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4 teens to Paris,, why closed?

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Victoria, Canada
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4 teens to Paris,, why closed?

I am not trying to be difficult.. but this is a TRAVEL forum and it is not illegal or immoral for 16 or 17 yr olds to travel without their parents.. so could someone PLEASE explain why the post was determined to be" inappropriate by the tripadivsor community"

What is wrong with the moderator on this sight.. really?

They were asking a travel related question on a travel board.

Anyone,, really, just give me a clue because this didn;t even hit a grey area to me.

Vancouver, Canada
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1. Re: 4 teens to Paris,, why closed?

+1^. I too am puzzled. A very legitimate travel inquiry.

Edited: 12:52 am, January 31, 2014
Los Angeles
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for Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park
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2. Re: 4 teens to Paris,, why closed?

This indeed is a very good question. It is legal and acceptable for teens to travel out of country. The details are complex. I thought the rules here said you had to be 14 to post...I didn't see a violation of that rule.

Sydney, Australia
Destination Expert
for Train Travel
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3. Re: 4 teens to Paris,, why closed?

>>What is wrong with the moderator on this sight.<<

The post was not removed by a moderator. If the message says that a post was considered inappropriate "by the TA community", it means that enough people clicked on "Report inappropriate content" for the system to remove the post automatically. If TA staff remove a post, the message will say so.

TA staff generally do not read the forums: there are far too many posts. If you think a post should not have been removed, contact forumsupport AT tripadvisor.com

Victoria, Canada
posts: 18,189
reviews: 54
4. Re: 4 teens to Paris,, why closed?

Really you mean some mean people on this forum decided girls wanting to travel was inappropriate.. how cowardly and disgusting of them.

I dare who ever did it to come forward and explain what was inappropriate to stupid ole me who can't seem to see it,, but cowards like to hide behind buttons.. click click. I wish them travel karma pay back.

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5. Re: 4 teens to Paris,, why closed?

Why don't you tell us how you really feel, Joan?


Louisville, Kentucky
Destination Expert
for French Riviera - Cote d'Azur
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6. Re: 4 teens to Paris,, why closed?

Maybe...their parents removed the post?

Paris, France
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7. Re: 4 teens to Paris,, why closed?

In any case, when I was 17 (and the age of majority was still 21), I traveled all over Europe for 3 months, staying a few times in hostels but much more often in hotels. This was back in the days where you had to show your passport to check in anywhere. No one, from Portugal to Norway or from England to Austria ever even raised an eyebrow that I was on the road by myself.

the big blue marble
posts: 13,671
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8. Re: 4 teens to Paris,, why closed?

I am miffed, too, especially because there was a ton of false, judgemental information in that post!!!

My daughters have been traveling back amd forth from the US/CanadaFrance alone since they were 14 and never had a problem. They started staying alone in foreign countries when they were sixteen, and it hasn't been a problem yet. Could something bad happen? Yes. But it could (and statistically is much more likely to) happen closer to home.

Paris, France
Destination Expert
for Paris, Loire Valley
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9. Re: 4 teens to Paris,, why closed?

This is one of, if not the greatest weaknesses of TA: the unmonitored closing of threads or the anonymous removal of posts. Certainly it would require more staff than necessary to read every post in every forum but it would not be difficult to quickly review a few earmarked posts.

At a minimum, the threshold at which posts are automatically removed needs to be reviewed by TA and it needs to be changed.

Victoria, Canada
posts: 18,189
reviews: 54
10. Re: 4 teens to Paris,, why closed?

Its just a shame,, new folks come on here,, looking for help.. and now I have to pm them and suggest there may be other forums where they can post the exact same question and not have it deleted mysteriously..