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1. Is 100€ a good amount for food for 2 people in Paris for 4 days?

PS-- Exclusive of breakfast which will be provided by the hotel. Also, we do not intend to dine in fancy restaurants, just street food -- pastry, crepes etc. and maybe some ratatouille, fondue, pasta etc.

2. Where can we get to have some fondue or ratatouille or raclette? Can we get them in the street cafes? Are they expensive food in Paris?

Holland, Michigan
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1. Re: Food

So that's 12.50 euro per day per person? Or are you saying 50 euro per day per person. The first is possible but I would end up hungry at the end of the day. The latter is very possible.

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2. Re: Food

yes, confusing. 100 E per day total for 2 people or 100 E total for 4 days to feed 2 people? If the latter, no, that would be insufficient unless you subsisted on a baguette with some cheese and sliced meat from a supermarket and maybe had a fridge in your room.

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3. Re: Food

Oops sorry for the confusion, my mistake! I meant per day of course. So 50€ per person per day is good?

Also, do we have to go to an expensive french restaurant for a good french meal?

Paris, France
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4. Re: Food

Yes, 50€ person a day is plenty, even generous.

Paris, France
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5. Re: Food

Yes plenty.

At first I thought you meant 100 € total, which would have been 6.25 € each per meal. That would have been possible with street food only.

Holland, Michigan
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6. Re: Food

So that's 12.50 euro per day per person? Or are you saying 50 euro per day per person. The first is possible but I would end up hungry at the end of the day. The latter is very possible.

No you don't have togotoand expensive French resturant to get good food. Many bistros around that have really good food. We are not foodies. So if it was meal time we wondered where we were and then picked a place that looked nice. We did fine.

Ohio, USA
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7. Re: Food

What you need to spend to "eat well" depends very much on your definition of "a good French meal"--we've seldom eaten anything in Paris (18 visits) that was "bad." We often make lunch at a café or brasserie our main meal of the day--much less expensive than dinner--then pick up a late picnic dinner at a boulangerie or market. But we are not gourmet eaters and enjoy crunchy baguette sandwiches, or just a baguette, a chunk of delicious Cantal cheese, some fresh fruit and a bottle of wine from the market on a park bench or on the terrace of our hotel! "Dinner" for 10 euros! (Or you can sit down at a simple brasserie, order 2 meals, a bottle of wine, a dessert to share and 2 espressos and spend your entire 100 euros--we do that occasionally :) Think Manhattan--you CAN feed 2 for $130 a day or you can easily spend way more on one meal!

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8. Re: Food

Thanks to all! I got a clear picture now. Much appreciated! :-)

Toronto, Canada
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9. Re: Food

Yes, 50E/day for 2 meals for one person is good, possibly generous. Most Parisiens eat quite well on that, or less, each day. It simply requires some simple and creative planning. This does NOT at all mean that you only eat ‘street food’. Just do a bit of research about great but inexpensive restaurants, enjoy the occasional picnic, sometimes a meal could be just crepes etc. The ‘menu’ or ‘formule’ offered by most cafes and restaurants is often excellent value. You could have one day in which you spend far less (ie: a picnic, and simple fare for say, 50E) then, the next day your budget would be 150E and you could treat yourself to a more luxurious lunch or dinner.

This may be worth a read, a thread with my thoughts,

Paris, time to eat modestly and beautifully,


This is a great small book: Paris: the Thrifty Eater’s Guide, Catherine Jarrige, 2010

(available on Amazon)

Edited: 5:11 pm, July 30, 2013
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10. Re: Food

There are a lot of take out places with very good food that you can use instead of eating at a restaurant or cafe every meal. Many bakeries and other little food shops have picnics (delicious french bread with ham, and/or chicken, egg, tomato, mayonnaise), quiches, cheese, pâtés etc.

Many department stores such as Monoprix have a supermarket in their basement with extensive take out as well as small containers of salads and all types of gourmet type food. Buy your food and head to one of the many parks or go sit along the Seine for great people watching and ambience. Creperies on the street or in small store front venues can also supplement. (I'm getting hungry already just thinking about it with our next trip coming up in Sept!)

E50 per person per day is not a lot of money if you are planning to eat at above average places, but is doable if you do some meals outside of restaurants, as outlined above.

Contrary to what someone said, not all restaurant food in Paris is good. In fact some is downright terrible and it's not at all hard to get a dud restaurant that is expensive and poor, at least these days. Especially cafes in heavily touristed areas. 20 years ago it was much harder to get a bad meal. In some cases the take out food is better quality and much cheaper than restaurant food.

We really like the Rue de Buci area near St. Andre des Arts, where there are a lot of take out places, bakeries, as well as a street market with food vendors most of the time.