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Airport security and food

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Chelsea, Canada
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Airport security and food


We have a peanut allergic daughter and would like to bring food onto the airplane with us. I read that France could be asking for a presciption to clear security with food. It's not required to clear security on the Canada side, and would like to know how much of an hassle it will be when comming back from France. The airline can't garanty the food served on board won't have, or been in contact, with peanuts (and we don't want to have to face an anaphylactic reaction on an 8 hours flight).

I'm asking our doctor for a prescription, but still would be interested in knowing what I will be looking for.

note: we do have epipens...

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1. Re: Airport security and food

At MRS, you can buy just some sandwiches and some other snacks, water bottles etc. in the cafe/shop in the departures hall and you can board the aircraft with items purchased there, but of course very difficult to make sure there has not been any kind of contact with peanuts on those products, either. The supply in that shop is fairly small, and sweet bakeries are stored in the same display as the sandwiches, increasing the risk relevant to you. There are also some packaged, factory made, sandwiches (triangular ones).

We have taken some small food products (chocolate bars, frankfurter kind of sausages) in our carry on luggage through the security control both in NCE and MRS without any problems - but all fluids and comparable, such as water bottles, yogurt and even 20 cl children's milk containers would of course be removed.

It is still a good idea to have the prescription (in French language!) with you and have the food in a separate bag for an easy inspection. As this is essential to you, why don't you consult the security officials at MRS, just give them a call to ask. - You most likely need a French speaking person to do that for you.

Chelsea, Canada
posts: 755
reviews: 16
2. Re: Airport security and food

I just emailed de MRS airport public relation department. That's the only thing I could find of the MRS website.

I will post back if I get an answer

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3. Re: Airport security and food


phone number from outside France: +33 4 42 14 14 14

Maybe this number will help you further.

Note the time at MRS is CET (currently daylight saving).

Tampa, Florida
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4. Re: Airport security and food

I have never been questioned on any food item I have ever carried into France in over 20 years (up to and including an entire case of potato chips for a friend).

Antibes, France
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5. Re: Airport security and food

As with Sunshine817 In many years no one has ever queried food in hand baggage into France in our case - and Mrs Loud-Glade carries all kinds of exotic goodies from her travels. Nor, for that matter, have medications ever been required to be matched with prescriptions. The only thing security ( on departure) is interested in is liquids and of course exotic or endangered game and the like..


Tampa, Florida
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6. Re: Airport security and food

You are supposed to carry **prescription** medications in their original packages, with a copy of the prescription. Any narcotics or similarly-controlled medications should be accompanied by a doctor's note, explaining why you need it.

I've never taken any sort of unusual prescription meds, so I have no first-hand experience....

But while you'd be grumped at losing whatever food you'd carried from home, it's not a tragedy if it's confiscated. It could be truly life or death if your medications were to be confiscated.

(You should always carry a copy of the prescription, anyway -- loss or theft is always a possibility -- and there's a poster here who dropped his/her bottle of meds in the loo one morning -- so the prescription copy came in handy!

Tampa, Florida
posts: 32,222
reviews: 9
7. Re: Airport security and food

You might also consider this website: http://www.selectwisely.com/

(I am not affiliated with this company)

Destination Expert
for Provence
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8. Re: Airport security and food

I have however watched the security at Marseille confiscating food being carried out of France in carry on luggage.

I would get a letter from your doctor with a French translation explaining the position.

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9. Re: Airport security and food

I can only repeat my suggestion of having the relevant documentation in French language and taking the food stuff to the security control in a separate bag, to make it easy to search through. In case there are no liquids, they should have no right to confiscate these. Bottled water etc. is available for sale at the shop/cafe at the departure hall.

It is also vital to remember that there may be restrictions in the destination country preventing food items to be taken into the plane. This is the case e.g. in the U.K. and Australia. You will have to dispose of certain products at the destination airport at the latest, and inform the officials about having carrying them in order to avoid a penalty.

The airline we used on Sat 30 June on our way back home within both EU and Schengen, write on their website:


Security control

In order to pass the security control, you need to show your boarding pass.

All hand baggage will be screened.

Place your containers of liquids (maximum 100 ml) in a transparent one-liter re-sealable plastic bag. If you are unable to obtain such a bag, they will be available at airports (possibly at a certain cost). Prepare as much as you can, so that airport procedures will be as smooth as possible.

Also pack liquid medicines, baby food and special diet food in such a way that you can easily show them at the airport security screening point. They do not have to be inside plastic bags, however. Read more about liquids on board.

Before going to the security screening point

Make sure that you have placed your containers of liquids in the re-sealable bag.

Make sure that liquid medicines, baby food and special diet food are easy to take out, since you must show them at the security screening point.

Put mobile phones, keys, watches, coins, etc. in your hand luggage

At the security screening point, you must show your plastic bag containing liquids, show liquid medicines, baby food and special diet food , take off your coat, jacket and/or belt (shoes if required).

Take normal-sized laptop computers and other electronic equipment of similar size out of their cases

You may not carry containers with room for more than 100 ml (3½ fl oz), regardless of whether they are filled or not.

Keep in mind that security screeners may perform random checks of liquid medicines, baby food and special diet food you are carrying. This means that you may be asked, for example, to show that your prescription medicine has a label with your name on it or taste a liquid or spread a little liquid on your hand.

Please note! These are general guidelines. They may differ in your country of departure. Please check local airport websites for more information.


Chelsea, Canada
posts: 755
reviews: 16
10. Re: Airport security and food

We got a reply from MRS airport which states that sandwiches are accepted for sure, and that only food that would be liquid or gel consistency would be conficated (i.e. fresh or soft cheese (no problem for hard cheese)). As for the epipens they had no problem, but be ready to show presciption if asked. As for leaving Canada, I already have experience and no problem here. I was concerned about when leaving from France, since I had read of being asked for a presciption.

This is what I got last friday and got a second reply today which is not as clear as friday reply, but stating:

"Vous pouvez emporter dans votre bagage à main, la quantité de nourriture nécessaire pour la durée de votre vol."

I will print those 2 emails and bring it with us.