forum and i request to end it. Booking.com has now successfully negotiated with Admiral hotel and the hotel will respect my booking. Better late than never :)

thanks Booking.com for sorting this out for me. i will not hesitate booking with them again.

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6. Re: Can we trust the published rates of Booking.com ?

Booking.com does not stand behind their own policies.

I booked a hotel room at the Hotel Diplomatic in Rome Italy through Booking.com. We tried for days to change our reservation but no one from the hotel would return our calls. We finally changed the reservation through the Booking.com website well before the cut-off date and yet we were charged for the first night of our cancellation by the hotel. Booking.com list that you may make changes to your reservation up to 24 hours before your reservation without penalty, however, upon arriving at the Hotel Diplomatic we were told that their policy is 48 hours. After repeated calls to Booking.com the charges have not been credited to my account. Booking.com does not stand behind their own policy. After doing further research I have found that this a common problem experienced through Booking.com and that their customer service never follows up on problems experienced through their hotels listed on their site. I would not use their site again.

Ft Lauderdale
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7. Re: Can we trust the published rates of Booking.com ?

Had problems similar to other people who responded to your inquiry. Had the owner of the Athena Hotel in Spoleto pull a bait and switch on additional fees when I arrived. He was rude, argumentative and deceptive. Argued about hotel restrictions and policies (not posted in reservation form)for days. He actually threatened to call the police on me. When I decided to cut my reservation short, he went into a fury and demanded payment for the full reservation, and then dummied up a bogus receipt. Complained multiple times to Bookings.com for weeks and their help was insignificant. Now they claim that they can't even post my review of the hotel, which really shades the reviews that I read for other listings as well.

san diego...
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8. Re: Can we trust the published rates of Booking.com ?

We used Booking.com for two cities in Germany and one in France. We received exactly the rate promised with no surprises. We arrived quite late at one location, and our room was held, as promised by the website. I was nervous about not paying in advance (as I'm used to with hotel.com and orbitz), but it worked out fine. It was also the only website I found which allowed us to see how many people a room would accomodate. Many of the hotel websites let you put in that you have 3 or 4 people, but then the room description shows two twins beds! We had nothing but luck with Booking.com

New York City, New...
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9. Re: Can we trust the published rates of Booking.com ?

I booked a room at the Hotel QF in Dresden Germany 5 months in advance through Booking.com. My wife and I have been hit by an SUV recently and are not able to walk. I wrote both the hotel and booking.com to see if there is any to way to waive the fee for the room since we had to cancel due to extreme circumstances. Neither booking.com nor Hotel QF was willing to help in any way. I think that a place of business in this day and age should put on their very best customer service to make sure people keep using their services. I will give bad reviews to both the hotel and booking.com until the day I die. Thank you for charging me for a room that I never stayed in.

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10. Re: Can we trust the published rates of Booking.com ?

no, you can't, nor can you trust booking.com to help you with a cheating hotel,in fact have strong reasons to believe that they are colluding with unscrupoulus hotels.

I booked a room in a Marrakesh riad and expressly and explicitly requested `a room with two single beds,` because i am travelling with my adult son,' adding 'NO double bed.' Booking com.confirmed the booking at the agreed price, but only saying that it was `1 room, 2 persons.

I asked for confirmation of a twin bedroom, and 2 days later there appeared on my booking form: Double room, and the name of thast room. They had booked us into a room with a double bed.

Furious, I wrote back to booking com, and of course - surprise surprise - he hotel now wants more money for a twin room, and booking com.is blithely telling me that I had asked for a double room,contrary to what my request clearly states on the booking form.

No help whatsoever from them to solve this problem.

S Leach, Australia